My 2 Cents Thoughts about World Ventures

I am one of the few people that thinks that everyone should be entitled to their own beliefs, even though those beliefs may differ from yours. Which means that although I may not subscribe to your belief, I would not judge you for having them and neither would I try to change it. It's when your try to impose your beliefs unto others, or try to use a certain kind of deception to get others to adopt your beliefs. And one of those people are the ones from the MLM companies.

Throughout my time in Ipoh, I've been approached by tons of people trying to pull me down as their downline before. From Amway to Sunrider to Island Red Cafe, I've seen it all. Each of them tries to offer different products under different marketing scheme and cover story but the core of the whole thing never runs far, you have to recruit people (most people end up recruiting friends) and the people you recruit have to pay a certain amount of money in order for you to make money. Be it health products, household items or even shares in a restaurant, the mechanics never change. In order for you to make money, you have to attract people to be your downline.

I thought the days where people try to covertly invite me to some "inspirational" talk would be long over when I came to Singapore. Never have I been so wrong. 

I've started to hear about an organization called World Ventures recently from a friend of mine, who was complaining to me about how her housemates are constantly trying to sell her a membership and trying to invite her to their talks. Initially I did not pay much attention to the company because I thought as long as nobody bothers me I shouldn't care about it, and it's other people anyway, but when me and my friends were invited to an "event" held at this place called Majestic at Chinatown recently, it did a very good job in getting me interested in the company and getting me motivated to write about it.

Before I start to talk about the company though, what it does and the legitimacy of it, I would first share the experience from my own perspective. I was invited over to dinner on one night by a friend, who said that there was something that I need to see. It was very mysterious at first, and being curious, I agreed. Up until the night itself, I have no idea what the dinner was. Only when I arrived at the venue that I found out that it was not only me who was invited to the event, but 8 other friends were also there, all having no idea why we were there.

Only when I walked in to the building did I start to smell something fishy and when I saw my friend holding the World Ventures file on her hands, I immediately knew something was wrong. Thank God that my mother chose to call me at the right moment so I bolted with an excuse. I have been to too many of these talks to know what they are going to talk about.

team leaders, captains, etc, it's all the same thing

I met up with my other friends who sat through the talk later and they confirmed what I already expected. There's a speaker who tries to convince you to join their club, organization or group or whatever you choose to call it, using the good ol' speech that he wants you to succeed, you can be successful through their company, you can gain benefits through it and using a lot of videos of successful people as a backup.

From what I heard, they used a testimonial video from Gurmit Singh to try to convince the people there, including my friends, about how he's a part of the "team", how he managed to get 2000 people in 5 months and how World Ventures is like durian, just because people like me don't like it, it doesn't mean that the product is bad. The scarier thing is how my friends describe how the existing members would clap at the same time as if it was cued and how sad it was to see a friend clapping together.

Going back to Gurmit Singh, it's really a classic advertising technique, using a famous celebrity to endorse your product in order to increase its value. But just because David Beckham uses Nike shoes, that doesn't mean you can play like David Beckham when you use Nike shoes right? Besides, there's a reason why Gurmit Singh is able to earn so much success in the first place. He is a celebrity for goodness sake. Even if his story holds true, sure, he only need to convince 7 people in order for him to get 2000, but that doesn't mean you'll get 2000 if you convince 7 too, just because the friends he know is not the friends you know. Being a celebrity of course means that his friends might hold a certain type of influence and unless you can get your CEO or famous friends to be your downline, there's a high chance you wouldn't even go anywhere near Gurmit's success.


Okay, now to what World Ventures do. From my understanding, they are a group that sells travel packages in a very cheap fee because they buy in bulk (a friend of mine kindly pointed out that's what Groupon does too) and as a member you'll get to enjoy the benefits of cheap travels and going to awesome places around the world. They use a lot of pictures of happy members with the banner "You should be here" and stories of successful members, how Mr A has been able to earn 30k per month, retire at the age at 30 and now travelling the world, for example, to entice people to join. Of course, should you want to join, there's a membership fee to pay and also a monthly maintenance fee, which will be waived if you manage to get 4 members to sign under you.

the signature pictures with blue banners

While I don't deny the fact that some people do find success through schemes like this, I wish to point out that the same applies to whatever career field that you're looking at. The only problem here is that more often than not, it's only the successful people that you get to see in presentations, not the ones who are struggling with it.

To use football as an analogy. Lets say I want to market the career of a footballer to you. I would tell you how awesome a footballer's life is, how you can make tons of money and fame just by playing football and I would then proceed to give you examples of how Ronaldo, Beckham and Messi are living the dream for example, having big houses and such just by being a footballer. All you need to do, of course, is sign a membership fee to join our football club and to sign up 4 other people in order to get your dream started. 

What I fail to mention to you, however, is that there are thousands of others struggling footballers in smaller clubs who can't make enough to feed their family through footballing and need to rely on other petty jobs to fill in the gap. But the success stories of the top footballers itself is more than enough to attract you so you willingly part with the membership fee without knowing of the rest of other members who are not making as big. The same story goes to organization like these.

pepsi for example, can get people to join their football club just through using these big names

To be honest, it would be interesting to conduct a simple statistical survey across groups like World Ventures. Sum up the total earnings of all the members and divide it among the total number of members. If the average earning of a member is significantly higher than the average of the population, then yes, being a World Ventures member would indeed increase your money. The thing is, while the top members are earning a lot in World Ventures, you  have the bottom ranked members (who are much more in numbers) who are paying the membership fees every month (in essence their net gain is negative) so I would predict those two to cancel each other out and the average earnings of a World Ventures member to not be significantly different from a non-member. Simple as that.

Or you could simply take the number of successful people and compare it with the rest to see what the percentage of successful members is like. Using Gurmit Singh's example, I would take him and his immediate 7 people as successful members, while the rest of the 1992 as not (a very rough gauge) and you would have a 0.4% of being successful when you join World Ventures. Of course, the number could be higher depending on how you measure success (say the earnings per month) but the percentage itself shows that joining World Ventures is not a definite guarantee of success. You still need chance and a lot of hard work to succeed, which is no different from any other thing you do in real life.

like they say, there's no free lunch in this world

Perhaps the thing that I dislike most about companies like this is how dependent it is on finding downlines in order to ensure your success. To be honest, I could never get myself to ask friends to be my downline, pay a sum of money for me and to work their asses off to find other members in order for me to be successful. In a way, you're abusing the friendship to gain something for yourself and inconvenience the friend at the same time in order for you to reap the benefits, which is very selfish from how I see it. 

If you want to convince strangers that is totally fine with me because that's how sales work, but trying to get the friends part is just cheap. More often than not, you'll see people trying to use deception (like how the whole purpose of this event was hushed up) and you'll see friendships break because of this because your friend could not earn as much and have trouble finding downlines. I mean come on, how could something that is supposed to be good can break up friendships?

The even sadder thing is how a friend who has joined MLM schemes such as this become more and more attached to it, willing to defend it from any criticisms and would turn hostile if anyone dare mention the negative effects of the company in front of him/her. It's mainly, cognitive dissonance, to be honest, where someone would form a strong identity towards something that they have worked hard for in order to protect their self-esteem. Besides, if a friend disagree with you over this, the friendship would naturally break or strain, causing you to gravitate more towards those who share the same thinking as you (which is World Ventures is awesome) and naturally your views would become more polarized and extreme as all your friends share the same view as you.

Of course, if I am allowed to go on, I could continue to list down why you should think twice before joining World Ventures but as my prof in university puts it, you should never believe in a thing too quickly and must always spend time to seek out the correct information. What I present are views that are entirely of my own but I believe that as much as people in World Ventures are allowed to tell people how awesome their company are, we should also be allowed to present the opposing side of the story.

Just a simple Google search of World Ventures scam would return you numerous results, and the articles there are much more informative than what I have to offer. Just look at the following websites to see for yourself the other side of the story:

There are many other posts in forums, which I think is not that hard to find if you have a working internet connection, so take time to research thoroughly about this company before committing to it, should a friend ask you to.

To be honest, I can't help but feel sad or disappointed every time I see one of my friends getting involved in schemes like this. I don't blame them though, I just blame the evil minds behind such schemes who enjoys sucking the money out of honest people. I just wish Singapore and Malaysia could instill a law like the one in China, where it's illegal to do multi-level marketing or network marketing and anyone caught trying to do it will be put in jail. And yes, you know something is wrong when the job you're doing is illegal in some countries.

Edit: A lot of people have been flaming me, my age and my "inexperiences" in condemning World Ventures. While I admit that yes, I may have not actually dabbled in MLM before, I also believe that age does not reflect your maturity and do let me clarify something. I noticed that a lot of people have been using the argument that every business has risks and you join World Ventures at your own discretion. If you fail to make money it's not World Ventures fault. I believe that there's a need for me to revise what I have said.

True. You are right. Every business has its risk. But in those business, when you fail, you don't drag others down with you. You know what I am most pissed about MLMs? It's that it involves nothing but deception and leeching money of people who are supposed to be your "friends". You tell them that you want them to succeed, but honestly, you just want them to continue to slog and find downlines for you so you can have more money. That's no different from a con artist.

I'm perfectly fine with MLMs that at least has tangible products (though sometimes may be overpriced) like Amway. At least then you're legitimately selling something. While the product in World Ventures is holiday packages, how often can you use it as compared to a dishwasher for example? Not as often, I'm afraid. In the end, you have to bluff others to join you, offering this illusion called "your own business" dream when it's in fact no different from going out and trying to cheat as many people as possible to be your downline, playing on their hopes and dreams. It's this kind of tactics that I hate most about in MLMs.

It's not about owning your own business, it's about making others pay for you. I am against unethical practices, be it what business you're in and MLM just seems to exacerbate the problem.

Disclaimer: Views posted on this website is entirely of my own and does not represent World Ventures in a whole. 

Update: A lot of WV sympathizers have descended unto this post en masse, and I believe that there's a need to address the issues that they're bringing up, especially since almost all of the arguments used centers around 2 points (which I think must be the textbook reply that WV reps are taught to use) and they are: 

1. Victim blaming. That those who complain about World Ventures are those who are not trying hard enough. They are simply not hardworking. It's not WV's fault if the reps fail, it's solely the individual's fault for being not hardworking enough. If you join WV and fails to make any money, it's simply your fault for being not hardworking enough. 

Reply: Really? When it comes to being hardworking, not matter where you go you can be successful, even a cashier at McDonald's. The problem here is that I am not targeting the reps itself, but rather the entire system. It's not about whether you can earn money or your hard work in WV that I am talking about, it's how you earn it. No matter how hard you try and how much you're earning, it doesn't change the fact that you are basically ripping off the money of your downlines. I mean if you really want to focus on the problem of hard work, even a thief can be successful if he works hard enough, stealing 24 hours a day. However, that doesn't change the fact that the nature of his job is wrong, and the same goes for WV.

2. All other companies are MLM's just like WV. McDonald's, corporate, etc are the same with the same structure. So why only focus on WV?

