I'm Moving To Mexico

Holla amigos! Have you seen my latest look?

Lemme introduce you to my new look!

I've decided to grow a beard, act sexy and move to Mexico so I could start a whole new life there after some serious consideration. I figured that growing jalapenos in Mexico would earn me quite a decent living as compared to trying to find a decent job after I graduate. Besides, with the current spicy food craze right now, I bet my jalapenos business would boom and I would be a millionaire by the age of 30.

I've even decided on a Mexican name already. It's called Lukeo Santiago. I know it sounds like Oreo but that's the closest Mexican name to Lukey that I could get. Maybe I could open an Oreo factory in Mexico and call in Oreo don Lukeo?

I think I should just go get some sleep and stop being too deep in character for my Chingay performance. Buenas noches! Meaning good night in Mexican (Spanish)!


  1. after reading your intro.. i am afraid to comment for such a handsome person :P


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