NUS Rag Day 2010, A Eusoff Perspective

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Today, Eusoff Hall's flag flew high and proud once again at the annual NUS Rag Day 2010. Sweeping four out of the five awards, Eusoff Hall has proven that we can indeed achieve what we want as long as we believe in ourselves. It's a joyful day indeed as The Best Float Design Award, The Best Presentation Award, The Most Environmentally Friendly Award and The Best Rag Performance Award all came under Eusoff Hall's possession. Many thanks to all those who helped made this possible, the Raggers, the Dancers, the seniors who came down to help and also to all the freshmen who came to support. It is them who are the real heroes of Eusoff Hall's brilliant achievement today.

To be honest. this Rag journey was not one without obstacles. Along the way, there were times when we doubted whether Eusoff Hall was able to maintain last year's standard and even surpass it. Especially when this year's Rag was the first ever Rag performance to be organized during the night and involves more elements such as the LED lights decoration for both the float and dancers. There were questions on whether dreaming so big and setting such a high target was a good idea after all if we are not able to achieve it. There were times when we wanted to throw in the towel and gave up any hopes of winning anything this year.

However, success does not come from dreaming small and achieving that small little goal. In fact, success comes from dreaming as big as possible and having the courage to face every challenge and obstacle that may pop into your way and overcoming them. 

In the end, all of us, the raggers, the dancers and all the helpers came together as one to prove that we can indeed touch the sky as long as we aim for it. Good job, Eusoff Hall. Good job, raggers, dancers, helpers, supporters and freshies. In the end, as long as we as Eusoffians believe in each other, we can produce something extraordinary that we alone cannot achieve.

However, the performances from the other hall's rag cannot be totally ignored too. KE VII hall for example, came up with an awesome Korea themed dance featuring both the modern hip hop dance and also the traditional dance. It must have not been easy to come with such an intricate dance item. Sheares Hall on the other hand, boasts of  beautifully made costumes that totally fit into the African theme. The costumes are colorful and yet detailed to the max. As for Temasek Hall, Kent Ridge Hall and Raffles Hall, it's sad to say that this blog writer here did not have a chance to watch the performances properly as my glasses were off but i think the three halls put up a great show too. It must be noted that Temasek's costumes, especially the girls, were quite sexy. :p

Anyways, this year's Rag performances were totally awesome as it was the first time in history when the Rag took place at night. It was a completely new feeling with all the lights and stuff. And on a more personal note, Eusoff Hall completely owned NUS Rag Day 2010!


  1. likes. you guys were fab. and i will have no voice tomorrow. but hell, who cares! eusoff rocks! :D

  2. it's like we're finally back up there where we belong!


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