Reply: I believe many of the commentators have sufficiently raised the answer to this point, and I will just repeat them here.

In companies like McDonald's, you are PAID according to the hours you work. Meaning that there's a net positive income at the end of the month in your bank account. You don' get that in WV. In fact, when you first start out, your net income is negative, because you're paying for the monthly fees and all the "training" workshops. Honestly, in which organizations do you need to pay to work under than in MLM? And in organizations like McDonald's, at least you're covered under employment law, if your manager do something bad to you (like withholding payment), you can sue. I am not sure if WV reps are covered under any law itself. Nuff said


  1. I would say you probably did not go in depth about the Worldventures background. You have to research both of positive & negative

    Besides the Worldventures mission is Living in a living.

    What i can tell you are no body are force to join in as dreamtripslife member. If you want more details, please do not hesitate contact me.

    Independent DTL Representative
    Yee Chen Lim

    1. Dear Yee Chen,

      You claimed that I did not go in depth about the background and that I need to research both the negative and positive but offered no counter arguments to any point that I have made above except to ask me to visit a website that points to the main portal of your organization. Trying to land a lucky member perhaps?

    2. Dear Luke Phang, i think that you are misunderstanding what i am trying to tell you. Maybe you have some issue with "Network Marketing".

      Actually i am a Tour Consultant & also as a frequent traveller too.

      I have participated many of trips that organised by Travel Agency & the often things happen are no enough time to go sightseeing slowly, 1 & more shopping stop, no time to explore unless there have free day & bla bla bla......

      What i saw is the benefit of dreamtrips & services that company are providing. What i am sharing are Worldventures are offer wholesales price for high end resort/hotel plus special deal benefit. This is real deal. :-)

      For example, 3D2N Khao Lak Trip in Oct (private return Phuket airport transfer to Khao Lak resort, 2 nite stay in Le Meridien Khao Lak Beach & Spa Resort with daily breakfast (FREE WIFI), full day khao sok tour + elephant trekking + canoe at Sok River, welcome party, 1 lunch + 2 dinner in the resort) which organise by Worldventures are more cheaper than Travel agency offer. Besides i am treat as VIP in the dreamtrips. Maybe you can meet some new friends too. :-)

      So why not i am joinnig this dreamtrips travel club? I can get better deal & the same time can earn residual income too.

    3. yes yes yes some ppl do have issues with network marketing, so why MLM ppl not look for their kind and leave ppl with network marketing issues in peace? My friend joined it and guess what? Nothing in it cheaper than the real deal in real travel agency... She flies a lot within our country and tickets in WV never gives her cheaper price than te real Airline websites.... at first she was still so innocent and excited that it will be refunded in a form of Ravio Bucks she called... but hey, after several accumulation? Her total Ravio bucks in a year can only gave her one trip to a country in SE Asia while on the other hand, if we calculate in Indonesian Rupiah (I live in Indonesia), that Ravio bucks of her can buy 2 - 3 trips in SE Asia.... and her job salary is wayyyyyy higher than WV recruitment fees.... so now she regrets... Not because she feels not making money, but because of wasting time recruiting people while her besties can have fun hanging out more than her, loosing good people in her real life, just because she is too excited making people joining WV.... so I think MLM people should stay with MLM people and recruit each other, so it will not damage good harmony with other kind of people....

    4. Very well written - VW is a mlm which main product is selling as dream to people that they can acquire a good income while holidaying and without working - who won't want that so when you expose this or speak against this, it's like dashing the dreams of those who finally thought they found a way to put their dreams into reality and thus the angry response. All I advise for those in this VW scheme is to use a simple excel sheet and create 2 columns - one of the left is the expenses you made in the VW ventures including joining fee, training fee Travelling expenses, coffee you paid for while trying to convince someone to join. On the right column put in the income you received from VW. Make a 3rd column to record the time you spent on this venture (for opportunity cost analysis later). And if you can get 20 of your VW buddies to do the same. Every 3 months come together and compare your excel sheet - see if you are in the red or actually earning money. If you are how much per year. Do that for the next 3 years (if some of you can still hold on to this membership). I rest my case on the results of these excel sheets tell you. Therefore I challenge you VW members to start doing this. No point arguing - facts cannot be denied

    5. ATTENTION: WorldVentures is being SHUT DOWN and stamped as a Pyramid Scheme in Norway!

      Below is a Google translation of the Norwegian report:

      Published: 24 February 2014

      Pyramid Gaming Board has concluded that the company WorldVentures drives an illegal pyramid in Norway. The company has been given two weeks to discontinue all sales activities in the country.

      World Ventures company membership in a travel club that will provide discounts on vacation residence in the world. Holiday will be sold through the company Rovia.

      Commissions and bonuses

      World Ventures also offers sales representatives. The company's sales representatives receive commissions and bonuses when the company membership. In addition, the commissions of memberships sold by other sales representatives on the level below in a pyramid structure.

      At the end of May 2013 had WorldVentures 3,654 members in Norway. About 95 percent of the members were also sales representatives.

      A review of the case shows that it costs approx . 6,200 Norwegian Kroner to be both sales representative and member first year. Over the next few years cost the same approx . 4,000 Norwegian Kroner respectively. Figures from World Ventures shows that the average was sold for about 500 Norwegian Kroner per membership in 2012.

      Gaming Board concludes that World Venture 's activities in Norway is an illegal pyramid game because revenues almost exclusively come from recruiting members and not the sale of travel residence. The Authority considers therefore activities are a violation of § 16 of the Lottery Act which prohibits creating, conducting, participating in or spreading pyramid game or similar system.

      Tips from the public

      WorldVentures is an American company that has been established in Norway since October 2010.

      Gaming Authority opened the supervision of the World Ventures in 2013. The reason was that the Gaming Board received a number of tips and questions from the audience about the company where among other things, was questioned by signs on the sale of travel was the real source of income of the company.

      World Ventures has received a notice to cease sales activities in the country within two weeks. If not what happens, the Gaming Board decide on suspension injunction.

    6. VISITOR FROM U.S.A.July 16, 2014 at 1:52 AM

      Is WorldVentures a SCAM???
      View WorldVentures’ Lawsuit Documents, Images, Presentations, Complaints, Responses, and more. You Be the Judge.
      Lots of good information here.

    7. SAVE YOUR SOUL AND REPUTATION!!!July 26, 2014 at 10:20 AM

      Luke...God Bless You for alerting people about WorldVentures!!! You have helped disclose a lot of things the company and current representatives do not want people to know. So many people have LOST friends and family relationships because they have become brainwashed by WorldVentures. WorldVentures is very good at trying to make people believe they can become rich and travel the world. I pray that justice will be served about this company.
      Please alert anyone who is thinking about joining WorldVentures to look at every link below. It may save them a lot of heartache and financial loss.

      WorldVentures is an MLM company that needs to be investigated! So many people believe WorldVentures is a SCAM, a cult, a pyramid scheme, damages relationships and brainwashes people. BEWARE OF WORLDVENTURES!!! Do your research!
      Please read ALL of this information about WorldVentures BEFORE you decide to join. This may also help you help someone who is involved in WorldVentures understand what they have gotten themselves into:

      WorldVentures is a SCAM:

      WorldVentures LAWSUITS info and Sales Tactics: Please read!!!

      WorldVentures is NOT the way to travel!

      WorldVentures is a PONZI SCHEME!


      WorldVentures - You Should Be Here - Pyramid Scheme


    8. I totally agree with Luke! I tried making money with WV back in 2009 for 28 days n asked for a membership refund, within the 30 day money back period, to avoid the first monthly fee after I could not convince anyone to sign up. At first, an agent told me I would see the refund in a few days but after a week, I got the runaround, my calls got ignored n I had to get the refund through my bank, took a solid month but my bank came though, WV did not. I am keeping it basic here, there are other issues but, this was the main one, WV tried to keep my money and was dishonest.

    9. People make money off this. This article is absousote crap, talking about a product and culture from the outside. I read half of it which was a waste of my time. With anything if you invest your time into it you will success. WORLD VENTURES is an even playing field, if you fail at it its becaue you didn't put in enough to succeed. Let's look at that before we tarnish people and products from the outside as I have numerous friends making good money off World Ventures who do put in the effort.

    10. Here is a very funny video with an example of how WorldVentures trains it's reps to try and sell the membership during your Holiday get-togethers! It's hysterical....

  2. Hey Luke,

    Thanks for this post. These schemes did strain my friendship, my friends started to get REALLY defensive when I said that this might just be a scam, they said how hard it is to talk to close-minded people like me...
    I myself can't see how I can be living off my friends' hard-work as I have my own conscience.

    Anyway thanks for this awesome post, you gave me more pointers on how to stop my other friends from trying to get them swindled into this. Keep it up!

  3. You did an EXCELLENT job writing this article! As a former WorldVentures Representative, I saw how the company manipulates people and preys on the vulnerable. Most everyone that joins NEVER makes any money and LOSES money on all the training and marketing materials. I quit because I finally realized what a scam it is. Here is another website where you can get some great reviews.

    1. So you use to work for WV? I am a college student and one of my adults friends(she is married, has kids, and what not) got into this program and asked me to join. I was very skeptical at first, but I am still keeping an open mind, because I'm always open to new ideals. I have not signed up yet. I am currently doing research about the company to see if it would be the right fit for me, because 280+ is a lot of money to me to invest in something. This is not the first time someone has came up to me about WV so this time I have decided to do a little research before just flat out saying no to my friend. So a former WV Rep you had your 4 people and still did not make any money? This lady was in my face telling me I would get my money back plus 200 more if I just get my 4 people, and would never have to pay the $35 a month. So you would advise anyone to a former WV Rep?

    2. If any of those 4 people quit, you have to start paying again. There is an enormous drop out rate in WorldVentures. People are always quitting because they realize it's too hard to make any money and they end up losing money on monthly fees and training! Many reps will not tell you how hard it is to even get 1 person to sign up! I know people that have worked extremely hard and many hours to try to sign up people and hardly anyone will sign up. Then, after all their effort, the people who signed up quit because they realize it is not worth their time.
      The negative reviews on the internet have a lot of truth to them! Here is another blog from Singapore you can read:

    3. How did you quit from WV? By email and going to end the giro payment? Going to quit soon after less than one month. Cos can't afford the time and $.

  4. Clearly you're missing out on a big picture here. If MLM is so bad, why are so many people going back to it and why are there regular people getting success through it?

    It's a business concept that offers a low start-up cost and products and services so that you have a platform for you to leverage on. Yes, I agree with 90% of what you said, and I dont trust World Ventures either, but dont lump all MLM companies as illegal, cause that is pure ignorance. It's the people that represent the business that tarnishes it, not the concept itself (unless its a clear ponzi scheme).

    If you do have a passion to start your own business, dont let such manipulative companies affect you. There are honesty a few MLM companies in Singapore with the purpose of revolutionising the industry. I do feel sorry about your experience with WV and hope you try to have a positive outlook in other aspects in life.

    1. To quote you, "If MLM is so bad, why are so many people going back to it and why are there regular people getting success through it?"

