My Day In Hours and Minutes

Today, 4th of July, 2011...

7.00 am: Alarm rings. Snoozes it because this is the first time the alarm has so early in months and waking up means having to go to work. Hopes that Timothy (sort of my "colleague" for the day) will call and wake me up because I'm just lazy. The bed is too comfortable anyway.

7.15 am: Snoozes alarm for the second time. Bed is still comfortable. Besides, there's still Timo.

7.30 am: Stops snoozing alarm. Went to bath in a 70% asleep state. Sort of fell asleep under the shower because the shower feels comfortable too.

7.45 am: Calls Timothy to see if he's waken up. Turns out he was waiting for the same thing, as in for me to wake him up.

8.00 am: Hails a cab and thus begin the long journey to Yio Chu Kang sports complex for my part time work as a videographer for the 3rd ASEAN School Games. Today, I'm covering badminton!

8.30 am: Still in cab.

9.00 am: Those people are carrying real huge ass camera. Makes mine looks like a toy camera in comparison. Perhaps it's time to ask for a bigger camera budget. So I won't feel inadequate standing next to these people.

9.30 am: I must say, there's very few pretty badminton players here.

10.00 am: Should I support Malaysia, or should I support Singapore?

10.30 am: Wow, that girl sitting on the spectator stand sure is cute. That guy she's screaming her lungs out to support is sure one lucky guy. How I wish I have a cute girl supporting me too.

11.00 am: Breakfast! Two paus.

11.30 am: I am definitely getting bored. Busy chit-chatting with my dear colleague of the day, Timothy bout grand plans in Minecraft and other useless stuff

12.00 pm: When is this gonna end?

12.30 pm: Banggang! Or finish work in hokkien. Malaysia didn't win, sadly =(

1.00 pm: Eating McDonalds in Nanyang Poly while busy admiring the awesome environment. There's even a fountain here! How come NUS has no fountain? And my, NYP does have quite a number of pretty girls studying there. Much better than the Yio Chu Kang sports complex there just now. And heck, the McDonald's is 20 cents cheaper here! Unfair!

1.30 pm: In another cab heading to somewhere near Boon Keng MRT station.

2.00 pm: Sitting on a chair on top of a 6 floor building watching people editing videos on lots of Mac. Where's the love for PC yo?

2.30 pm: On another cab again, this time heading towards NTU. And boy, does my stomach feel funny

3.00 pm: Sitting in a toilet in Jurong Point and late for my 3.00 pm coverage at NTU.

3.30 pm: Wow, I never knew you could take a direct 179 bus to NTU. And I thought people said NTU was ulu.

3.45 pm: Boy, NTU is ulu. There's so many trees around! Almost look like a kampung to me. And I must say, NUS bus definitely looks nicer. Seems like the purchase of the new buses paid off. And hey, where is the Starbucks in NTU everyone's been talking about?

4.00 pm: Oh man, table tennis again.

4.30 pm: Half an hour before I can go back. And stop using those huge age lenses on your camera man! It's even bigger than the Hubble telescope!

5.00 pm: Yay, official banggang!

5.30 pm: After my work ends this week, I think I would have known half of Singapore's taxi drivers already, given the amount of taxi rides I take.

6.00 pm: Hall sweet hall. Think I'm gonna play a bit of computer first.

6.15 pm: Fell asleep on the keyboard...

6.30 pm: ZzZzzZZz...

7.00 pm: Dinner time! Mango chicken rice!

8.00 pm: Finally. Some alone time. In Forsaken World. Yeehaa!!!

Coming soon: Sleep and the cycle repeats again....


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