Thursday, April 17, 2014

I wanna be a "photographer" now too

Apparently there's a trend in Singapore now where girls can easily call themselves freelance models by letting anyone with a DSLR camera photograph them. In lingerie. Or less. Asia One recently wrote a piece about it, and with memorable quotes such as girls love doing it for free and that they trust anyone with a camera, I wondered whether I should laugh or cry.

Just like how anyone who owns a blog can call themselves a blogger, I suppose that anyone who is able to hold a DSLR now is a photographer and anyone who is willing to strip down to their lingerie and allow their photos to be taken is now suddenly a model.

And I thought taking randomly taking pictures of girls in their lingerie is considered perverse. But I guess times have changed. Like how one girl puts it, "Even though I lose a lot of friends but I gain a lot of popularity and like... it's ok."

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

[Movie Review] Captain America: The Winter Soldier

"I don't fight for the American government, I fight for its ideals" - Captain America. Or at least that's what he said, when I playfully read his comic book bio prior to watching his latest movie, spoiling myself in the process. I have the tendency to do so.

Despite spoiling myself somewhat, I still find myself at the edge of my seat for the majority of the movie and if that doesn't speak about how good the movie is, I don't know what will. Seldom can you find a movie that stays interestin even after you managed to spoil yourself.

The Winter Soldier is perhaps one of the better Marvel movies, that I can say (way better than Iron Man 3 definitely). Compared to its post-Avengers counterpart like Thor and Iron Man, Winter Soldier manages to gel superb storytelling and good ol' action sequences nicely together. There was no overused cliches or plot holes (if they are it's too small to notice), and the movie manages to convince you at every turn the exact events that is happening, even though you're pretty darn sure that the Avengers storyline would not allow for that event to take place.

I find the new addition of Falcon entertaining, as well as not too unbelievable (he was neither too strong nor too weak) and I enjoyed how the backstory of each character, from a small undercover nurse to the Captain himself, is very well developed. There's no character which you feel that his personality is made out of a cardbox and his appearance is to just keep the plot going. Not only that, the character development are interlaced nicely with the main story as well. The twists as well as the climax are just as good in the movie, truly deserving of the 89% Rotten Tomatoes rating as well as 8.3 at IMDB.

Of course, there's still the eternal question of why other Avengers cannot come to help when the whole world is going down but I'm sure the producers must wait to milk the Avengers movie. And I have a feeling that sooner or later, there will be 3 end movie credits scene given how things are going.

Monday, April 14, 2014

The 7 Types of People You Shouldn't Date, Lukey Style

I have ranted about all the relationship articles that tried to sell the idea of a magic relationship secret advice once upon a time ago, you know, all the Thought Catalog and Elite Daily articles, but this one takes the cake. Or icing. Whatever.

Posted on the blog HERE

The post was written by one inezkayla, who I assumed to be either Singaporean or Malaysian, which I cannot even begin to list down the number of what's wrong with the post. Other than choosing to sprinkle her post with loads of capital letters and angry sentences, one biggest irony that stood out was how she commits one of her very own sin that she listed out on her blog (hints: grammatical error). But lets not get into character assassination, shall we?

Memoire No Hogosha #p


The voice whispered softly into his ears.

"The one and only reason why we do what we do."

He knew he had not much time left. The pain that he felt so intensely just moments ago were slowly being replaced by a feeling of numbness. His head was beginning to feel light, as he struggled to maintain consciousness. His blood glistened under the lights of Kuala Lumpur.

"So, how does it feel, dying on top of one of the most tallest building in the world?" the voice mocked him. He could almost feel the sneer behind it.

"And after this, one of your Hogosha's most sacred relics will be under our command," the voice continued. That was exactly what he was trying to prevent, as he continued to channel his remaining energy into his sword, the relic that the voice was referring to. All he needs to do now is to stall time. He tried to speak, but coughed out blood instead, and it seemed to amuse his captor. At least it worked, he supposed.

"Trying to blurt out some philosophical arguments I suppose?" said the voice, before launching into another one of his victory monlogues. Bad guys, they always love to talk instead of finishing their job, he thought to himself. Just a few seconds more. 

".... and now I suppose it's time to finish you off and take for myself the legendary Fo Glacialis," the voice returned.

"Never," he said with his last breath, before a bright light engulfed the top of the Twin Towers. The light then broke into a million pieces, raining down what seemed like pink petals unto the streets below. The dazzling display surprised the hundreds of people who were walking below, unaware that one of modern day's most defining sword fight had just happened a few hundred meters above them. Authorities tomorrow would try to explain the situation as part of a regular practice, though they were equally clueless about the situation as well.