      If drugs is so bad, if smoking is so bad and if fast food is so bad, why do people still go back to it? Heck even cults are celebrated by some. Clearly how bad something is doesn't necessarily translate to how much people like it. Your logic of argument here is flawed.

      Secondly, define regular. I don't deny that there are successful people from MLM out there, what is the percentage of them? What is the probability of success. 10% and 0.0001% makes a whole load of difference, mind you. Unless you can show me numbers, "regular people" getting success is just up to everyone's interpretation. Furthermore, out of all the regular people who are successful, how did they achieve their success? If their success involves having hundreds of their downlines paying money to them, I consider that cheating, not success.

      And no worries, if you read my other posts, I do advocate having a positive outlook in life. It's only with MLM I have problems with. Cheers mate

    2. I think there is another problem when we try to put a "success rate" to it. It matters not if the success rate is 10%, 0.0001% or even 90% (mathematically impossible) for all I care. The fact is everyone is roped into the program with promise of success and hence the basic motivation fails to materialize.

      Assuming the system is ran smoothly (i.e. everyone who is roped in to the scheme meets the minimum requirement of recruiting 4 members)

      This means with the current world population of 7 billion, at the penultimate level there will be some 1.4 billion people trying to recruit 5.6 billion people (ration of 1 : 4).

      If the dream was sold successfully and the 5.6 billion people were recruited, this meant that 5.6 billion people were conned as there will be nobody left on earth to recruit.

      Assuming the 5.6 billion people are rational people and saw the fallacy to the calculation and decided not to join, that would mean the 1.4 billion were conned by their upline when they failed to recruit any of the 5.6 billion into their scheme.

      Assuming the 1.4 billion are logical as well and saw the problem of the 5.6 billion not joining. They would not join the scheme and resulted in 350 million people not meeting the requirement (meaning that they have been conned by their respective 87.5 million uplines)

      and on....

      and on....

      and on...

      Take note that the above scenario is based on the ideal dream that MLM tries to sell and look where it leads...

      FYI; I have never joined any MLM in my life before and was often called out on this fact by MLMers when I discuss with them the stupidity of their schemes.

      To which I reply, I dun have to eat shit to know that it stinks

    3. That is a very apt response and a very valid point indeed :)

  5. They are brainwash, try going against them. They will reply the same thing, we are not looking for someone who think bad in World Venture or its hard to get thru to someone who is close minded. They had seminars, All of them have the same enthusiasm in them, that same glee in their eyes to promote. It is scary.

    They push you make you come to look at presentation.
    i do wonder if my friend actually made money, shameful to ask
    after he change job, and quit world venture.
    He never talk about this at all.

  6. Many people have to lose money in order for the few to make money in Worldventures, that's how it works.
    It is not possible for everyone to be making money at the same time because of the structure. I don't know why people can't see it...I think they are too blinded by the few people who keep waving their pay cheques.

  7. I keep reading negative comment after negative comment about World Ventures but still fail to see why so many people are against it. Maybe they don't understand the system. Maybe by being a real estate agent, I can see things from a different perspective.

    I have been in real estate since April 2010. When I came on board, nobody guaranteed me a hint of success. It was hard work. Being new then, it took me a very long time to close even the smallest deal. But guess what? For every dollar I brought in, I had to give up 30 cents to my upline! While I was slogging under the hot sun being scolded in the face by unreasonable customers, my managers and agency bosses were sitting in the comfort of their offices watching money roll in. And the more I worked, the richer they got. Now is this fair or what? And that's not all. I was expected to give out my agency business cards and advertise with the agency logo. Who on earth would be so stupid as to spend his own money and paste someone else's company’s logo beside his name? Me, and thousands of other agents, thank you. Now you tell me, how are the above two things (system and marketing) different between a real estate agency and World Ventures?

    Did I complain? Yes I did. Did I give up? No I did not. I persevered. Three and a half years later, I am now recognised as the expert in my field (industrial real estate). Residential agents come to me for advice on industrial properties. Property owners request me to market their units. Investors ask me to source for their desired properties. My phone rings non-stop each day and I have more leads than I can handle. Just yesterday, one agent from another agency came to join me. Yes, I am starting to form my team and my passive income stream is starting to flow. And it doesn't stop there. I will recruit more agents and my passive income stream will become stronger and more powerful. And when each of my downlines builds his/her own team, I will enjoy massive income coming in without working that much more. Soon I will be that manager who used to sit in the aircon office counting his money.

    Can you see that in both World Ventures and a real estate agency, we are talking about building a SYSTEM? We start off at the lowest rung, but over time, we build a SYSTEM that leverages others' time, effort and money, so that we work less and earn more. Of course, the system must be a win-win situation. Both parties earn, not one party earning at the expense of another party. Even in a non-MLM organisation, say an airline or a law firm or a trading company, the founder builds a system whereby he employs staff and they work for him for a salary. But at the end of the day, who gets to enjoy the highest income and enjoy a better quality of life? The founder!

    The detractors who are against World Ventures are probably not suited to be in business. They might find more comfort in being an employee earning a fixed salary every month. Or the entrepreneurial types may prefer to set up their own companies and create their own systems. Nothing wrong with that. But bear in mind that it's never easy to set up a brand new company. I always advise new entrepreneurs: Get some experience by joining an existing agency as an associate first. Learn about marketing, sales, admin, logistics, etc. Only after you have mastered the system will you be ready to create your own. Yes, you may sacrifice a portion of your time, energy, and resources for a start, but keep at it, and eventually, success will be yours.

    And since we're on this, I shall let you in on a secret. I will be setting up my own real estate agency next year. Four years are about sufficient for me to gain experience and I feel I'm ready to strike out on my own. World Ventures to me is sort of where I started in real estate three and a half years back. I'm just putting myself in a new system and learning the ropes (and enduring the inconveniences). Who knows, in three and a half years' time, I may come up with my own travel network marketing company?

    1. Yes good for you then. Go do World Ventures then. Start as a downline. Then you tell me whether the two systems are the same

    2. That's why.. Luke Phang.. you stay as Low-level people.. while Rich getting richer.. and you.. poor dude.. will keep working for others for LIFE!

    3. Hey Anonymous, why don't you use your real identity and show us how rich you are, instead of hiding behind a keyboard and calling others "low-level"? Heck, I don't even know what "low-level" means. Clearly, your only life goal is money? That's sad, isn't it?

      Not that I want to be judgmental about other people's life goals, but you were the one who started by calling other "low-level" based on your own perception of success.

    4. I love your post Luke Phang. I am from South Africa and had been called for a marketing meeting for business yesterday and when I went there it was this dumbass World Ventures nonsense.

      @Xian Yong Lin - wow I also heard this exact line about getting richer and why the rich get richer and others remain poor or mediocre for not taking these risks and opportunities. It is all garbage to tempt people because obviously people are driven by the thought of getting rich through this. Yes some people but a very very very few might succeed like the 19 year old here in South Africa who has the BMW and making it successful so you get told if a 19 year old can do it then why cant u cos u r obviously older, wiser, smarter, experienced, etc. LOL!

    5. Excellent post couldn't agree more . Evil, manipulators, hard to understand why a man like Anthony Robbins could endorse this rubbish.

  8. Watch out...they are officially going to con Malaysians, WV just opened business for Malaysia yesterday!

    1. Already blow in Malaysia and this virus starting spreading out.

    2. yes but in Malaysia they use the company F6 Global and talk less about worldventures....recently my colleague got his upline to meet up with me ... yes i went and i had a shock that they knew nothing about F6 Global and its all about world ventures........ i saw the compensation plan and its damn easy than the one i saw in F6 Global .......... Back in Malaysia we are not rich to straightaway sign up ................. after reading all this im having doubts abt signing up in Singapore

  9. I always dont understand why ppl in this century still can easily being pull in MLM game. thanks for the post. i always know i am correct to reject all MLM things like amway, world venture, score A..

  10. Hi, great posts and sharing. Luke, you mentioned about statistics. Here you go:

    Look at the percent of people actually earning big bucks
    I have just finished a presentation where someone is trying to RECRUIT me. Get a life.

    1. Err so what's the point you're trying to make? From the link itself, it said that "27.7% of all Independent Representatives (“IRs”)earned a commission or override, while 72.3% did not. The average annual commission or override earnings of allIRs, including those who did not earn a commission or override, was $344.28. he average annual commission or override earnings of that group of IRs who earned a commission or override was $1,013.35, and the median was $100.00"

      So from how I see it, more than 70% of the people are not making money (and could be losing money at the same time because they're paying monthly fees). The 27% that make money, however, earns about an average 100 per month. And that is the gross income, not including any fees related to training or whatsoever, so no matter how I count, WV cannot be made into a pure profits thing.

      So what is it again you're trying to say?

  11. Mr Luke...A great salute to U!! Very good analyst!!

  12. Hi Luke

    Thanks a lot for writting this, I got sick and tired getting a good friend of mine terrorizing me and trapping me in a corner just to force me joining this worldventures thingy. I hate to see that lots of these MLM things ruin such a good friendship here and there. Why on earth forcing good friends to listen and join for the sake of money???? I don't care if MLM is good or not for some people, but to me I am not into it at all, I like real things in hand without approaching people to join what I do, I am the one and only, I will create new things and I don't like people do the same and that is how different people are... I just don't get it when some people in MLM think everybody is the same... Thanks for writting this... If they are true enterpreneurs, they will not immitate one or two ideas in the name of a group and follow, they will create their own and soar high...

    1. Then your friend was doing it wrong. I've had great success by just showing the video and letting them decide. I've made all my money back, and taken a dream trip. Saved some money booking off my site. Also buying stuff off our dream trips mall, online purchases I would have made anyway. I get cash back on all my purchases. Goes into my piggy bank as travel dollars I can use towards my next trip. I guess the guy writing this blog "did his research". Really? All I see are wikipedia links and other blogs as sources. When I was in college my professor wouldn't accept any of those as sources.Neither should you.

      Source local ABC affiliate talking about WV:
      Source BBB (B- rating):

      Do your own research peoople, don't believe what some blog post says. And don't just believe the hype from WV, make your own decision. It's not for everyone, and is why many quit because they can't do it, or believe they can't.

    2. I love it when people say I don't do my research but then they don't do theirs. From the website itself that you presented:

      "WorldVentures promotes membership of discount vacation clubs and sales of travel services through multi-level marketing. Individuals that pay a business opportunity fee to sell WorldVentures' products or services are called "independent representatives."

      According to the business's 2014 Annual Income Disclosure Statement, 77.51% of WorldVentures' independent representatives did not earn a commission or override between October 2012 and September 2013. Of the 22.49% of independent representatives that did earn a commission or override, the median earned was $40.

