A Birthday Video I Made

Yosh! There will be no extremely long and philosophical post today (I could hear all the sighs or relief from you all already) as I was busy the whole day and only have this short time to update my blog. But never mind, the busy time was well used today too because I managed to came up with an extremely awesome video in just 4 hours! Okay, maybe it's not that extremely awesome, but yet I'm still proud of it!

It's a video that I made for a friend's 21st birthday that just took place 4 hours ago.

At first we tricked her saying that we're gonna watch a movie, which was in fact her surprise birthday video, so that was why I made the opening of the video look like a movie. The video was meant as a surprise. And it was a success! She really thought that it was a movie until the part where I appeared!

Enough of babbling, here's the video itself:

If you noticed, the video was partly inspired by Kurt Schneider's style of music video. Many thanks to him!

Oh and I'm thinking of expanding my services too. Anyone that needs help with producing awesome birthday videos like this? I'm happy to help you produce one for a small fee. Yeap, Lukey the blogger is offering birthday video productions services as an extra way to earn extra income! You can contact me through email that I listed on my "About Me" page or at mysteriouz15@hotmail.com!

And lastly, happy 21st birthday Huang Hua!

Me and the birthday girl!


  1. Hey I realize this is not a movie when there are too many movie company appear at the beginning lor!! LOL XD

    Thx for the AWSOME video again!


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