Sunday, July 10, 2016

My #GoBearDream: Financial Freedom

Debt is a scary word. It's even a scarier situation to be in. I know it, because at the young age of 23, I had the unfortunate experience of being saddled with student debt, something that continues to affect me until today.

If given a choice to go back in time, I wished someone would have told me more about this entire debt thing. Maybe teach me a thing or two about getting out of debt effectively. Because life can be quite a downer when you constantly have to worry about having enough balance in your bank account for the monthly debt repayment.

Nevertheless, being in debt did teach me valuable life lessons, with one of it being the importance of not spending beyond your own means. And slowly that life lesson evolved into a goal and dream that I want to have in life: To be able to live freely without worrying about my finances or money.

Not many people may realise this, but when you spend beyond your means, for example recklessly charging your credit cards without any serious financial planning, you're essentially borrowing from your future. And if you're not careful, you may find yourself being a slave to repaying your debt.

Many people have fallen into this kind of trap, only to have their lives severely limited by the money they owe others. Without financial freedom and planning, you may not be able to do a lot of things in life. Travels, hobbies and passion may all be need to put on hold.

Which is why my dream is to be financially free. To be able to do what I want in life without the worry of money. Because when money is the last concern, the possibilities are endless.

What's your dream in life?

Is it visiting an exotic part of the world? Or to jump out of a plane? Take part in the #GoBearDreams contest and you may just win $10,000 dollars for you to fulfill your dream! Simply visit and click the "Join Contest" button!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

How to save money when purchasing appliances

Need a new refrigerator, cooker, washer/dryer set? Not only are appliances costly, there are so many from which to choose, it can seem overwhelming for many buyers in the market. So, when time comes to upgrade, these are a few simple things you can do to find the ideal fit for your home, and of course, save on the price in the process.

Shop around - 
There's no way around it, if you want to save, you have to be a consumer shopper. Compare brands, catalogues, local appliance retailers, online dealers, used and new retailers, and so forth. The more places you visit (locally and online) and the more comparison you do, the more likely it is you will find the best deal out there.

Consider catalogue shopping - 
Catalogues allow for financing options; and, in many cases, if you spend a certain amount on the purchase, interest-free financing for a fixed period. So, you pay the flat price, pay it off over time, and avoid interest from accruing, simply by considering the option of purchasing via catalogue.

Consider all brands - 
Even if you are a brand loyalist, you will often find different manufacturers (and sometimes lesser known names) offer the same exact thing as the top, well-known brand names. But, you can save quite a bit with lesser known names. So, consider this option in choosing new appliances.

Consider used - 
Many retailers sell used appliances; you may initially be opposed to it, but in many cases, some people return appliances without ever using them. And, because they are labelled as "used" you can save 50% on the original price or more. Of course, it's not always a great bet, but at least consider the option if you really wish to save.

You can find affordable appliances, these are some simple tips any shopper can utilise, in an effort to finding the best deal out there to be found.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The struggle after work

They say psychologists can read minds. Which may be why I overheard this conversation going on in a guy's head during the trip home back home today.

Brain: So what do you think of the article you just read? That what you do after work determines your success?

Heart: It makes sense and boy, am I pumped up. When we get home, we're gonna read, we're gonna take one of those free courses, we're going to do all these things that will make us a better person. Think of the end result! We're gonna be so much better than where we are at now!

Brain: You really sure you can do this? Because this is not the first time...

Heart: Of course we are! We need to do this after all. It's what we need to do to improve. Imagine all the opportunities that lie ahead if we can pick up a second language in our free time! Or even if we can learn to code!

Brain: You do know it's not going to be easy right? You have to put in the hours, the hard work and the discipline to even remotely achieve some semblance of success. Sometimes there's even nothing to reap what you've sow. It's not an easy...

Heart: Are you doubting me? Don't underestimate my motivation. We're gonna go home today, and we're gonna better ourselves. I don't care about the hard work, I am willing to do it.

Brain: If you say so...

Heart: You know what, I'm too tired after a hard day's work today. Can we rest a little first, maybe play games or watch a show first?

Brain: Sigh.

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

"Guns make the world a safer place"

Picture from Christina's Facebook

Christina Grimmie, aged 22, was shot dead today after her concert by a man who randomly walked up to her. She's not the first to die from a senseless gun-related death and neither will she be the last. There are some who are already asking people not to bring a political agenda to her death but when you have people dying daily from shootings, is it really still a political agenda or is it part of a bigger issue of protecting our basic right to live?

