A day of queues, rain and blues

Today was my first Monday of school. And to go with the Monday blue mood, apparently someone up there decided to throw in a torrential rain in the morning for us students who are already half depressed by the fact that we cannot sleep til 2pm anymore everyday because school is officially starting. The rain was that strong that even standing 5 seconds under it with an umbrella has gotten me a soaked pants. Seems like wearing a black underwear today wasn't such a good idea anymore.

Even the drain in NUS cannot take the amount of water

And as if the rain weren't enough, there was a surge of people in NUS this semester. It's either that NUS has secretly decided to take in thousand more students or the NUS students this year are a lot more hardworking and kiasu. Everywhere I went today, there was a queue. And the queues were horrible. I need to queue to take the bus, I need to queue to enter the LT, I need queue to use the computers and heck I even need to queue to buy textbooks. Not forgetting that I had to be a sardine in the D1 and D2 bus too.

Where did all these people come from anyway?

Not to mention that the buses frequency of this semester was horrible. In just one day, I had spend almost one hour waiting for NUS buses (I had only one class today) because there was just too many people and too few buses. The uTown part was especially worse. I mean why do you want to shift all the classes to uTown when you cannot provide enough transport to shuttle people in and out? I understand that NUS is trying to get people to uTown but shifting classes there is not cool. Gone were the days where I can wake up 5 minutes before class and walk slowly there.

And the worst part of the day? Learning that I had to do some sophisticated astronomy experiment with lots of complicated maths and physics theory like calculating the distance that the stars move, measuring the sun's radioactivity or measuring the change of the ocean tide over a period of 9 days while referring to the moon's distance from earth. %#$$%#%%^%$^ I'm only an Arts student and this is supposed to be a introductory module to expose the universe to people from other faculties, not some Physics thesis class for final year students. Heck, the group that the lecturer used as an example built their own radio antenna to measure the radioactivity of the sun and even ordered an receiver chip from NASA to help in the experiment.

Awesome way to start the semester right?


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