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The God Dilemma

It's tempting to believe in the existence of a benevolent higher being. I'm not sure if this is innate to all humans, or if this is because of my Christian upbringing, but there is this unexplainable desire in me that wants to think there is someone watching over me.

I heard Avril Lavigne's latest song today, Head Above Water. It sounds very much Christian inspired, with its chorus going, "God, keep my head above water, Don't let me drown, it gets harder, I'll meet you there at the altar, As I fall down to my knees, Don't let me drown..."

It's a very powerful song. Listening to the song brought flashbacks to me. I remember a period of my life when I was down in the dumps. That phase of life where you felt that nothing you did matter, where you're desperately searching for affirmation and meaning. It was Christian songs that kept me going. I remember crying to songs like 'Still' by Hillsong.

At that moment, despite how down I felt, I fe…

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