I'm no US citizen but I have to say that this whole obsession over the right to own guns continues to defy me. I know it's not my argument to make, but to be honest unless you have lost someone to gun violence, it's not your argument to make in support of guns too.

I occasionally read US news and whenever a news on gun related death pops up, you have the usual gun supporters appear, getting all defensive about this whole gun debate. If only they can see how US compare to the whole wide world. If only they seriously consider the numbers. But most of the time, they refuse to look at the other side of the argument, defending their position zealously with the same rehashed arguments.

Arguments like:

1. You can kill others with other means (ie knife) as well

Obviously these people have not played any shooting games like Counter-Strike before, because if you do, you would have realised how hard it is to kill someone with a knife as compared to a gun. Yes, you can still stab someone to death, but that would require you to get close enough to the person and even then, the number of people you can stab at one go before getting stopped by bystanders is terribly limited.

With a gun, you can shoot someone from afar before the person even knows what is going on. And did anyone mention that the mortality rate from a stab wound is much lower than a gunshot wound? A knife abdominal wound has a 1% mortality rate, whereas a gunshot abdominal wound has 11-15% mortality rate. That's more than 10% difference, which is a lot.

Even if you can reduce death rates by 10%, shouldn't you be open to that?

2. Even with strict gun laws you can still easily buy guns from the black market if you wanted to

I assume people who make statements like this watch too much Hollywood movies, who assume that going to the black market is as easy as going to Walmart or your store next door. While black markets exist, it's called a black market for a reason. You need connections to know where to go. To these people, since guns exist in the black market, it won't won't make a difference if you put them in Walmart, 7-11s or Amazon.

To those who make this argument, I would love to see you go to a country like France (because that's one of the common arguments used) and try to get a gun from the black market there. Or any country with strict gun laws, since it's so easy.

3. Guns don't kill, it's the people who do

Yes guns don't kill, but the potential of them killing is so much higher than say a pillow. Cars don't kill, terrible drivers do, but that's not stopping us from making safer cars and enacting laws to make driving safer, such a speeding rules, traffic lights and licensing so that we don't put incompetent people behind the wheels.

But somehow, the logic of owning a car / driving does not apply to owning a gun / shooting. Because guns ownership is seen as a universal right. That's like your 80 year old grandma demanding to be given the keys to your car because it's her "universal right".

4. There are so many other ways a person can die, eg car accidents, smoking etc. Why target guns specifically?

Yes, while this is true, but as mentioned in Point 3, people are coming with all ways to make driving and smoking safer or less accessible. There's drive safe campaigns and anti-smoking campaigns, regulators are coming with age limits and product messages to try to deter people from smoking. But when you try to introduce iniatives like the smart gun and you have angry mobs accusing you of trying to take away their guns.

5. But if the victim had a gun he/she would have perhaps stayed alive!

Perhaps the most absurd argument of all is that if everyone is allowed to have guns to protect themselves, we won't have so many people dying from gun related deaths. The only reason why people die from gun incidents is because they can't pull out a gun to defend themselves. These are also the people who watch too much Hollywood movies.

After all, how many of us go to schools, concerts or restaurants with our hands on our guns (even if we have them) all the time, absolutely prepared in case someone comes inside shooting? Wouldn't that be a terribly paranoid life, where we are constantly on the lookout for a shooter (in case there's one) instead of focusing on what we're actually doing (ie eating, studying, or just enjoying ourselves)?

Surprise is always the biggest factor when it comes to the amount of damage inflicted because shooters always strike when you least expect it. Unless you want the country to become a Wild Wild West state, where everyone is prepared to shoot everyone at any time.

But at the end of the day, nothing will really change. Because gun ownership is so intertwined with the American identity, along with the politics and money behind it, that any attempts to discuss the issue will be violently and dismissively shut down, like any other national issue.

It's sad though, because if there's one thing that defines the world today, it's how unwilling we are to accept arguments contrary to our own, not matter how logical they are. It's even sadder than we have to continue losing beautiful souls unneccesarily just because.

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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Outraged over Harambe and the Cincinnati Zoo?