      - See more at:"

      Three words for you: DO THE MATH

    3. And in case you cannot compute, more than 90% of the people doing WV earned less than 40$ from the whole thing. What kind of "business" fails this badly, with more than 90% no return rates? A business that rips you off, that's what

  13. Great post! Few days ago I was introduced to this and I was a bit skeptic about WV so told them that I need my time to consider about the opportunity. And tonight I supposed to meet them again with my BF (cause they wanted to show everything again to my BF), but I just felt something isn't right this morning and messaged the Rep to call off tonight's meeting. Then the Rep started to make me feeling guilty by telling me he had rearranged his daily schedule for this meeting bla bla bla.. I knew I made the right decision after I read your post, thanks mate! :)

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. This has cost my wife and I a good friendship. They hounded us for about a year, and I was only interested in the vacation portion, but they came in weilding all the presentation stuff for the business side anyway. We ended up falling for it because we trusted them, as our best friends. We weren't told that we had to host parties and if someone cancelled, then we had to start paying again. They posted pics on facebook standing next to a BMW that they said they just bought, but after inquiring, it was just thier way of "marketing." So they didnt actually buy it, then last week I told them I was out and wanted my money back, and he sends me a pick of the BMW in his garage saying that he actually bought it purely with money made off WV. I didnt respond and instead drove over to his house and guess what.... no car, he lied. I demanded to know how this came between us and how he could put our friendship in jepardy, and I got a shrug and the classic WV response of not putting any effort in. I had a hard time asking any friends to join up due to this very issue of potentially losing friendships. This is only for selfish a$$holes wanting to suck money from others in a pathetic attempt to get rich. I cannot wait until the day comes, and it will, when WV officially caves in.

  16. I landed on this blog post and just thought I'd add a little something. Now I'm not a fan of the way many people invite to see a business/membership/juice or whatever. It is deceptive and it isn't appropriate. With that said - anyone marketing a business as get rich quick is not a skilled network marketing professional. It does take work - time - like any business (too many treat it as a hobby and do it wrong - poorly trained). It takes growth as a person - if you have a middle class mindset where you see mostly lack in life you will have a hard time. Network Marketing is a course taught in many business schools as a legitimate business model for entrepreneurs. There are some unscrupulous distributors in any business and some seem to have been taken advantage by less than credible people. Network marketing is not a scam - that which you describe is illegal. The company itself - which I am in - I am not a big money earner but I have researched network marketing and I have to say it is clear this post reflects someone who has not done research beyond just the agenda that these are scams, pyramids, etc. Heard it all before - then out of the woodwork comes the horror stories. In sales - in network marketing - we are here to offer help or a solution to someone - not a get rich quick. WorldVentures won't be caving anytime soon but a lot of people are going to be laid off from their 8-5 jobs and quite a few small business owners are going to be looking for ways to leverage their time and build residual income. That is what Network Marketing is - not the scary monster many believe. One always wants to do thorough research and honestly wikipedia and google isn't the best resource for anything these days.

  17. Hi Luke Phang, despite reading all comments,
    Here's what I can sum up about you and your perception towards Network Marketing.

    1st of all, You DO NOT know anything about the Real-World Biz. Networking like someone said, its to offer help or solution to someone. I'm lazy to say out what i'm feeling right now.. so yea..

    2nd, Born at 1990 and With such Small experiences, you dare to judge Business module with your "Who are You" profile? That's WHY you stay as NOBODY. There are people making millions and millions of dollars by Thier effort to persue higher dreams and goals.

    I'm sorry for those whom did not make money, but this is their fault. They're Not working Hard enough! There are more to be say...

    3rdly, If you do not like network marketing, PLEASE GROW UP. Your world Depends on it.

    Here's a fact:
    1) Stay at the same working 9am - 5pm job and earn small peanut salary. Let me guess? You love this type don't cha? Stay this way.
    2) Get out there and do something bigger. Dream Big.

    We're only offering solutions or choices to help. Every business have risk.

    1. Hey, u need to grow up. U r very presumptuous. I like how Luke presents his view. He did not whitewash the whole network marketing thing. He did mention Amway with products people use everyday. WV is not for everybody. But seriously, I signed up for it but decided against it upon some evaluation. (good thing too I had not paid)

    2. Ageist? What century now? 1990s born people cannot be a lead? How did you know the author not intelligence than you? And don't easily judge people when you don't even knew him.

  18. I would think Luke is only offering his Views on WV. So it all up to the reader to decide. I was attending the briefing yesterday, and that is why i am here reading. WV has presented many good points with example, likewise a reader here also presented her friend's example, which her friend felt cheated.

    So I would say join a company when you believe in it.

    some poeople will be able to flow with the system and get rich. but do bear in mind, do not hurt people along the way. if a friend wants out of the system, HELP. that is why it is called a friend.

    1. They can't help, cause if they do, they start paying . It's a vicious cycle , life is a bitch

  19. Hey Mate,

    I am currently in 2 other MLM's (which are doing rather well I might add) and am a senior level manager in the advertising industry so here's my two cents about your post.

    I do think that you are to inexperienced to be making such judgemental statements and comments having minimal to no professional work experience under your belt. Yes, your a blogger with an opinion and have won a couple of things here and there but your arrogance is to much.

    MLM' have to understand that every person in it or being recruited has a brain and makes decisions for themselves, if they join, it's on them. It is a person's ultimate decision to sign-up and go for these training courses OR to decline the "opportunity".

    You can't blame a salesperson for selling the same as you can't blame someone for buying something, that's the essence of marketing in general (what do marketers do? INFLUENCE consumer decisions...right?)

    The reason why there is such a low success rate in MLM's is because people select stability over risks. Think about it, a job with a stable income so you don't have to worry, against an opportunity which COULD make you enough money to retire. Tell me how many people would take the latter? Probably 1 - 2%?

    The same statistics are found in MLM's. 99% of people that enter, fail. WHY? because they have a preset mind where stability overrules risks. Everyone wants to be in their comfort zones, the ones who decide to take the leap, reaps the rewards (the 1%). Do you really think every CEO in the world hasn't made bad decisions or taken leaps of faith to get to where they are? hell I bet 99% of them stepped over people to get up there, they are the 1% in the corporate world.

    Society tends to FOLLOW the majority, hence, negative feedback arises, jealousy, rage and frustration kicks in and all MLM's get bashed by the unachievable dream they sold to everyone. the opportunities are there for the taking, just because your not the 1% doesn't mean it's a scam.

    The same goes with corporations, the majority of people in it are just workers and will never see the light of upper management or CEO roles.

    Everything in life has risks. It's a matter of how far we want to push ourselves.

    Heres an example:

    Recruiting 30 people into WV to make it in your MLM.
    Recruiting 30 people into WV to save you mum or dad.

    Extreme, yes, but they both are the same tasks, it's all about perspective.

    Cheers Mate.

    1. Hi "senior level manager in the advertising industry", thanks for starting your argument by doubting the blogger's credibility and experience. However, to everyone reading your comment, you are just a keyboard warrior who is using an anonymous identity to comment. It doesn't help your case of credibility and experience, doesn't it? ;-)

    2. So many MLM want to cheat people........
      the true is that, the MLM cheat people money to get rich.......then they claim that the bottom line, why don;t you hard work to cheat more people.......then you can get rich as mine.........the world is sick with those MLM is very wrong and not moral in your mind set......Please back to human begin......think deeply what you actually do......i believe you all are aware what you actually doing.

  20. Got to know a woman from Tagged. She met me at YMCA. Before she met me she misled me into thinking we are meeting for a romp. When I met her there I realize she wanted to sell me this travel club membership. Waste of time.

  21. Most people lose money in Worldventures. Enough said.

    When one country runs out of people to con, they run to neighbor countries to con.

    After finish conning Europe, they now con Asians. At least in Europe we have welfare benefits Worldventures can con us out of. Good luck to all of you here! I was told that Thailand, Taiwan and Philippines will catch up on this quickly. And I also heard that Singaporeans and Indonesians are the hardest people to con.

    If you attend a worldventures seminar given by a foreigner, the only reason he travelled to give this seminar is because his country people has finished hearing about worldventures, people are not joining anymore.

  22. You are right, Singapore side recruitment is very slow. Our leaders keep selling us the idea we will do very well if we choose to recruit in Malaysia. But because Malaysia is so big, they decided to sell tickets for every seminar presentation held there. It's not attractive to me. For every person I invite I have to pay an amount. When I joined they only told me I just have to invite 4 and pay no more, and I can enjoy holidays. In the end I find myself working very hard with little results in Worldventures, and worse still, spend a lot of money!!!!

  23. Please allow me to school the world about what a Pyramid Scheme is ....
    I work in the corporate world and any Job where someone can dictate how much your worth is a Pyramid Scheme. Let me explain.... Level 1, Sales, Level 2, Assistant Manager, Level 3 Store Manager, Level 4 District Manager, Level 5 Area Manager, Level 6 Regional Manger, Level 7 Market Manager, Level 8 Market Vice President, Level 9 Market President.... now other companies with have other names for these positions but nevertheless a big corporation will have these all over the country and if you place them on paper they are in a Pyramid Platform and the Guy at the top level will dictate how much you make...

    Now we as people have hardly have any ambition and those with ambition are frown upon .... I work in the Corporate world and I also know 3 people from Primerica, Herbal Life and Mary Kay ... all of which make over 500k a year are part of a MLM... but their incomes are dictated by themselves... The Truth is , that most people fail at making money on their own because simply can't .... nothing to do with intelligence but simply can't ... or quit...

    now.... EVERY corporation is a pyramid... no matter what you think ... or believe ... it doesn't matter... It is the truth and we in Corporate world know this... Example.... the CEO of AT&T makes 27 million a Year and has at least 9 people that report to him that make 10 million... But the sales rep average income is about 45,000 a year give a take a little...

    Now explain to me how a one can make 27 million a yr, and the ones that sell everything aren't making all the profit of what they sell..? And we defend the pyramid and bad mouth the business owner of a MLM... its because we are Jealous and that's the real truth.

    Now for me ... im not a network marketer... and yes from what i have seen personally from the these high earners at Primerica, Herbal Life, and Mary Kay.. all of which are traded on the stock market heavily ... have the same thing in common... They Laugh when they hear people who dare say Pyramid Scheme... and like clock work... they all said .... I bet all those people will go to work tomorrow and I won't be.

    Now that we have this straight.... from someone in the corporate world.... If you have a job... welcome to the pyramid..

    If you can manage to Network Market and get it going ... Then welcome the world of Freedom....

    We can talk, write, be haters, until we are all blue in the face...

    But one last truth.... when you purchased your car purchased it from a MLM... that agency started with recruiting agents to sell more business in turn makes a override commission on the writing agent....believe me... my cousins friend is a his own agency and he says every christmas. MLM are everywhere and you don't even realize it.

    I don't I'm ready to make that step just yet.... but I'm working up to it

  24. This 'every corporation is a pyramid' is a dumbass theory MLMs sell to dumbos.

    Corporations didn't twist my arm to pay monthly fees or keep a warehouse of stock at home to sell them away. Corporations buy group insurance for employees, MLMs don't. Corporations pay everyone, MLMs take money from everyone and pay the few. Corporations actually give you a time frame or scope to work on, MLMs make you feel like you have to work anytime you meet a person, even if its a holiday. Corporations pay for your enrichment seminars, MLMs sell you seminars to put more cash in their pocket.

