RE: plastic bottle heartbreak on valentine's day at somerset mrt

When you're cheating on your girlfriend on Valentines day, remember not to top up your EZ-Link card at the MRT station. Who knows, she might be just queuing in front of you. And remember to keep the plastic bottle you have just bought out of sight too.

At least that's what this video is trying to say:-

Posted on Valentines Day itself in Youtube, this "plastic bottle heartbreak on valentine's day at somerset mrt" have gone viral in that in merely eight days with over 700 000 view counts at the time of this writing. Not only that, this video is also now making its rounds in Singapore's online community and is one of the hotly discussed issues besides the Budget 2011 in forums.

It's not surprising actually for this video to become hot. We all love gossiping and "kepoh-ing". Besides, nothing like a scandalous video of a crazy lady scolding her boyfriend to brighten up your day right?

But how many of this video is actually true anyway? Did the lady really spotted her boyfriend with another girl? Or are they merely actors who are trying to publicize something? Remember the bear incident which turn out to be a hoax in the end? 

In fact, there are quite some people that is saying that this video is a fake already.

The first thing that make me suspicious about the video was that of the sound quality itself. As someone who has played around with videography before, there is just no way you could get such crisp clear sound of the two woman arguing in a crowded place like the MRT station. There's bound to be a lot of noise from the background interfering with the video and we wouldn't be able to hear much of what they are arguing especially so if the person taking the video is so far away, like in this video.

Unless the person videographing is carrying a really good boom mike with him, like those they use for movie productions. So good in fact, that even the sound of the lady sobbing can be picked up.

I'm guessing that they first took the sound from the MRT environment on any normal day, without the argument, and used it as the background sound for the video. Then only did they dubbed the voice acting in, which explains why even from so far away, you still can hear the details of the argument right down to her sobbing perfectly.

The second thing that I found fishy about the video was the person who uploaded the video itself, going by the name "ithinkihavetherights". From what I see from his Youtube profile, he has not uploaded any videos before. More suspicious is that the day he joined Youtube was the day he uploaded the video itself. Coincidence? I don't think so. Honestly, I can't help but to wonder whether this account is merely created just the purpose to upload this one and only video.

Noticed the day he joined Youtube? It's Valentines Day

And the day he uploaded the video was the same day he joined Youtube itself

Of course, you might argue that perhaps this is just a coincidence, that he is a real person, just that he never had a chance to join Youtube until he took this video. But a further check on his profile also found this:

Notice anything similar between his favourited videos and the one he just uploaded?

It seems that our dear "ithinkihavetherights" here is also a fan of plastic bottles himself/herself, judging by the favourited videos that can be found in the profile. Another coincidence that he/she is interested in plastic bottles and managed to capture a couple arguing about plastic bottles at the same time? Not likely.

From what I see, this is another kind of those hoax where a company does something outrageous or controversial, like this valentines breakup video, and hope that the video gets spread far and wide. Better still, they could insert their message in the video before you know, 700 000 people has already seen your message. It's free publicity which many will also fall for.

Well, show time's over now that we know that this whole fight was staged, along with substantial proof to back it up. It probably has something to do with an upcoming "Don't Use Plastic Bottles" campaign most likely. All we need to do is to wait and see who are the people behind this video.

Personally, I think people who do this are damn "bo liao" and have nothing to do. It's like deceiving us. The extent that advertising companies would go to nowadays sickens me. Why must you wrap your advertisement around a staged act, or lie, just to generate publicity. I am one of the people who do not sit back and laugh "hahaha, that's a good trick" when you decide to unveil the video's true intention. I would feel more disgusted for being lied to. I'm not sure how many others would think the same way as me, but this is definitely not the way to make good advertisements. Sure, it might generate publicity easily but to what extent it is good publicity? There's no point making people feel disgusted after seeing your video. It may backfire.

You know what's a good online Youtube advertisement? This:

Makes you feel good and laugh at the same time. Not like the above MRT video that had me going WTF?

Have a nice weekend ahead :)


  1. Not just the sound quality. The first thing I noticed was the vid camera was already recording seconds before they started arguing. If it's really real, it'll take a while for someone to register a scene and then take some time to take his/her phone out. Confirm fake la. Can tell by the way they talk too.

  2. LOL.. I like the old spice commercials..Plus i think the video is fake too.. but it did look real to me..

  3. My line is too crappy that I can't even view the video ):


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