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The pen is mightier than the sword, so said a famous guy. Which was roughly why I took up the metaphorical pen - a keyboard in fact - and started my adventures in blogging, hoping to change the world. Because writing is much easier than for example, speaking in public. That was in 2006.

The world has undergone many changes since then - sadly none of it was due to me (which might explain the picture on the left) - and writing is still one of my biggest passion. While I do enjoy seeing the stats climb every once in a while, pouring words out to my heart's content still makes me happy.

I may not have a colourful life as other bloggers out there, but for what I lack I substitute it with what's inside me, and I can say that I do have a very active imagination.

It has been a while since I started blogging with the ambition of becoming one of the best in Singapore (and maybe the world), and although I admit that the dream is still far from reachable, it helped to propel me to experience a lot of different sights and sound along the way, and they are (in random order):
  1. [2013] Attended the 2013 ASEAN Blogger Festival at Solo, Indonesia, as part of the international bloggers (blog post)
  2. Winning a X6 Nokia phone from Nuffnang (blog post here)
  3. Winning an iPad from Exabytes (blog post here)
  4. One of the Top 23 for Standard Chartered's World's Coolest Intern (blog post here)
  5.  Top 10 finalist bloggers for Omy.sg and FandN Spread The Groove Challenge for Singapore Dance Delight 2011 (blog post here)
  6. One of the 5 winners of a HTC Wildfire for the HTC Connects You and Me Challenge (blog post here)
  7. One of the blogger mentors for Youth.sg's Campus Spy Network (blog post here)
  8. Finalist for Singapore Blog Awards 2011, Best WTH Category (blog post here)
  9. Appeared on Channel News Asia on the 9th of November 2011, thanks to a blog post on the Adelyn Hosehbo issue (blog post here)
  10. Top 20 for Cathay Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation blog competition 
  11. Finalist for Singapore Blog Awards 2012, Panasonic's Best Y-Bloggist (link here)
  12. Finalist for Singapore Blog Awards 2013: Best WTH, Best Online Shopping and Best Pop Music Category (link here)
To be honest, in a world where the internet reigns supreme today, I would like to revise the famous guy's quote to "The keyboard is mightier than a sword", as it allows one the power to reach millions just by sitting in front of the computer. A very powerful tool indeed, should you know how to use it. But as Uncle Ben cautioned too, with great power comes great responsibility, and the past few years has been a great teacher for me in dealing with the internet.

Blogging has introduced a whole new life to me, a life that I would have never known if I didn't click on the "Create a blog" button in 2006. And I would sincerely encourage you to try it out too.

Your neighbourhood friendly blogger,

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