The voice could only curse under its breath.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Twenty Random Thoughts #130414

1. I can now sort of tick of "trying out DJ-ing" off my bucket list

2. Most of my grouses now are work related, and I sort of find that amusing. As much as I hate to admit, I am in a way growing old. Next checkpoint to hit? Complaining about family life

3. Applied for a writer position out of impulse. Not sure where that would end up at, but I feel bad after having done so. It's like I am already throwing in the towel for my current job

4. Which I don't intend to, of course. One one hand, I find my current job working in the early intervention sector to be fulfilling, but on the other hand I find myself to be severely ill equipped. Working with people has thought me one thing, in that results are always never in black and white. Unlike sales or engineering where your product is clearly visible, what you're doing now may not be visible immediately, which may be frustrating at times

5. Speaking of which, the field of psychology is a joke. They should really start psychology off on a specialized track in the bachelor level, instead of making you take a masters in order to practice. You certainly don't see that in engineering, where students take a generic course called "Engineering" and then having to take a masters in order to work as an engineer

#CONSprojectSG Day 2

It's Day 2 of CONS Project SG, with a workshop teaching you on how to make a skater video for the day. It was an interesting workshop to learn two things at a time, which includes skateboarding and also making a video. And since it was a Converse event, I took the opportunity to wear my new Converse sneakers (much thanks to the SG Converse team) to the event, just to add in the atmosphere.

Converse-ception much (eheheheh). 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

#CONSprojectSG DJ-ing is not an Easy Task

I have a confession to to make. Prior to attending the DJ workshop organized by Converse as part of the #consprojectsg today, I might have a not so favorable stereotype of DJs. Not favorable in a way in how the art of DJ-ing is confined mostly to dark places like clubs, and how it might not probably be an art that requires a lot of skill, like anyone can do it of they try. It's a very negative stereotype, that I'll admit, which I guess was why Converse put together this project to showcase the creative side of the people working in this scene. From graffiti painting to deejay-ing and as well as skateboarding.

I had the opportunity to take part in the DJ workshop conducted by DJ KoFlow (a Singapore DMC Champion), which aimed to introduce the participants to the art of DJ-ing that we usually take for granted when we go clubbing and such. From the one hour section itself, I learned that DJ-ing itself is light years away from how I thought it was. DJ KoFlow was an excellent teacher in explaining what DJ-ing is really all about, being patient with us as he went through all the basics with us.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wait. But Why?!

"An epic relationship begins with an epic friendship" - How to Pick a Life Partner, Wait But Why

After reading countless of so called relationship advices from sites like Elite Daily or Thought Catalog, I finally came across one article that struck the deepest chord within me. So deep in fact, that I could not stop thinking about it even after days reading about it. The message resonated so much with what I am experiencing right now, or rather the lesson that I am still trying grasp.

Breaking up is never easy. That is something that everyone who has been through it can tell you. You're suddenly left with a gap, a void, that you cannot really get used to. It's like a phantom itch that keeps bothering you, and you would do anything to make it go away. So you search for something to fill that void. You want that feeling back, of having someone close to you. You miss the feeling of familiarity. Which is why many people will end up with their exes back, or get in to another relationship soon after. Because you hate the feeling of being lonely.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Million Arthur Review

Out of boredom, I decided to try on a mobile game for my S3. I have given up on the idea of mobile gaming quite long ago, because I think they cannot compete with computer gaming, and most of them includes only mindless repetitive gameplay and cash dangling. Think Candy Crush or Temple Run, for example.

However, since I was approached by Cherry Credits a few weeks ago to publicize their latest mobile game, Million Arthur, I decided to just download the game and pass the time with it. 

From my few weeks of playing it, I am sad to say that by around the third or fourth week that you're playing it, things will start to get a little boring from there.

Monday, April 7, 2014

NoQ Store Review and Giveaway

Visiting a bookstore is always fun. You spend hours upon hours lost in the multitude of books, discovering new writers and new worlds, accompanied by the smell of new books. It's like a mini adventure of itself, exploring books unknown, ending with that mini jump in your heart when you finally make the purchase.

However, you don't always have the chance to visit the bookstore. There could be various reasons from being busy to the lack of good bookstores near your place (I have to travel one hour to reach a decent enough bookstore). Sometimes, you might want to eagerly buy only one book, and tat particular bookstore may not have the title you are searching for.

And that's when an online bookstore might come in handy.


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