    Honestly don't know why people still so dumbass to buy in this 'corporation is a pyramid' theory. Copy and paste everywhere somemore, typical behavior of a person who doesn't use brain.

    1. I had to break this into 2 parts as I have exceeded 4096 characters.

      Part 1:

      First of all, I am not in WorldVentures and I would never be part of them.

      I think we need to clarify the difference between being an employee for a company, and being a distributor for an MLM company. The reason why McDonald's pays you according to the hours you work is because you are an EMPLOYEE, you WORK FOR them. You are required to show up at work everyday, say from 8am to 5pm, it is in your employment contract, otherwise you won't get paid at the end of the month.

      So why people expect the same thing from MLM company? Because they thought they are working for MLM company, that they are their employee. But this is not true. You don't WORK FOR them, you WORK WITH them. You are a distributor, what MLM company offers you is NOT A JOB, but a distributorship, an opportunity to have your own business.

      When you walk into an MLM company you see people sitting behind counters, greeting you, processing your order, packing your purchases. THOSE are the real people who WORK FOR MLM company. They ARE employed by the MLM company, they are their STAFF. So yes, they are required to show up everyday at work, otherwise they won't get paid at the end of the month.

      If you become a distributor for an MLM company, do you have to show up at work everyday? Will anyone from the company call you if you don't show up? Will anyone call you if you didn't sell anything in a month? Is there a sale target that you need to hit otherwise your distributorship will be terminated? Will your distributorship be terminated if you fail to find any downlines?

      If the answer is NO, why? Because this is NOT a job, this is a BUSINESS. Your own business. You are the one to decide how fast or how slow you want to build it. The MLM company doesn't give a damn even if you decide to sleep at home everyday and not doing any selling/sponsoring, because you are not their staff, you have no one to answer to but yourself.

      Who decides your income? If you treat this as a job then you'll find it unreasonable that your net income should be zero or even negative. But it is not a job, it is a business. Your income is only zero or negative because you are not doing anything building your business, and you still expect to get paid, funny, isn't it?

      So why should you pay for any workshop? Why shouldn't it be free? IF, you work for an MLM company, say you are their customer service executive, your job is to handle inquiries from distributors, and there is a workshop on "How to answer an inquiry phone call professionally" that you have to attend, should it be free? YES, it should be free, because you are their STAFF, you WORK FOR them, they SHOULD give you this training for FREE.

      But then, you forget that you are not their EMPLOYEE, you are a distributor, so you start to complain, "Oh why isn't this workshop for free?". If you want to start a bakery and you are attending a baking workshop, should it be free? If you want to become a makeup artist and you sign up for a makeup workshop, should it be free? NO, they are not for free, and you pay the fees willingly, because you understand this is a BUSINESS, your own business.

      But when it comes to MLM people start to forget that this is a BUSINESS, so they expect everything to be FREE, and start blaming the company when they are not making money after just 1 month, 2 months, or 3 months, because they expect to get paid at the end of every month just like they would in the company where they are employed.

    2. Part 2:

      So why do people tend to forget that this is a business? Because the starting cost is low, sometimes less than $100, so low that people don't treat it seriously, or treat it as a BUSINESS. How much capital would you need if you are opening a bakery? 30K? 50K? Maybe not. And how long will it take for you to start making profit? Or even to recoup the money you invest? Would you break even in the 1st month? 2nd month? In six months? In a year? I don't know. But probably not in the first few months. So am I right to say that when you first start out, your net profit is negative? But you are fine with that. Why? Because you understand that this is a BUSINESS, and in business it takes time and effort before you start making profit. And you even understand that there is a chance your business won't work and you might have to suffer losses.

      Somehow when it comes to MLM, people don't realise this is a business. They become impatient, they expect to see money fast, they expect to make lots of money in short time, and if they don't, they conclude that the business won't work.

      I honestly don't know anyone who is keeping a warehouse of stock to sell them away, whoever is doing that obviously is doing it the wrong way. Of course corporations pays everyone, they are paying their STAFF, it is called SALARY. MLM companies also pay salary to everyone of their STAFF, and pay bonuses to their distributors who are generating sales, if you are not generating sales, why should you receive any money?

      If the idea of success is to find downlines and get them to pay a sum of money for you and work their asses off to find other members, it sounds like this MLM company is not legitimate and you make money solely from sponsoring people. Then please leave that company immediately. A legitimate MLM company should pay bonuses to their distributors solely based on sales, not the number of people you sponsor. And if your downlines work their asses off more than you did, they should earn more money than you do.

      I have seen many examples of downlines making more money than their uplines, entitled to enjoy all-expense-covered incentive trip flying business class and even first class, while their uplines don't even qualify for the trip. Why? Because their compensation plan is a fair business model, Whoever spends more time and effort building the business earns more, regardless of your join date, simple as that.

      Again, I am not in WorldVentures and I would never be part of them.

  25. Hi guys, amazing insights, exactly the answer what i am looking for right here right now. I've signed up because of 2 good friends, I've struggled but decided to give it a go, bad decision, I felt ashamed to approach my friends and close ones and ended up paying 2 months of fees now, and after going thru this blog, I've decided to quit, to cut loses.

    I guess MLM is not for anybody, I am on advertising sales for 10 years and what i see the main different in joining MLM and joining a company or a industry is 'learning a industry and building solid business relationship in a company local or corporate" proofed more gains & substance comparing to MLM, the success of MLM lies on mainly :
    - How thick Skin u are
    - how desperate u are

    If you are not in a situation of too desperate for money, you probably won;t be so thick skin!
    Anyway, i am out, whoever just about to step in think twice, i should have use the membership money paid to WV to buy 4D, easier & no hassle, equal chance.

    1. Hi, I have exactly the same experience. I joined 2 months ago because of friendship. I started out by discreetly telling my friend that it's a scam. Then I realized how brainwashed she has become and kind of scary like how a cult will behave. Knowing that if I persist with a no, it will ruin our friendship so I take it as paying a few hundred dollars just to make peace and keep the friendship going.

      Oh dear, I didn't know that it's just not enough for WV group of people, this group of people want more of you and probably all your contacts you have in your life time to scam if possible. I am ok to lose that few hundred bucks but I am not ok to do it to the rest of my dear friends. Hence, I have cancelled the WV membership. Lesson learned: Do not think that it's just a few hundred bucks, time and effort that this group of people want from you and that you can buy peace by spending a few hundred bucks to pacify them. They are all out to suck you dry if they could. Protect yourself and others. Don't be afraid of losing a friend because either way they will still write you off as bad debts and ruin the friendship if you are not willing to compromise. Given a choice again, I would rather end the friendship than to lose both the friendship and the money. Tragic!

  26. Good writing! Firstly I would like to say that a pyramid scheme is only illegal if it involved only compensation of recruiting. WV is not.

    Secondly, Gurmit Singh was not just used as a model or endorsement. He is really into the business with his own downlines and downlines' downlines.

    Thirdly, I am not speaking up totally for WV. I share with you what my wife's friend shared with her (I will copy and paste, you just figure out yourself):

    "He disallowed my mum the pleasure and convenience of travelling to visit our kin in Kuala Lumpur. My mum wanted to go by train and taxi. No steep stairs in bus coaches, no need to queue up to use the only toilet available. No bus crimes.

    He said taxi is expensive. He also said: Is mum going to squat by the taxi to pee?

    It was a sentence that would have made her really really angry so I kept this from her and only told her he complained that the taxi in KL is expensive.

    She said Forget It.

    The next day he approached our mum and told her to take a plane. Mum said: After plane, still need to take taxi, right? And any way, plane is more expensive than trains! I wouldn't fly any where with you!

    You would think that the matter is dropped, right? The next day, he texted me again about persuading our mother to fly to K.L.

    Mum said: "If he is doing it in the hope that our kin in Malaysia is brainwashed to join his World Venture's business opportunity, he can forget about it.

    Has he in the last 18 years before Nuskin and World Venture's visited our relatives there even once? He always visit them empty-handed. A man of his status and especially when he was still married should be giving ppl red packets during Chinese New Year but instead his single cousins give him red packets. He does not find himself a disgrace!

    Tell him I want to go to XXXX he pays for the airfare, then I will go."

    I did not tell my brother everything that mum had said but I told him to pay for our airfare tickets to _______ . He replied: All these years mum save money for me and now she wants to squeeze me although I am earning 49% lesser???

    Me: "Don't want to go, say don't want lo. She helped you to save money, of course now must enjoy the savings mah! (Why you so stingy leh?)

    Mum say our side here pay for your extra hotel room for 4 days, food and tours. And you say she is squeezing you? ?? Don't worry, she said she will buy 3 to 5 airfare tickets through your World Venture's website. You are welcome!"

    What I did not text him (mum's complaints):
    "You paid these for Indonesian 'gf' and she is not squeezing you:
    1. Beauty spa package
    2. Vitamin supplements
    3. Skin cream (I guess her skin must be very rough she needs it.)
    4. Sent her cash after CDC approved your financial assistance.
    5. Laptop for her

    But even a year of WanBao newspaper subscription for mum that cost less than $30 you have also ignored."

    This is just ONE W.V. rep. Attitude towards family sucks. Indonesian "gf" of 2 years is more trustworthy than family!! After struggling to do W.V for 1.5 years, he is not any where near his $$$$ goals.

    You want to give W.V. reps like that your business? I actually pity this rep's sister. She has been helping her brother on and off to promote W.V. Sometimes she tells my wife she just feels like giving up.

  27. I read another blog also review on worldventures. I saw my ex tutor talked about in comments. I am shocked from tuition she downgrade to join MLM. I'm more shocked she has to shell out more money than what worldventures pay her. Competition for tuition is getting too strong until she have to do MLM, I feel sad for her. However I am happy she is not close to me, other wise she will call me join worldventure. I think MLM members feel embarrass to leave when not making money, because they tell their friends this is good. When they leave, people will know it is not as good as they say. They feel shameful. Maybe that is what happen to her.

  28. BET DENNIS BAY did not tell W.V. reps this! This is what happened just recently!

    Recently on 17th Nov 2013, an Indonesian woman was asked at SG's duty-free cashier and later by the airport customs' officer: AREN'T YOU SUPPOSED to fly on 7th?

    She could not fly back....

    What actually happened was, a particular staff of a travel agent in India - the travel agency is a vendor of the World Venture - was bribed by an Indian National who wanted to delay his departure from Singapore, from 7th to 17th.

    The travel agency staff in India, somehow deleted the woman's Singaporean boyfriend's credit card details and got that Indian National a seat on the same plane she was supposed to board on the 17th. It was this way that their tickets and seats, were SWITCHED. The Indian National was able to board the plane and the Indonesian woman was not able to board the plane.

    The woman's boyfriend - a W.V. rep who has worked in the business opportunity for more than one year and not earning any comm yet - is waiting to have his airfare and taxi fare compensated. The woman technically can fly back any time, but she has no $ (pending boyfriend to cough some up I guess).

