Second Hand Smoke creeping into my room...

 I smell smoke in my room. Is it something burning? Hmm... i don't think so. Smells more like tobacco mixed with nicotine and tar and also a host of other chemicals. I smell second hand smoke.

Ugh, i hate second hand smoke. It makes my room all hazy like some scenes from a ghost movie and it makes my head go heavy and dizzy. Don't ask me why, because i'm made like that. I'm an anti second hand smoke person. And i hate it when a smoker lights up without taking into account that the hostel that i'm living in now is smoke free. Even if you want to smoke, please go somewhere else so that your smoke do not drift into my room. Use a plastic bag or anything to cover your face. Smoke in the toilet, maybe. Sorry, i tend to get hostile over unauthorized smoke access into my room.

I just can't understand why the smokers don't take us non-smokers into account when lighting up. They go all around demanding for their rights to smoke and stuff like that but often forgot that us as non smokers have rights too. The rights not to smell second hand smoke, pardon you. 

But oh well, what i can really do about that second hand smoke coming from who knows where anyway? At most i could just complain about it here in my blog. Or perhaps i could buy a really large fan to try to blow the smoke away. Or i could just settle with dying early.


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