Let Him Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone

"Let him who is without sin among you be the first to cast the stone..." - John 8:7

"Our message is clear: we are on the same page as our government. We are speaking their language."

A lot of furore has been raised over the past few days over the the .pdf document that instructed Christian leaders in Singapore to oppose the repeal of Section 377A, a law that criminalizes sexual behaviour between men. Both sides have debated heatedly over the issue, with no compromise in sight. I doubt there will ever be one, because both are not arguing for the sake of discovering an answer, because both already have an answer in mind. One side is claiming that science proves homosexuality is wrong and it tears the fabric of society, while the other is arguing that science disproves the concept that homosexuality is wrong.

A lot has been written from the science and civil perspective in regards to the issue, so I will not touch on that. It's an endless debate that can never be solved, especially when both sides are so entrenched in their position. I for one, however, despise the position taken by the supposed leaders of Christianity, one that seems to promote hate rather than love. One that judges other, when it is stated clearly in the bible that no one should judge except God himself, in the supposed name of "protecting" society.

A friend of mine had a valuable nugget of wisdom over a slice of pizza today. One that I could not help but to agree too. One that reflects the real voice of the silent majority, not the one Pastor Lawrence Khong claims to represent.

"Out of all the sins mentioned in the bible," he mused, "why pick on only one?"

Why indeed. Adultery is a sin. Fornication is a sin. Becoming a stumbling block to a brother is a sin. Ridiculing others is a sin. Desiring the praise of men is a sin. Evil thoughts is a sin. Deception is a sin. And the funny thing is that in pushing for the anti-gay agenda, Pastor Lawrence Khong has sinned more than the very sin he claimed to be against. A funnier thought would be the fact that God views all sin as equal, being hateful is no different than being a homosexual yourself, if homosexuality is to be argued as a sin. Going by the logic that all sins are equal, that would effectively Pastor Khong would be a homosexual himself.

But I digress.

My only issue here is on how from all of the sins one could have picked from the bible, some which are much more worse than homosexuality, why are we so fixated on homosexuality itself? A lot of proponents of 377A claims that homosexuality is a sin that threatens the pillars of society, but from how I see it, divorce, which is another sin listed in the bible, does much more damage than being a homosexual itself. A divorce is essentially breaking God's covenant, if you go by the bible. And even if you choose to look at it scientifically, a lot has been written on how divorce negatively affects the children in the family. The child, who is once the nuclear of the family, suddenly is torn apart between two parents, and must learn to navigate between to households.

Toddlers have been shown to express more separation anxiety, to show more signs of crying and tantrums, while adolescents may resort to a rebellious streak or shutting down to deal with the irreversible fact that their parents are separating. They may not trust as easily anymore, and may no longer love as easily too. In a way, having your father and mother separate is in a way more damaging than having two fathers, but no one in the Christian church is actively lobbying against divorce.

There's a ton of other sins that are more detrimental to society in the bible, for example adultery, and yet we are so preoccupied with the one that has least effect on society in comparison. Prostitution is legal in Singapore by the way, and yet no church leaders is actively condemning it. Which begs the question: Are they really fighting for the betterment of society, or are they fighting for something else?

To be honest, I find the action of Christian leaders who condemn others hypocritical at best, not unlike those the self-righteous and holier-than-thou Pharisees that Jesus so hated in the New Testament. The very ones that we were warned not to be. Because to be honest, when we look at it, those like Pastor Khong are no different than the pharisees of the early days. They are prominent religious figures (who I dare say earn a lot too), keen on dictating the lives of the common folk, more interested in rules than loving one another, and perhaps walk with their noses raise up high.

I tried searching the New Testament several times for instances where Jesus commands his apostles to go out to the streets and judge people, to point a finger to them and tell them that they are wrong , but I couldn't find any. Instead the most prominent message is the one that tells us to love those who are discriminated by the society: the prostitutes, the poor, even the homosexuals.

I for one believe that faith is something that should be left between you and God. If you truly have God in your heart, you will strive to obey his laws on your own accord. What happens between your brother and God is their matter. Sure, you can advise, but no, you cannot discriminate. It is a sin to cause others to stumble in their faith, and if your actions causes others to view God in a negative light, especially those who you want to save, what kind of testimony are you giving? Are you really trying to please God, or your own ego?

"Let him who is without sin among you be the first to cast the stone." 


  1. Someone mentioned that the christian bible teaches that eating pork is also a sin ? It this is correct, how come Lawrence never asked the Govt to ban pork ? What if he loves bak kut the or bakwa himself ?

    Wouldn't it be ironic then for someone in his position to manipulate others for his own self interests ?

  2. You forgot about the last part

    Where Jesus ask the woman in question to go and sin no more

  3. lukey, if you are a believer of Christ or in the values you promoted here.... we hope you walk the talk ... don't attack other people with your blog...gossip about things not your business... and make judgement about them without knowing them.

  4. And he used Aaron L aka leo hee khian a church member to put up a petition for him!


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