The internet has been flooded with outrage over the the recent Cincinnati Zoo incident recently. Harambe, a silverback gorilla, was killed by authorities after a four-year old boy fell into the enclosure,in an attempt to save the boy's life.

The popular opinion right now? The authorities have been wrong in shooting Harambe, because people either believed that he was trying to protect the kid or that there was a better option that does not involve the killing of this magnificent creature. A significant portion is also blaming the parents for being negligent in allowing the child to enter the enclosure.

Basically, the authorities are at fault and the parents are at fault for this killing that could have been easily prevented. There's even a petition demanding justice for Harambe,whatever that means.

Who made you the gorilla expert: The speed at how we form impressions.And projection much?

Some of the earliest reactions to the incident were that Harambe the gorilla was actually "protecting"the child, rather than intending to harm him. These are perhaps the people who perhaps watched too much Disney movies, because if you were to watched the whole video of the incident,the one where Harambe dragged the child across water with the child's head under the water, it's really tough to believe that he was actually trying to"protect" the child.

Many people tried to justify their logic through an incomplete understanding of the entire chain of events ("the photo showed them holding hands!" or "the video showed him holding the child!"),or through off-hand suggestions that is not well-informed, like the use of tranquilizer (it would take 10-15 minutes for tranquilizers to work, and sometimes multiple shots, which could have agitated the gorilla more).

But the way people formed their own judgement over the incident is perhaps indicative of how we make decisions today: a quick snappy decision based on a simple fact, without the full understanding of the entire incident. We take one piece of information and fill in the gaps ourselves.

"Oh the gorilla is holding the child's hands, he must be protecting the child."

With so much news and information bombarding us nowadays, who has the time to look beyond the information that we're given? (Explains how Trump is so popular)

Damned if they do, damned if they don't

It's also amusing to see how fast people jumped into condemning the zoo, as if they knew that if the zoo didn't kill the gorilla, all will be well by now. The boy will be returned safely and Harambe will continue to live happily.

What they didn't realise is that should the unfortunate opposite have happened, where the boy lost his life, there will be an equal amount of outrage.

"Why didn't the zoo do anything?" / "Why was the zoo so slow to respond?" / "The zoo should have just killed the gorilla to protect the boy!"

Who's say that this won't happen if the opposite took place? When it comes to the internet today, there's just no pleasing anyone.

Karma! Justice! Revenge! Eye for an eye! We don't care if we are all blind!

It's also sad to see how eager we've become to see "justice" served or some form of revenge meted out when it comes to incidents like this. In our mind, someone always has to "pay". Instead of forgiveness, we all prefer punishment instead. So everyone goes to harass the poor mother because she hasn't been a "good" mother, just because her child wandered off.

As if we are all magically good parents. As if it will make us all better people if we are to cyber-bully the mum, throw accusations at her or make her life a living hell. As if Harambe will thank us for calling the mum irresponsible.

And it's the same for every other person that we assume to be "bad" on the internet. The dentist who hunted in Africa for example. The blogger who made a mistake. What are we trying to prove anyway?

With all these new age keyboard vigilantes around,who needs Batman anymore?

Don't let this end up as another slacktivism drive

Perhaps the saddest thing is how we all assume that we are doing good by starting some petition to demand justice, to post some angry comments online about animals or to harass the mum. I believe that all these stems from good intentions but these give nothing more than an illusion that what we're doing is making a difference.

More often than not, we'll get angry over this a while, signed some petition thinking that the petition will accomplish something then move on to another hype when this dies down. And the amount of change we achieve at the end of this entire thing? None.

It'll be a classic example of slacktivism.

If you truly care about zoos, animals or Harambe, then go beyond posting a comment online that will eventually be lost in the online noise. Because that's no different than shouting to the wall asking for poverty to end. Donate, volunteer, raise awareness. Sustain the effort. Only then perhaps you'll make a difference.

The death of Harambe is indeed an unfortunate incident, but it has indeed raised important discussions about zoo safety and the captivity of animals. Get angry if you must, but not at the wrong places. Think that the mum is wrong? Then think of how can we improve parent knowledge (though accidents still can happen to the best parents). Think that animals should not be kept in zoos?Then do your part in making the wild a safer place for animals.

Because at the end of the day if you're just angry because everyone else is angry, then you're just joining into a mob mentality that ultimately leads to nothing constructive. Like shouting against a wall. Or worse, making another person's life more miserable than it should be.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

If complaining is bad for our health, why do we still complain?


