In Your Pants

I'm slightly under the influence of alcohol now. A better word would be drunk but since this is the cyber world and everything I said could be used back against me (who knows if my future employer decides to visit my blog?), I'll stick to a more appropriate word.

When I first came to university, and when I was first exposed to the culture here, which basically involves quite a bit of alcohol, like any protected kid who was taught from young that alcohol is the cause of evil, naturally I was shocked. For me, too much alcohol can never be good because when you're full of it, you tend to lose your sense of logic and reasoning. You'll tend to do whatever you want and sometimes, you might wake up next morning with the biggest regret of your life. No kidding.

Not only that, I also tend to look down on those who drink. To me, they are a bunch of people who have no purpose in life, have little moral and only knows how to have fun and not focus on the more important part in life. Not only that, I have also the perception that guys who ask girls to drink have the sole purpose of bedding them. But that was two years ago.

Fast forwarding to the present, and numerous experiences of seeing people drink and also joining in on several drinking sessions, I have a much better understanding of why people drink now. Not that I have a really good impression of alcohol now, I still think it's a source of evil, but I believe that if taken in moderation alcohol isn't that bad after all.

One thing that I found out about why many love drinking alcohol is that it takes away the mask that we are constantly wearing in front of others when we're sober. In a way, you can say that we're being more of ourselves when we're under the influence of alcohol, which is why I guess why some would prefer you to be drunk because they are able to see the real side of you.

If you've noticed, people who are naturally extroverts will be more noisy and hyper when they're drunk while those who are introverts at heart will become more quiet when they're drunk.

And if you've seen lots of movies and stuff, you'll know that when we're being true to ourselves, the world will see us in a different way and who knows, sometimes life might turn out in ways you'll never expect and in a good way too when you're braver and not so inhibited by the mask that you usually wear in front of others.

In the process, you might get to know new friends which you would have not gotten to know if you're busy being shy, people might get to know you better and you might just have the added courage to do things that you've really wanted to do a long time ago.

But of course, I'm not saying that alcohol is all good and we should all become alcoholics now. I'm saying that alcohol in a way facilitates our social life but that doesn't mean that we should depend entirely on it. Like any other stuff in the world, be it food or games or work, if taken in extreme, alcohol can be quite damaging too, especially if you have gone to a point where you can't live it.

I'm just saying that I don't view alcohol as evil as I used to already. It can be good, it can be bad, depending on how you see it, that is. Alright time to sleep. Hope I won't have a hangover tomorrow morning. Nights.


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