Siloso Beach Party 2013: How I ended my 2013

More than 18 000 people descended unto Siloso Beach last night for one of Singapore's biggest new year's countdown party yesterday night, and thanks to both Sentosa and SPRG, I was one of the 18 000 revelers. To be completely honest, I have never really clubbed before (because I have 0 skill of how to conduct myself at clubs) and have always wondered what it would be like to be partying amongst thousands of people. I have seen pictures of previous year's beach parties before, and have always wanted to just try just once to see how it was like.

The verdict? Well, with the sea serving as a backdrop, the fireworks exploding above your head, awesome music rocking the air and people enjoying themselves around you, what's there not to like? Celebrating New Year's Eve at Siloso Beach Party was one of the most memorable experience of new year's countdown party that I have ever had.

it was packed, filled to the brim, with fun!

The entire stretch of Siloso Beach was blocked off for the night especially for this event (reminded me of the USS Horror Nights and Spooktacular), with the bars along the beach all having their own party zones in addition to the two main attraction of the night (the giant main arena, which is a dance floor on a beach; and the foam party, where you get to experience the feeling of clubbing in the snow). The different party areas (5 of them) meant that you could choose different party areas to visit should you not like the current that you're in and until you found one that you like.

the foam pool, where you can dance under the falling foam

There were a total of 20 DJs playing for the night along the different party zones, each with their own style of music, so you can explore the different party areas until you found one that is of your liking. I am quite picky when it comes to clubbing song, I dislike just pure thumping music with no lyrics and stuff (for some strange reason) and DJs who constantly just go boom all the way turns me off, like how Ris Low does when she says Boomz. But there were DJs that I liked (thankfully), though I did not really remembered their names (no thanks to the alcohol), thanks to the different DJs that continued to grace the night.

the huge lineup of DJs meant that there's at least one that would fit your choice

For myself, counting down in such a setting was an eye opening and memorable experience, especially when the DJ blasted Titanium just soon after. It was fun, that I can say, to be dancing on a sandy beach and under the great fireworks display. Out of everything they have to offer in Siloso Beach Party, I would say that I personally liked the fireworks display session, along with the music and dancing that went with it. Like they say, start off the year with a bang eh? It's just a pity that it was not long enough, but then again, I'm the type of person who can just stare at fireworks the entire night.

this is what I thought was the highlight of the party

Of course, the fireworks were not the only highlight that night. There was also the main feature of this year's party, the neon paint spray!

raining down party goers with paint

I wore a light coloured shirt to the party expecting to return with some paint stains as a souvenir, but somehow, I was just [un]lucky enough to be always caught outside of the border of the paint spray zone. So nothing to tell from there. But it was still a special thing to have paint raining down on you during the party. 

So yeap, my 2013 ended with a 5 hour long non-stop fun at Siloso Beach Party. It was definitely an eye opening and memorable experience (my only complaint was the crowd) but other than that, it was definitely fun. Especially when you get to spend it with friends too!

selfie at the main arena!

And now comes the painful truth, the fun is coming to an end and 2014 is finally starting :(

Maybe I will write a more sentimental post tomorrow :p

All image credits (except the last) goes to Sentosa Island


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