Complaining is bad for your health, research confirms. Not a surprising finding. After all, some of the most bitter people are avid complainers in life, who sucks any joy or positivity from the people around them. They grumble about everything in life, refuses to see any good and is just a downer to be around. Even if you throw them a bar of gold they'll still complain that it's heavy.

But yet, why do we still complain? Why do some of us make it our hobby to complain? You don't have to look far from Singapore to see this.

Perhaps it's the easier way to deal with problems. Perhaps it stems from a privileged mentality since young. Perhaps complaining is a more primitive emotion, like how a child first learns how to complain before giving thanks. Where gratefulness is something that needs to be instilled, whereas complaining comes naturally without practice.

Perhaps this is why many of us are unhappy. Because despite overwhelming evidence out there that supports the benefits of gratitude, it's not something that we actively inculcate in our society. It's not good for politics or capitalism if we're content with what we have.

So society creates this gap where we're constantly unhappy, where the person next to us is better than us. Because when we complain, we feel that there's something missing. And when there's something missing, we try to compensate for it by doing something. Either we buy stuff or we lash out at others. A culture of complaining helps politicians stay in power (no politicians is going to get elected saying that everything is good) and helps fuel the economy.

And in essence, from the gap that complaining creates, it fuels humanity's progress too. For example Edison may have created the light bulb because he was complaining about how hard it is to light candles (as the popular story goes).

Sad right? Because how sometimes you need something negative to keep society progressing and how nothing is truly black and white?

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Create an Unforgetable Stay at Batam City

Batam City is well known as one of international shopping heaven in Indonesia. No wonder many people came here to walk around and buying things in a more affordable prices ever. Did you know Batam City is not only a place for shopping but it also have a beautifull coastline scenery. many things to explore in Batam City, from shopping, eating many amazing local food until relaxing your self at the beach. Having holiday here in Batam City will not complete without a staying at a comfort Batam City Hotel. So here is the recommendation you can find from the easiest apps, Traveloka :

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2.                Turi Beach Resort
4 stars rated hotel. Jl. Hang Lekiu, Nongsa,Batam, Indonesisa, 29465

Need a best holiday experience in Batam coastline? Turi Beach Resort is the answer. it serve you a very beautifull scenery, relaxing ambience, and unforgetable experience while you stay. Turi Beach Resort is perfect for couple who wanted to take their honeymoon gateway. But, it also a good place to spend your time with whole family or friends. There are 4 different rooms provide including a premier beach front room and deluxe beach front room. The facilities that available are business center, family room, tours, billiard, outdoor tennis court, ballroom, massage, private beach, car rental, tennis, and golf. Other than that there are watersport available such as jet ski, diving, wind surfing, beach volleyball, canoeing, sailing, banana boat, and waterskiing.

3.                Da Vienna Boutique Hotel
3 stars rated hotel, Jl. Pembangunan, Nagoya, Batam, Indonesia, 29444.

Da Vienna Boutique Hotel have a strategic location, especialy for those who loves to shop. Da Vienna Boutique Hotel nearby Nagoya Hill Mall within 0.5 km. You definetely can walk by to go there. The transportation from and to Da Vienna Boutique Hotel is easy because of its location. If you manage to travel with ferry, Da Vienna Boutique Hotel only 2 km away from Harbor Bay Ferry Terminal. The hotel is very luxury and shopisticated. Suits for everyone who wanted a pleasant holiday. There are some facilities you can enjoy such as swimming pool, hair salon, restaurant, family room, laundry service, supermarket and money changer. The staff are friendly and polite. Da Vienna Boutique Hotel minimum fare around RM150.00 per night.

4.                Harbour Bay Amir Hotel
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The one finest hotel nearby Harbor Bay Ferry International Terminal.  It cause Harbour Bay Amir Hotel became one of the most visited hotel in Batu Ampar Batam. The location also near from Nagoya Hill Mall within 2 km, Batam Polytechnic and Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Buddist Temple within 5 km approximately. It a nice place with nice service as well as a good reasonable price. Staying at Harbour Bay Amir Hotel only costs around RM 78 per night. Its quite fantastic regarding their facilities available such as nightclub, shops, supermarket, conference room, computer station, massage, spa, sauna, money changer and also car rental.

