Top Ten Reasons Lukey Should Freak Out Now

Ten reasons why I should really start freaking out now:-

1. I got a 6/12 for my first quiz this semester, with the mean being 9.5, mode at 11 and median at 10.5 with a standard deviation of 1.5. It's okay if you don't understand the numbers, because it just means I'm screwed in mathematical terms. And it's the stupid statistics module that I hate so much. The first time I did so badly in my NUS life. Pain.

I even pasted the test paper in front of my desk. Reminds me of how painful it can be when you screw up your exam. And now, every time I want to slack on my computer, I have this paper to stop me from doing anything stupid again like refreshing Twitter for 200 times in 1 minutes.

Oh the horror of a failed examination paper

2. My bank account is reaching empty already. Am seriously thinking of surviving on cucumbers for the rest of the month before my parents bank in more money for me.

3. Along with an almost empty bank account, I have an already empty phone credits. And in Singapore, when you have 0 credit on your phone, it means that you could only receive incoming message. No outgoing calls, outgoing messages and even incoming calls. Whoever is the idiot that decides that you need to pay to receive calls from other people? Well, looking on the bright side, my phone has never been this quiet before.

4. I used to be able to read a whole Harry Potter book without even feeling sleepy. Now, I can't even last two lines of my textbooks without consistently yawning every 5 seconds after that.

Oh the sleepiness. Yawns XO

5. My stack of unfinished readings just got nominated as one of the top ten tallest mountains in Southeast Asia by the latest edition of Lonely Planet

6. My video members are deciding whether or not to revolt against me in an Egypt styled protest because the insane workload they currently have and I'm deciding to give them more

7. [Censored] [Censored]  
Sorry, as this blog is still hosted on the web where everything is public, there are somethings which only my diary can know

8. I have loads of midterms coming my way. With No 4 and 5 currently active, I am a little bit skeptical on whether I can keep my CAP score the way it is now. Or worse still, I might have to graduate before I can do my fourth year. Noooooo.....

9. I am still blogging here when I should be sleeping and getting some rest

10. I am getting less and less handsome due to the amount of stress now

I think I should start freaking out by running around my room and shouting on top of my lungs.

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