    Yesterday (18th), that woman told her bf's mother that the immigration officer was angry and asked her to leave SG immediately. If she did not overstay, why would she need to visit Immigration dept?

    The old lady was so scared she insisted that Indonesian woman sit with her at the coffee shop, she was very scared she overstayed.

    The woman refused. The old lady was so angry with them both and insisted her daughter accompanied her to visit her friend. She said in case she gets arrested, they won't be around.

    So, it remains a fact that World Venture's Airflight and Hotel Booking Website is Opened to Abuse. It has recently happened. We shall see how W.V. handles this. At this point, my friend's friend told me that the WV rep did not report to police, waiting for W.V to approve whether he can report police.

    This sort of thing also must seek permission to report police? I almost fainted!

  29. You will love this, Luke:

  30. Hey shit head why did you posted this blog? Just to to log in everyday and to read your own opinion ?
    You want people (customers) to read your blog, meaning millage(money) or whatever. Don't you think that you are leveraging (MLM) on others. Ronaldo, Beckham and Messi didn't become famous after their first kick on your ass ( I mean the ball), they struggle for many yrs to get to where they are now.
    MLM !!! every thing around you is MLM, Directors,Chairman,CEO,MD,GM, Supervisor, clerk and cleaner to run a corporate. Hospital, Insurance, Real Estate and Government all are MLM. All the above need to recruit the customers or people to survive. If customers stop going to MacDonald, the staff can't be paid, if the staff stop working the franchise don't make money, if the franchise stop then no MacDonald. Keep your shit opinion to yourself and don't recruit customers for millage. Stop leveraging then you can stop MLM. Every ass hole on your blog trying to leverage on someones balls. This is my leveraging opinion. Happy morning

    1. Maybe you need to read this
      Macdonald still need to paid to the staff as long as their come to work even no sales at all.
      Staff does not received any commission no matter sales is good or bad. AMD suffer loss yet they still pay the staff.

      How about MLM? MLM create spending rather than earning. Bottom of the MLM earn negative income and bottom of a corporate earn positive income.

      I hate MLM people call themselves "Entrepreneur" which i found they just a sales person for a MLM company with purely commission income.

  31. Good article! *thumbs up*

  32. Dear blogger, this was a very good and thought - provoking piece! I have had a similar experience like you with this company where my friend approached me and introduced me to one of the high - up officials there.There was a constant seed of doubt in my mind and I was a bit frustrated that I didn't have the money and my parents would not support this. HOWEVER, in retrospect, I think it was a good call because as much as I like to travel, I don't think it's worth it to keep paying monthly fees as I am going to college soon and won't have the time for this. Whilst I've read the views of others who don't agree with what you said, I must say that I am on the same boat with you with regards to this matter.. Although WV may have its benefits and looks appealing, I guess I just don't like going along with such schemes.. This is my view. Thank you and have a great day!

    1. Gd morning Darren Darren it's your own choice, no one had and should pressured anybody into joining something that they're not comfortable with.
      Since you are young and analytical, check out this analysis. ......... you spend 20yrs going to schools getting certificate after certificate, paying school fees, tuition fees, transportation and so on so forth now maybe you are intelligent you could overcome the fear of examination, scoring high marks but what is the % of ppl out there are like you.
      Now after finishing collecting are the required certificates you goes into the corporate world to work, can anybody here promised that in metter of times you will reach the highest level, eecovering what you have invested. Do you think you need to spent another 20 - 30 yrs climbing that ladder. God's grace if you emerged out in the top, again how many can be like you ? Now you are in your retirement age, pls ask yourself this, will you be poor or comfortable enough.
      Others will want to try to strike out may be naived not as intelligent as you but give them a chance to sought the answer themselves..... WHY! Must you involved in giving them all the negatives. If you who Nick Vujiici is, now agsin ask yourself do you want to throw the negatives at him OR you will encourage him to strike on. Another example if LKY were to accept all negatives when he decided to step onto the political platform to become our PM will he succeed and be recognised by the other world leaders. Can Singapore be known by other citizens?
      If mlm gives you a negative feelings of a direct selling company under Multi Level Management why can you be on the positive side and turn mlm into a positive phrase. ..... Making Life Memorable.
      Maybe someone out there may have used the wrong tactics you can't be so ignorant to accept it, right.
      If again ppl out theee tells you that any new member can't make enough monies and be successful, I personally ask this question. .... How long did romans take to built Rome..... 1 day or 1decade or 1 century. So never declared yourself a Loser that fast. A war can never be won by One general, it's alway by an Army of soldiers.
      Should not take a personal grudge against WV in particular there are other mlm company out there too..... some are expensive to join, some are i would nit use the word Cheap, yo join. So give everybody s chance especially those who have not make it anywhere. Do not pour cold water and dampen their spirit !! Be cooooooool Darren, Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

  33. My name is William a new member of WV, managed to recruite 2 members down, believe me not
    they joined not becos i influenced them they have their own believed too that they can strike out here.
    maybe it is true i may not earned enough for my Dream Trip here but then not everyone even those who high income could. lately there is a News clipping that a highly paid woman committed suicide with her child - who ends up dead it is her child.
    Over here no body pull nobody - there is a saying, you can't pull a Bull to dring water. I can't understand all the fuss about MLM, isn't that all corporation are part of MLM agreeing with anonymous posting on Dec 3. my suggestion is that lets all of us just be ourself - do not be smart alex, local saying " Kian chiu Hou my kiah kian "

  34. Hey everybody firstly i wish each and everyone a very good morning, then i wish to offer my own opinion about MLM. Cannot understand WHY some ppl are so against them, put it this way, the analogy of MLM is Made Life Memorable. ask yourself this question :-
    1) How long did ROME take to built ?
    2) What if Rev Nick Vujiici takes in all your negatives, will he still be standing TALL ?
    3) Did our ex-leader LKY received any negatives feedback when he decided to step onto the
    platform of becoming our PM ??
    Some rep in WV might used the wrong tactics but they are just working hard for their own monies, remember this nobody pays him salary, cpf, and so on. For a little amount of USD360 [approx S$450] can you start a company without considering overheads.
    Do not be sour grapes of the successful ppl in any MLM, further more WV did not promised a BMW to any associates, they only make known that they will pay $1,500 as their car allowance.
    This is a Carrot hanging with encouragement for the successful ppl.

    Referring to Anonymous posting on Oct 6, 2013 he commented WV in particular coaxing all the new associates to pay for the training materials in order to be successful ; now let me ask you did our Schools that we attended thru the decades of lives are also schemimg for our monies. How many ppl had comes out to be a Leader, what percentage are we talking about ?

    Next let me console those failures do not blamed HEAVEN and HELL !! always remember one thing in life is Efforts equal Success.

    I think i am saying too much about negative ppl, come on all positives ppl, let joined hands to make
    our teams be successful in whichever MLM we are in.

    Hooray team mates *****

  35. Hey good morning everybody after reading so much about MLM rejection above, i still cannot understand what's all about, can the analogy of MLM be :- Made Life Memorable.

    As Luke has commented on the rate of success, i would like ask this question :- How many of our school leavers made it to success platform,

    Anonymous commented on Oct 6, 2013 he mentioned in particular WV coaxed ppl into paying for training and any other materials, again i am asking did we pay for our school fees, transportation, tuition fees and so on so forth.

    Can success comes overnight :-
    1) How long did Rome take to built ?
    2) What would happen if Rev Nick Vujiici takes in all your negatives, can he still be standing Tall ?3) Did our ex-leader LKY received negative feedback when he decided to step onto the platform of
    becoming our PM ?
    Sora posted on Oct 19,2013 claiming that USD280 is alot to her, then she takes this amount of money to try to set up a bussiness without concern on overheads.

    Anonymous commented on Nov 3, 2013 that a WV rep has bought a BMW thru this venture, firstly let me confirmed this WV did not promised that they only commit to paying $1,500/- as car allowances.

    Failures be more sensitive, do not blamed HEAVEN and Hell !! success only comes when you puts in efforts. Do not listen to insensitive ppl only, weighs the opportunity given. Do it if you think it's possible, gives others a chance keep your comments in your pocket.

    Positive ppl lets pull up our socks and start making good used of the platform,

    Hooray to all successful ppl

  36. From all the comments above, I realised that the majority of ppl belongs to One of the Quandrants mentioned by Robert Kiyosaki i.e Employees waiting for Bonuses at year end !!!!
    Think positively think on the linear lines with segment - 1st 20 years if our lives is being spent on going to Schools chasing after the sand paper then the next 20 to 30 year trying very hard to climb the corporate ladder - how many is successful. Finally retiring Poor, maybe with sickness.
    In all mlm they are preaching is about leveraging on ppls' times. At all times no mentioning of taking advantage on others.
    So guys pls check and re-check the half tryth information that you have. In mlm companies whether it's a health products or any others they set up the platform of opportunity for earning a residue income,
    They had never forced you into it if you think that you'll be cheated then don't joined tgem for goodness sake. As for thise who joined do not need your nuisance comment as l believed that they are borned with a BRAIN. I happened to recall one preaching by Jesus is that let Satan drag you off your faith, so now let's all be ourselves, no need to over react by damaging WV in particular. If you are being consulted for opinion then tell your friend sincerely go find it out themselves.
    Hooray ........... to those who has bn successful.

    1. Hi new member of WV, based on your numerous comments here, I assume that you're one of the passionate members who is eager to be driving that BMW that is constantly used by your leaders to entice you. Good for you. Go, chase your passion. Earn that residue income that you have always dreamt of earning. Quit your day job, and rely solely on WV. Then come back to me with that fat paycheck of yours and prove me wrong. Stop wasting your time trying to justify your points in a blog where you claim the writer has no brains. Because at the end of the day it won't help to increase the amount of downlines you have. So go. Earn more than your monthly salary that you have now using WV, and prove me wrong. And when you do, tell me how many friends you have left.

    2. Hey Luke Pang please do not get so upset over my comments i just wanting to clarify matters just for others who may have been misguided.
      There's no need to challenge me personally to resign from my day job and depend solely on WV. It only show how immature you are, again never did I say the writer maybe you are referring to yourself that has NO BRAINS, I say those new members surely were borned with BRSINS.
      You keep challenging me to prove you wrong by going full throttle relying on WV. WHY has WV hurt you so deep that you revenging them on this blog ???????
      Again you claimed that WV has been using BMW to entice new members.....WHEN !!!!! they only want to reward successful members with a CAR ALLOWANCE of $1500/- as well as $3500/- as housing allowance.
      Whether I can get a string of downlines or not is of no concern of you, why should I have to prove you wrong !!!!!! Come on Luke coool it.
      This reply today to you will end here. I'll communicate with others who are sensible.

