Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lukey's Many Transformation

Tomorrow will be my first official school day after three months of hard work! Sad to say that I'm finally gonna go back into becoming a normal university student. Come to think of it, for the past three months that i spent in hall, i have became everything except a university student. Among Lukey's many transformations:-

1. A orientation speaker that is supposed to "educate" the freshmen about hall life. Ended up getting blurred halfway through the talk because i went up with my hands empty.
Note to self: The next time you're going up to talk, prepare some cards or paper to jot what you wanna say. You have a memory of a goldfish, anyway

2. An Irish hacker. But i ended up looking more like an Irish leprechaun. With tights! >.<

3. An Emcee for a formal dinner! Did not know that my English standard would have made the cut

4. A flagger! Which means i have to go around flashing my cute face to aunties asking them to drop some money into my tin can. Does not always work, though

5. A plant. Or rather a green cactus dancer. All the way from Mexico!
And the cactus managed to be in a winning Rag dance performance in his first dance debut! Woohoo!

6. I've managed to enter a Korean dance / hip-hop group too!

7. Lukey also managed to become a drinks seller in the process

Three months well spent indeed. And now, i have make a final transformation before the school start. One that i don't like though. I have to become a university student again :(


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