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ShopBack Cashback Button: Get yourself a cashback buddy whenever you shop online!

Attention online shoppers! Did you know, you can make your shopping experience that much exciting - and more savvy! All you have to do is use the ShopBack Cashback Button! ShopBack is Singapore’s leading Cashback website allowing shoppers to save on Cashback and they have a nifty little feature that helps you do that much more easily!

Here are all the reasons why you should use the ShopBack Cashback Button:
Available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari internet browsers, the ShopBack Browser Extension notifies you whenever you are in an online store that lets you earn Cashback from ShopBack. It lets you discover the availability of Cashback from stores you never knew you could. 

Best of all, it serves as a notification in case a user forgets to click through ShopBack. Do look out for the pop-up or the blinking Cashback Button on your browser You can even find out if you can earn cashback when you do a search on google. Last but not least, you can do a quick check on the amount of Cashback you h…

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