Reflections of My Three Months Holiday in Singapore

I'm supposed to be celebrating and feeling all happy right now. Eusoff Hall totally owned at Rag, the orientation was awesome and i learned so many things along this three month's journey. But amid all the celebration, this also officially signifies the end of the three months semester break. After the dust settles, it will be back to the normal routine again. Lectures, tutorials and exams to worry about. Not to mention pulling my stupid results up. I'm so gonna miss everything that took place during these three freaking awesome months.

I'm gonna miss EHOC Programs.

I'm gonna miss Rag Dance.

I'm so gonna miss everything that happened in these three months. Many people have asked me whether it was worth sacrificing my three months of holidays for some hall activities. They could not understand why i would choose to keep myself busy with all these activities rather than going home to accompany my family and spend time with them. "Isn't family important too?", is what i would normally receive.

You see, i'm the kind of person who cannot sit still at a spot for too long. What more three months. If i were to go back, i'm sure i would die boredom very soon. And i enjoy surrounding myself with lots of activities. It's what make me alive. I'm sure my parents would understand too. From a young age i've always been a rebellious kid who always wanted to do things differently from other people.
Like staying back in hall planning orientation activities when others would normally choose to go back to their hometown and enjoy the holidays.

Thanks to this particular trait of mine, i ended up studying in Singapore as i couldn't really settle for the "normal" choice. So i would wanna thank my parents for being always there to support whatever decisions i made, even though that means seeing me less. I know it's not easy for them too and which is why i would wanna dedicate this post for them. I'm not the kind of person who is able to mention all this through my mouth, my parents don't too either, so i guess blog post is the way to go.

Thanks for sticking with me even though i know some of the aunties and uncles might bad mouth me for being an ungrateful son who does not go back to visit. And i could proudly say that these three months have not gone without any benefits. Your son has for the first time managed to perform in a dance in front of thousands of audiences and a TV and he has also grown and matured much through all the activities.

Thanks again.
Oh and by the way, you guys wouldn't kill me right if i say i might stay another three months again next year? What to do, i'm your son mah, confirm some of my traits are inherited from both of you :p


  1. dare to be different, that's how you make a difference!

  2. :) i'm glad you enjoyed ehoc. it changed me last time around, and even more so this time around. i definitely have no regrets on doing it a second time.

  3. activities are always fun, and sometimes are just once in a lifetime.. =)


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