While waiting for my Starcraft 2 : Wings of Liberty to install

After so many years of waiting, i cannot believe i am going to fight side by side with Jim Raynor again. It's been a long time since both of us kicked some Zerg's ass good. I guess it has been more than five years by now. Boy, do i miss those adrenaline pumping moments. And for those of you who are wondering, yes, i'm talking about some random computer games. In this case the random computer game i'm referring to happens to be Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty, one of the most anticipated games of all time.

Starcraft was one of the first ever computer games that i managed to play using my old computer back at home. The old computer have long since been dead, sadly, but memories of me playing Starcraft was not. The game, unsurprisingly, has left me with such a deep impression until i still remember much of the main storyline of the game. A science fiction story set between a war among three factions in a distant galaxy. Much like Star Wars, but unique in its own way.

Starcraft has never fail to make me hold on to the edge of my seat every time. The storyline and gameplay fits perfectly together. There's always sufficient surprises and twists in the plot that will never fail to bore. Add that with good voice acting, i almost feel as if i were in the story myself.

And thanks to the internet, i can now officially play Starcraft 2! It would be good meeting my old buddy, Jim Raynor again. But from what i've seen from the trailer, it seems like he's gone through quite a bit of facial change. Not the usual Jim Raynor that i'm used to.

This is the new face of him.

So much difference from the Raynor i remember. 

He certainly grown quite a bit of hair over the pass few years. I bet it must be the Beijing Hair Growth spray that he used. Well, anyway, since my Starcraft installation have finished. It's time to grab my machine gun and head on to the action! Can't wait to check out Sarah Kerrigan back too since she's also become prettier.

Sarah Kerrigan, ops i mean Starcraft 2 here i come!
(P/s: I foresee a dip in my results with the release of this new game. I should really stay away from computer games. They're my brand of drugs)


  1. you really should stay away form Games. Just remember that NUS CAP measures consistency!

  2. Damn you remember their names?? All I ever do is just kill anythin and everthin I can't control...hahaha.. enjoy...

  3. lols...finishing the game adi^^ i think another 2 battles i'm done! the plot thickens! shall not ruin it for u ^^ enjoy~


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