5.                Batam City Hotel
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Batam City Hotel is the most simple and comfortable hotel among others. It located only within 1 km away from Nagoya Hill Mall, 2.4 km away from Harbor Bay Ferry Terminal, and 2.9 km away from Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Buddhist Temple. The strategic location allow you to walk surround the hotel and find many great Indonesian food nearby. the facilities available are spa, car rentl, meeting facilities, tours and laundry services.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Malaysia, can we still talk?

Dear Malaysia,

I read an article recently, written by a person who has just known you for two years. I felt weird reading the article. It didn't seem to reflect you properly. There was much optimism in the article, the writer saying how you still have the chance to be great again, how she is willing to give you another chance to change yourself, to be a better country. As if you want to be a better country.

Unlike her, I must admit that I'm much less romantic, less optimistic. I left as soon as I got the chance to, because greener pastures laid abroad and I have a brighter future elsewhere. In some eyes, I may have been a coward, perhaps a traitor, or someone who simply did not love the country enough. Instead of staying and fight, I chose to run away instead.

Yes, I took the easy way out.

In my first few years, I would have argued against those labels. Deep inside me, I still harboured the hope of returning. I wanted to come back and make a change for the better. I wanted to grow old with you. How could I not? After all, you were my first love.

Now, I'm not so sure anymore.

You see, Malaysia, I know that you are more than just a country. Beautiful as you may be, diverse as you are, even with all the good food added in, ultimately what defines you are the people in you. The Malaysia that I used to love is beautiful because of its people. Friendly, loving and accepting of one another, that was what made you great.

At the end of the day, you are the sum of your people. And lately the sum is beginning to go wrong. As much as I hate to admit it, you are no longer who you were.

Your people is growing increasingly intolerant of each other each day, the product of an effective educational system that segregates students since young, a divide-and-rule system that we conveniently used from the British, despite how much we say we hated it in the textbooks.

People are more concerned with going about their own daily lives than caring about the big picture, letting the politicians do whatever they want with the country. Even the biggest financial scandal in the country's history received nothing more than angry social media comments.

Those who are willing to speak out are getting lesser each day, with the unfortunate ones silenced after one another. People are getting more afraid to speak out and even if they do, there is often a breakdown in communication. Whereas the majority of the population speaks Malay and have difficulty understanding English, most articles that are critical of the government, usually the first engines to mobilise change, are in English.

Many things are falling apart, Malaysia, and I am not sure if there's even a chance to fix it. Or whether we should. To do so means going into the rural areas and start changing mindsets, but even then that will be a gargantuan task. Because the divide is simply too great and the faults too entrenched in the system.

Just look at the Sarawak election. It was basically a bunch of city dwellers trying to explain issues that do not resonate with the rural residents in an attempt to change their mindset.

What we're seeing today has been a result of years of neglect, where we mistakenly entrusted our politicians too much.

To be honest Malaysia, I do not know if you still have the ability to change, let alone the desire to. Because to me, it feels as if a significant amount of your people are too afraid to change, too comfortable with the status quo, while the ones who are not will choose to leave.

And I'm not sure if you even want to talk.

No right to judge,
A citizen who's probably going to be barred from entering the country

Monday, May 23, 2016

Day 143 of 2016 [Lukey]

Just what is life, exactly? There's no right answer to it. To some, it's about glory and fame. To make your mark in the world, to be instantly recognized wherever you go. To others, it about doing good. To make the world a better place to live in, to bring a smile unto others and to spread kindness. Then there are those who wants to impose their way of truth in the world, to make others follow what they want.

There's no one answer to what life is, and ideally, everyone should be entitled to their own opinion on life. That's what makes humanity unique after all. That no one is the same. Where we all are free to choose our own happiness.

However, with the age of globalisation and the spread of information, our perspective on life seemed to have narrowed. That there should be one pathway to success, one answer to life. And it's getting scary. But then again, this is how the powerful makes us adhere to their version of life. because if everyone is content, there would not be a divide in power.

The ruling class needs to create a gap or a chase in other to continue ruling.

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Top 10 Korean Cosmetics you can buy in Singapore

Written by Dawn Chan.


Korea is adored for many reasons. Its delicious food, talented K-pop bands, Descendants of the Sun and innovative products. Korean cosmetic products are no exception, especially here in Singapore,where it is one of the popular cosmetic choices.

