Pre-Bash Ranting

In a few moments time, i will be heading to Eusoff Hall's Freshmen Orientation Bash aka clubbing-with-a-valid reason-in-university-because-it's-for-the-university's-orientation. Seriously, i still find clubbing kind of pointless even though i've been to numerous Bash-es since coming to Singapore. We go in there, grab some drinks, dance ourselves crazy and then what? Puke later in the streets thanks to a stomach who cannot tolerate the amount of alcohol or wake up with a sore headache tomorrow?

The things we would do in the name of fun. It's kinda funny when we think of it. I guess why clubbing is so popular is because deep in our heart, we hope that there's this slim chance where a particular hot girl will walk up to us when in the club. And with some miracle, we might still end up waking up with a sore headache tomorrow, but not without that hot girl lying by our side. We have the Western media to thank for this influence. At least that's how guys think.

So yeah, rather than hoping for some miracle to happen that always don't happen even though you've been clubbing for years already, i plan to go there and just sit at some corner waiting for time to pass. Maybe check out the wonderful seaside next to the club and admire the scenery at the same time. Way better than getting a headache for lessons tomorrow.

I know. I'm never a clubbing material to begin with, except in the case of the hot girl walking towards me. And i've always prefer Coke to Carlsberg. So shoot me.


  1. i'm not a clubbing material too but sometimes i want to have fun there! maybe without alcohol la...


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