Twenty Random Thoughts #260614: Lets Wear Pink?

1. The religious bodies in Singapore are already going into damage control in relation to their comments to the PinkDotSG movement, and to some people calling for others to wear white to counter the wear pink movement. Maybe they're scared a fight would break out or something

2. In regards to that, I would sincerely, honestly want to wear pink as well and go to the event, as a Christian, to say sorry for what some of us may have been doing. Something like what this group of Christians did during a gay pride rally in the US:

3. Reason being that we are taught to love, not judge. We can argue all day about whether homosexuality is wrong or right or whether God loves homosexuals but by the end of the day, who are we to judge? Aren't we all sinners as well? 

4. Why not channel our energy into something positive instead? WHY NOT SHOW SOME LOVE?

5. One simple question that you can try answering is this. When would a person be more inclined to hear your message: When you're busy telling him that he is fundamentally wrong, or when you are telling him that you love him all the same?

6. I have this grand plan of going down on PinkDotSG day wearing pink with some message (on a placard or t-shirt) that says that we are sorry for what we did to the LGBT community as Christians, and we fully support their right to love because God loves everyone

7. Sadly, I may be the only one who is crazy enough to do this

8. I felt something tugging at my heart though, and I told God that if this is what He wants me to do, send more signs please. Like at least 5 people who are as crazy as me

9. The more likely case is that some Christians would argue with me on the practicality of such a move, and this would probably fizzle out

10 to 20 would be spent on sleeping tonight. Goodnight

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