Supermarket Trip = Perfume

I hate trips to the supermarket. Because every time i stepped into the supermarket, i will surely leave with at least a few plastic bags and more than 20 dollars spent minimum. I'm not sure why, but i suspect that deep inside my DNA, there is this genetic flaw that makes me want to buy everything that i see even though it might be useless. Take today for example, i bought a perfume for the first time in my life to put into my room.

I still have no idea why i bought it though. I did not even give it a second thought before dumping it into my shopping basket. Maybe i wanted it to cover the smell coming from my dirty clothes and towel. Or maybe i wanted the aqua fresh floral scent to make the mood of my room more refreshing when i study. Or it's one of my attempt to make my room more attractive to prospective mates. Like how some animals do it. Oh wait, i already got a mate. Ops.

Anyways, since i've bought it, no point letting it go to waste right? So right now my room smells like fresh aqua floral at the moment. Way better than the normal "damp unwashed towel" smell. 

I should really stop stepping into supermarkets next time.


  1. I think that's the problem that many people have.. including yours truly. lols

  2. it usually finishes very fast..


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