    3. Hi William, thanks for realizing that this argument aint going anywhere, BMW or car allowances, it's still the same. They are still selling the same idea. And trust me, some of the WV meetings used the BMW. I believe I don't have to go in depth to the contradicting points that you have mentioned, so you have a nice day too :)

    4. I agree with some people here in the pros and cons about WV...but most who have replied have stated they have never been in MLM before and yet hate it.How can you hate something so much and never tried it?Also companies such as verizon still use mlm as a way of drawing in customers as well.Especially when they launched FIOS.Big name companies still pay others to market for them to draw you in to their products.Some are right these industries have broken friendships and tarnished others but depends on the person.You can do network marketing without being so aggresive with people to that extent that you have to lie and lose a friendship over no matter how much you need the money.Thats just not the way to do things.Im in MLM and I see no need to lie to anyone just to bring them in to what we do.Sooner or later the lies catch up like the gentleman whos friend lied about the beamer he bought.WV isnt the best company but you cant say there a scam because thats what you think they are.Go by facts not opinion.The person who wrote this article needs to go back on what he wrote.Most athletes spend most of there lives practicing and training just to be as famous as they are now.So those examples are irrelevant.If WV is a scam then soon well see wether or not if its true.We all have to wait and see for ourselfs.We all have opinions but where are the facts?Like with any other mlm company.Primerica makes there people pay $200USD just to take a test (who knows if they even pass) just to be able to mlm with them.I know ppl in WV who have the proof and then again i know others who dont depends solely on the person and who they recruit who knows how some do it and others dont.But come with facts about mlm not sole opinion and ignorance.

    5. luke is definitely wiser than most that commented in his post.

    6. Hey William,earn much from wv yet?? Hope u still have friends when all this comes crashing down!!

  37. There are many routes to success and fulfillment in life. The level of success is all up to you to decide.
    I take a dim view on anyone suggesting the other is right or wrong.
    There are millions of ways to get rich too.
    Please choose one, try it which ever way MLM or not, and make a success in life.
    If the MLM way works GOOD for you.
    Else if the non-MLM way does its trick great!
    However, remember when you become successful, your task is NOT to mock others who have not made it. You may share your views without abuse nor judgement.
    Rather, you are to contribute and give as one can give back to society in a positive form.
    Live life.

  38. Very well written. VW is a combination of mlm and ponzi scheme and like all mlm and ponzi scheme, it is selling a dream that one can get a good income without working hard. In VW's case its making money while you are holidaying. Most of us have this dream and of course when one pricks the bubble of this dream by saying "Hey wait a minute ... something is not right here" - you will be CHASTISE because you are a rude awakening to a very sweet dream. I challenge you VW members to do this as the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Use a simple Excel sheet and make 2 columns. The 1st column is "Expenditure". Under this column, record down every cost you put into VW including membership cost, training cost, holidays that you didnt really want to take but already costs you becoz of the membership (in real biz we call this entertainment cost), the cost of the countless cups of coffees you buy your friends and yourself while you persuade them to join. On the 2nd column which we called "Income", record down the income which VW brought you. Spare a 3rd colum and name it "Time" (in case we want to include opportunity costs later). Every 3 months look at your balance statement. Are you in the red or in the clack. If you are in the black, calculate how much per month on average. It becomes a good live experiment if you invite 20-30 of your other VW members to do the same and do the comparison together every 3 months. I challenege you to do this. Let the facts speak, no need to argue. Let me know your results ya.

    1. You sir, deserve another like. Never thought about this before, and perhaps this works even better than pointlessly arguing on the web. May I print screen this comment to share on the blog post on top?

    2. Your excel spread sheey idea is stupid.Robert kiyosaki says that giving more money to broke people is not the answer to their peoblems.They may make more than someone who is in any mlm company and still have nothing to show for it.People work hard in regular jobs and still have nothing.No money no house car NOTHING and yet can still make more than the average person in mlm.Come up with a better idea.

    3. 1.Technically, is it correct to assume that increasing intelligence and skill is qualify for increase in 'Asset' besides 'Expenditure'?
      2. Sure by now, you would know the Refer4PayNoMore system exists and only unique to WV? meaning expenditure substantially decrease WHEN('if' are for wimps) you successfully recruited 4.
      3. This is scary but true story: My freaking maid decided to join WV and recruit all her fellow maid to join and now !Bamp! she's making 1k usd a month w/o breaking sweat anymore.
      (That's all the proof i need man, that's all i need, I ain't gonna lose to my ex-maid!)

  39. Most companies like those mentioned are not as bad as some say its the people who give it a bad name.How the recruit other people and their methods on how they recruit people is what so bad and thats usually what gives mlm a bad name or any compan.Gi for facts nit google ir opinions of what you think.Who knows if world ventures is as bad company.Just because someone lied to you and gave you false info doesnt mean the company is as bad as you think it is.Cant go solely off of what one or two reps experiences were cause then all mlm companies would be the same.Mlm does teach you alot about being being a future business owner.Just for some its a shady business owner.Those who are honest in the mlm industry actually see more resulys than those who arent.Your lies eventually catch up with you.But dont bash mlm comlanies if you have never tried neither of them.I hate mlm is what you say yet you nevrr been in that type of industry.Thats like saying you hate a certain kind of food and have never even tried it.Thats ridiculousbbut yet how some of you think.And the person who wrote this should get his facts staright.Athletes and those famous had to work really hard and for some most of their live traing anf practicing just be where they are or were.They were doing it with no pay for free or paying there way to greatness.So those examples should not be used.

  40. The answer is simple. Network Marketing isn't for everyone. You have to WANT to do it. If you do not want to do it, do not join. ^_^

  41. As I have always said 'Nobody can pull a Bull to the pond' just be open minded and not to corrupt anyone who wish to give I a try. All starters are borned with a Mind

    1. Yes all MLM will defend themselves by stating 'Nobody can pull a Bull to the pond' or "Willing buyer willing seller". However, the consumers have to be protected from fraud and false claims. If I buy a can of mince beef as stated in the product display and advertisement, I have every right to expect mince beef in the can and not horse meat or a mixture of other meats. The starters have a mind of their own, so do not condemn others when they are reminded of the facts that they are not getting their 'minced beef". If there are anything said here which is not correct or factual, use data or logic to argue your case and stop being critical or rude or react nastily. People only do this when they are in denial of the facts.

    2. So state it, which part of WV is fraud & false claim. I have been searching in the web and started reading this write-up with the sole purpose of finding it, but there is none. This is my 4th month, my 3 columns are this : [USD298+USD66.1+RM1000 i stopped recruiting after my 7th, so I'll just give it RM1000 for that 4 months for coffee n tea] [USD1,190 thus far and still coming] [I'm lazy, only been to the talk a few times, having drinks with friends I don't see it as expenses, so I'll give it 24hr x 3 should be more than exact] = some profit & a free lifetime membership that give price pledge for hotel & air ticket booking, for DreamTrips, we got members who found cheaper package outside and claimed free vacation to Osaka during valentine's day 2014, can find good lah, cannot find, its still lowest price. Lastly, dreamtrips is not cheap, they only guarantee lowest price.

  42. Great travel company..over the top resorts, destinations, and hotel accommodations...the best I've ever experienced and worth every penny. For my family, it is life gripes. Try doing that with other generic, cold online will be staying at a budget hotel eating waffle iron "all inclusive breakfast accommodations". I'm with WV..enough said.

  43. yes minced beef should be minced beef..a vacation should be a vacation. That is all WV guarantees..a travel package..nothing more or less. The service is provided. What is fraud about that? no one ever talks about the great vacation they just had..they are just bitter because they also didn't become Bill Gates...everyone self important/entitled /naïve thinks like this..we all want to make it rich..but for eternity there is no program that is able to do that simply by joining and paying monthly dues..which are credited in full toward your vacation when you book. Learn the facts and do your research before you speak your is slander and defamatory against an actual biz with actual stakeholders and families. Please post "facts" of your experience if you talk bad about a company..otherwise you can be sued if the company pursues such action. For everyone else, if you take vacations, this company provides elite, most desirable destinations on the cheap..worldwide. They will not fly you to if you want to go there this is not the right vacation company to book with..but for exotic locations and VIP treatment..this is far beyond what I ever thought I would experience.

  44. Fully agree with the above comment, so as for who wants to disagree must support with true facts no mixing with partial the first guy did under the anonymous name with mathematical backing. He should have been taken to COURT.

  45. Hi Ms Ong the easiest way to cancel WV is to
    call ur banker to cancel GIRO pymt and get the banker to replace ur current card with NEW card.

  46. I am glad i viewed your blog and I decided to ignore all your pre-assumption and joined WV.
    Honestly, I have zero-downline for now, but the Events and the energy people bring to it ignites a lot more passion into my life for the past months and now we've reached 200million usd worth and 100k members strong in measly 8 years with Asia market barely opened. Thank you.

  47. I thought authors have more of out-of-the-box way of thinking, no?
    I'm tackling the whole system the world works in right now so bear with me.
    Sympathize with others for a while, we all heard of people spending time working a lot more than accompanying loved ones? What did we do wrong? We followed the system, study hard, get a steady job, work hard to....TO?.... Live a fucking life of stability at the cost of dream. YES, dreams.
    Dreams like big house, big car, and yadayada. At the cost of

    Nobody wants a life of regret everyday doing shit they don't like. YES, the company seemed like its preying on human soft spots, their dreams but IS IT NOT WORTH GIVING A SHOT AT SOMETHING THAT CAN CHANGE IT for some measly cost of money worth less than your freaking Iphone?
    This era taught people to be suspicious and cautious of Things deemed too good to be true. That is the first skeptical attitude that killed the reputation of MLM modeled business.

    Last but not least, people like to give up but those that stayed are those that will succeed no matter what business/job they are doing. People feared what 'they know they don't know', but the most scary things are the ones that 'they don't know they don't know'.

    Thank you for your time and a good day to you all. And thank you if this post was ever permitted since i'm practically borrowing your blog since i'm lazy to maintain one.

  48. Great !! Vincent Chai marched on and fight like a true soldier.

  49. It is a long write up. I didn't really see anything and so I stopped at the pepsi picture. When I invite, I told my friends straight I wanted to share WV, and WV leaders actually encourage us to tell our friends "after you see it, tell me you don't like it and I will never talk about it again". This is my 4th month, I already got back what I put in and earned quite a bit. I am glad Gurmit is in the club, but I'm not stupid to think that I can achieve what Gurmit did without putting in effort. Now, I'm enjoying free membership that gives price guarantee and have a cost free biz, slowly build lor. Like Durian, WV is not for everyone, for those who think sharing a good idea with 4 friends is tough & bad, don't join lah and go back to your life, you just saw an idea and you trash it, that's all, what's the big deal? and those who said they hate MLM, please don't refer people to apply credit card to claim free gift, that's also MLM! For those who wanna cancel WV membership, just write an email to

    Lastly, you disapprove the act of trying to impose one's own belief unto others, so why did you write this long thought of yours and publish it here?

  50. Hi Kutu you got the right frame of mind, give those who can't succeed and those sour grapes their taste of medicine. Never blame a platform that offers opportunity, blame themselves for not having the stamina. Maybe we can meet and share more.