However, with so many Korean cosmetics brands out there, what are some of the top brands here in Singapore? Here's our top ten pick of the most popular Korean cosmetic brands that you can buy in Singapore:

Known best for its Perfect Cover B.B. Cream, Missha has had expansive growth since its founding in 2000. With 500 products under its belt and more than 400 stores around the world, Missha aims to sell high end cosmetic prodcust at an affordable price.

Its Perfect Cover B.B. Cream is especially popular due to its two in one purpose of skincare and cosmetics.In addition to protecting the skin from the sun, it also helps to with treating dark spots and preventing wrinkles. For more on Missha, click here.

Mention Etude House and one of the first things that may come to mind is their brightly coloured pink shops, which is their signature look that makes them distinct from other brands. Etude House brings a vibrant and young vibe into their products. Their products ranges from skincare to makeup, all designed to make their customers feel like a princess. More on Etude House here.

Another of Korea's high end cosmetic brands, It's Skin aims to combat aging and keep skin healthy in an unconventional way: Snail Serum. Popular products from this brand include its white and red snail cream, snail masks, snail toner and lotion. Several of these products are best sellers in the Korean cosmetics market which are its Yellow Mask, designed to accelerate skin regeneration to keep skin looking healthy, and its BB Cream, made to reduce the appearance of pores and acne scars. To learn more of other products under this brand, clink here.

Did you know? Not only is LG a maker of electronic products, it is also the company behind another of Korea's popular cosmetic brand, The History Of Whoo. If you're wondering why the elegant packaging and the logo design, it's because Whoo means Empress in Korean, and the products uses include keeping skin youthful. Whoo's products combines both Eastern and Western beauty secrets together, and its ingredients comprise of deer antler, angelica root and wild thyme. To view more of Whoo, click here.

Founded in 1967, Sulwashoo is one of Korea's oldest cosmetic brands. Famous for its medicinal herbal skincare regime, Sulwashoo blends indigenous medicinal herbs through traditional Korean methods to give nourished and healthy complexion. Its concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream was once selected as "BG Best Pick" and the brand prides itself for its time-tested methods. You can find out more on Sulwhasoo here.

Borrowing its name from the Greek goddess, HERA is perhaps best known for its UV Mist Cushion. Its products are customised to fit varying skin needs of customers, from sensitive to dry skin issues. For more on HERA, click here.

One feature that jumps out when you think of Tony Moly is the way the products are packaged. Don't be deceived by its looks however, because in addition to looking cute, they also pack a punch. The brand has been around more than a decade and one indication of Tony Moly success is its string of awards, which include K Beauty Awards and also the Allure Beauty Award. To learn more about Tony Moly, click here.

Other than Etude House, Skin Food is another Korean cosmetic brand that has its flagship store around Singapore. Skin Food has been around since 1957, an experienced player in the cosmetic field, and boasts of numerous products under its range that has been famous for generations. Skin Food's products are primarily made using organic herb and fruits, which aims to provide natural skin care. To view more on the brand, click here.

One of the household names when it comes to Korean cosmetic brands in Singapore, Laneige's philosophy lies in its water science, where it aims to become the water expert in the industry. Its name meaning "snow" in French, Laneige's products help to bring about clean and sophisticated beauty and the confidence of youth. To view more on the brand, click here.

Perhaps the top player in the Korean cosmetic field, Innisfree is immensely popular for its all-natural ingredients, so far so to have its own green tea plantations to support its products. Its organic products are certified by France's ECOCERT organization, one of the few Korean cosmetic branches to do so.

Its green tea series are undoubtedly the most popular line of products, but Innisfree also boasts of numerous other best sellers that are geared towards women's various needs, such as moisture, anti-aging and healthy-looking skin. Perhaps what's more interesting about Innisfree is that it also owns five teahouses and a tea museum. To learn more about Innisfree, go here.

Looking at the numerous brands out there, one can safely say that, in addition to K-pop, K-beauty is another Korean trend that is emerging. Do you agree with our picks for the Top 10 Korean Cosmetic Brands in Singapore? Let us know if there's any brand that you think we missed out and share with us your favourite Korean cosmetic brand.

If you're looking to shop for Korean cosmetic brands without leaving your house, you can visit for daily deals on Korean cosmetic products, where all the top brands are available. Never worry about where to find your favourite cosmetic products again!


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