He dissed AnonymousSG. Provoked them, in some other way. Called them a joke, bullshit and what not. Claimed that he too could be like them. Even better than them.

ridhwan azman's tweets dissing anonymous before it got hacked. dunno who is the dude though

And so all his accounts got hacked as a response. Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. How much by the real Anonymous, I don't know but they certainly had their fun with it. Most of his accounts are now defaced, with the worst being a picture of Usher and Justin Bieber naked being posted, with the signature Anonymous messages like "We are Anonymous, We are Legion, We do not forgive, We do not forget, The Corrupt Fear us, The Heroic Join us, Expect us. #AnonymousSG #AnonySG."

The message also included a one liner "Till you learn your lesson Ridhwan" and was signed off by Phr34kz. There was also a really long message in his Facebook explaining the lack of action seen today, Nov 5th in Singapore. It read: 

apparently messiah and anonymous are not really the same? and how the article was written from a first person perspective was interesting

And of course, being someone who depends on the social media for a living, naturally Ridhwan was quite upset. So he apologized to them in hopes of getting his accounts back.

Not before trying to start his own hashtag #RidhwannabesStayTogether for the incident and hoping it would trend though.

wait it did trend eventually =.=

Seriously? Ridhwannabes? First it was Beliebers and now Ridhwannabes? Maybe I should come up with a word for readers for this blog too. Lukeynatics.

And of course, the hashtag did garner responses from both sides.

mostly aint so good though

And a blog post arguing passionately for Ridhwan. Okay maybe not arguing for Ridhwan but instead asking people to ignore the issue because it will die down eventually. Which is true but hey, nothing's wrong with a passing "LOL" comment right? And I guess why so many people are paying attention to it is because it's one hell of an example of karma in action.

Besides that, there are those who question why Anonymous is stifling down free speech of Ridhwan by hacking his accounts when they themselves are promoting free speech in the first place. I guess they have a point but then again, how big a part the real Anonymous played in this incident we'll never know and besides, there's a difference between expressing your different views about Anonymous and directly provoking them. It's like you don't agree with someone but instead of arguing your points out, you make fun of how ugly he is instead, which of course would make him want to punch you more.

I mean, you don't see people like Bertha Henson get targeted after her letter to Anonymous appeared. I still find it funny how he was still able to salvage the whole situation by trending a hashtag about himself. It just proves that a.) he learned nothing at all from the incident or b.) he isn't exactly sincere about feeling sad at all.


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