  51. Great Kutu those failures also always say MLMagain but they're just negatives. They should ask themselves what in life is not MLM. even your fmily tree or the corporate circle, yes referring friends to apply credit cards are also MLM. In modern days we should read MLM as Make Life Matters.

    1. Meanwhile, I'm wondering to myself how long can this William dude keep posting to my blog every few days or so, waiting for some pro-WV comments to come his way and stoke his ego

    2. Dear Luke Phang and every victims,

      I already lodged report to the authority of malaysia. the department is named KPDNKK.

      Since this blog is gathered with so many victims ,i strongly suggest u all to email this address:

      image those guys driving the lambo,live in million dollar bungalow, eat the luxury foods. however all this money is scammed from the victims. are u guys angry???

      if angry, it is useless to shout and be keyboard warrior at here. juz lodge the report.

      more ppl ,more report, more power.

      then the fucking working ventures will disappear forever!!!!!!!

      fuck the world ventures now.....!!!!!!!!!

  52. Just to support you here. It is very well written... =)

  53. To me, MLM is just another form of marketing, which is called direct selling, FYI, and has withstand the test througout the many decades in the business world. It has been around for the longest time and companies that uses direct selling saves costs on advertising. Word of mouth is the most powerful advertising method and yet many cannot agree to MLM. When u refer a friend to watch a movie, u dun get paid commission, do u? But MLM companies pay their reps for introducing their frens to their products, which in my view is not wrong. In the following decades or centuries to come, the cost of advertising will only go up and many companies will resort to direct selling. It creates business opportunities and brings in incomes for families. Nobody says that MLM is easy, its all hard work and i respect those who are striving hard to make MLM work for them. If you dun share the same vision, dun trash it. These people are your friends after all. Whats more, you din even personally attended the talk. Btw, info found on the web can b fictitious and many reports on different schemes of MLM are given based on their own beliefs, like wat is written on this blog here. The writer dun beleive, hence these r his perspectives. Anyway freedom of speech. I won't say its well written, neither would i say its trash.

  54. This article is basically written based on the writer's beliefs. MLM, in other words, direct selling, is a marketing tool used for many centuries, its been ard for ages and has withstand the test for the longest time in the business world. Its the cheapest form of marketing tool, way way way cheaper than advertising. And in the years to come, there will only be more and more companies to use MLM as a platform to market their business. Do u guys know that even LG is using MLM in S. korea? They sell household products, for goodness sake.
    In the years to come, to beat inflation, companies will turn to MLM as it is the most effective way to market their business.

  55. Luke Pang pls be positive, in this platform we share opinion only. Not for stabbing one another, though I've always support MLM today does not mean that I will succeed in it. True enough as I had say if you don't have the stamina to run this marathon, just give it up blaming nobody except urself becoz ur decision is not their decision. Just like Veron Chua comment in life MLM is another form of advertisement much cheaper than the normal method.
    I too did not succeed in WV but that does not mean that I will stop there. I am always adopt a OPEN mind to seek other opportunities. Now I am doing not an investment but working platform as we all know only efforts gives results and after working my light years in corporate world I am currently retired POOR abd worst I had to dig into my reserved for an operation, did you managed to spot the failured to plan OR plan to fail, our system today does give us many opportunities but again it's definitely upto oneself to decide.
    Even I hv failed in WV, I currently working on another platform which provides the assurance of getting a BONUS but had to worked seriously. In all MLM one must realised that you had to work it out urself others can't help very much. In this platform I am doing does not deletes my chances even if I did not make it half way thru like other MLM when you decide to give up you will loose completely meaning 100% lost you won't get anything back even with many promises that there's a backup room or uplines to help you but they will only encourage you to take up more training to upgrade urself but here I can stop working and return later, no need to stop completely.
    So today any offers that comes along again I will have to weighs the pro and corns, no more simpulsive decision.

  56. Thanks for the article, Luke! I joined WV about 18 months ago, did not recruit a single member and have been paying monthly fees ever since... I sound lazy, I know. The reason that got me to join the club was my best friend, he gave up his job to pursue 'financial freedom' and I sincerely wanted to support and hopefully grow with him. I was very busy with work then, so I didn't think much of it... It's like paying membership fees to a gym that you never go. I kept telling myself that tomorrow, maybe tomorrow, I'll recruit someone... or the search engine would become useful. That best friend once told me that what we are selling is "dream." It's an intangible product and I really hate to sell "dream". After reading so many comments (on a few different articles), I have to agree that they tend to be very dependent when it comes to recruiting or defending WV... it all started with "hey, I need to show you something"... "you don't know how to enjoy life"... "you are so close minded"... and it's scary to see how defensive people can become. Many of my close friends are working very hard as WV representatives now, and I can't really talk to them anymore.

  57. Hi Sarah one must persevere that deserve standing at the winner's table. Even though I did not succeed does not mean others will not succeed as well, reason being I had other possibilities. Your reasoning on monthly maintenance to WV is like paying membership fees to other facilitator, good positive mental nurture.
    Only when ppl can hv the same attitude like you only will these platform succeed. I remember a saying those who laugh first will laugh last.
    Keep going Sarah ......... you hv my support.

  58. Your blog is awesome I am part of WV since this month. I am amaze to see so many negative though. People do waist there time to criticize so much without learning what is behind the wheel but at the same time too lazy to go forward. Is it by jealousy or just destruction. People are ignorant for something they don't understand. It's too bad - as we don't need no more drama in this world. I might not have anyone to lead yet as I am still new but I am more then willing to be part of a great venture so for those who are that courageous to critizise and read only the negative of what could surround you - maybe you should look at where you are right now! This is not a debate to see if it's a scam or not. You are not force to join and this has to be first a passion and a dream come true.


  60. No point argueing whether VW is good or not. Everyone are entitled to their own opinion. To me, it is a pyramid scheme, that is my opinion and respect it.

  61. No matter what scheme it is, as long as is legal then it is fine. It just a different perspective is concern. I respect the founder who is capable to bring this business idea into worldwide by applying MLMstrategies. In fact It is a strategies. Yes, I agree not everybody like this strategies so do I. But it does not means is a scam. Because if it is legal business, there is a policy / rules n regulation and agreement to sign in black and white.

    The one who approach you with this idea is the most concern. So called "over promise under delivered " and conduct unethical sales talk to influence ppl to join without putting on ppl shoes to see the benefits.

    Afterall ppl reject the sales representative but not the product or company business model.

    In fact, MLM are not for everyone because everyone have their own strength and weakness.

    And I disagree some smart ass telling ppl unmatured and see things differently. Bear in mind.. Everybody have their way of success one day. Not just VW business model.

    Anyway way I mean no offend to everyone here. Just I see it in neutral way.

    If someone have a strong belief that this product really bring benefits to you ur loved one, relatives, friends etc so share it happily with passion.


  62. It depend on the purpose on joining, If the purpose of joining is to have access for real deal trips this is best club for you where you can have access for much affordable yet luxuries dream trips. Just like any other club eg fitness club you pay for membership fee so you can use their facilities, same thing for golf club you have to pay membership fee so you can you have the privileged to use their facilities. In WV I have seen the presentation its the same concept you join the club so you can enjoy access to nice vacation for a much affordable price. You pay monthly fee is not basically wasted because monthly fee is as good as cash points as if you are saving money for your next vacation by the time you consume it you just apply the money point to pay for the trips so what is bad about it, in the first place in normal situation when you plan for trip you are going to pay your trip lump sum right with your credit card but you don't get a good deal of your trip you just a normal customer of travel agency am I right. WV as if you are owning a travel agency is in it. Now the biz aspect of it was just I would say an accidental opportunity, if you are rich guy and you just want to use trip benefits no need for you to signed to be a Biz Rep. But there are people who wanted to use this kind of opportunity to earn extra money while enjoying their current jobs this travel club will give you that kind of opportunity. Which club can you find that giving that kind of opportunity will the fitness club or golf club will give you such kind of biz opportunity. To me I already laid the premise in my first statement if depend on the purpose of joining WV travel club but to me in general the member of the club will ultimately get the best benefits be it as a consumer and much more as biz rep.

  63. to all those people talking crap about earning money blah blah with 7 downline etc, what about your 7 downline that you brought in? if you say they are earning, what about the 4 that each of the 7 recruit? recognize this vicious cycle? stop potraying such an disgusting image of MLM, as they say MLM that requires buying of products, if they are useful, why not? at least there is a tangible benefit and products are gotten without having to pay for training. if a person has to pay for training and all and has to recruit ppl so that he doesnt have to pay, what kinda system is that? and when people quit, their money is all gone.

    and yes i agree that from europe down they are not able to find more ppl to suck hence they are starting in asia which is disgusting, i would really wish for authorities to clamp down on such activities cause i believe there isnt any real stream of revenue for the organization which is horribly wrong.

  64. Can I just say these American / European who invented this Dreamtrips are genious. They started everything from U.S, Europe, and now put Asia at the bottom. Well done !! We ASIANS are all being put at the bottom of the pyramid and be their cock-fighting milk cow. They do not care what you members went through as long as you keep recruiting new flesh.

    Sorry Luke, afraid this cock-fighting will never end, because cocks will always be cocks ;)

  65. Sadly, a friend of mine has been bugging me to go to a meeting with her despite the fact that she hasn't signed up yet due to lack of funds which she is desperately trying to borrow. Her game plan is to introduce several people to the "business" before she joins and hold them off from signing up until she does so, so when she manages to borrow the money, she's already built her downline to a degree. I've tried to talk her out of it to no avail. This is someone who is going to dig herself further into debt and there is nothing I can do to prevent it. At least I can say I tried.

  66. Just discussed this with my Malaysian fella. He claiming this kind of biz concept recognised by its government. And its legal anyway. He also send me a link. What say you? ( for me its too good to be true )

  67. MLM = Morons Lose Money

  68. I was invited by a long time friend to attend their presentation, I wanted to see what the hype was all about with this. To be honest, it wasn't that great, plus they were shittin on other industries. Pfftt... Low blow. Anyway, at the end of it, my friend asked me to join and i said "If you want to get in to the MLM biz, you should go join the #1 direct selling company in the world." Case closed. No more invitation from him ever since.

  69. Oh God. This is so true and it feels so good to get someone in a same point of view. This WorldVenture thing also does emerge in Indonesia and everything is all the same! They just introduced me with some of a-little-bit-somehow-complicated pyramid scheme and convinced me to their free around the world trip by invite just 4 more people to waive the monthly membership fee. I almost agreed to the offers for signing up then here goes my thinking: "I think I would not be able to bring myself to exchange my friendships with $360 + $60 monthly fee". I mean, it would be no different then trap your own friends to 'recruit 4 more for me or pay $60 each months from now on', isn't it? At last moment before the final signing up process, finally i could bring myself to reject the offer from my respectable senior in workplace and it's such a huge relief to know that I have made a correct decision :)). Thanks Luke!

  70. They are now here in the Philippines!

  71. Wow. Thank you, Luke - very well written. As I scroll through here, it seems to me the people getting involved in WV do not even know how to spell or use proper grammar. THAT is scary. Who would follow someone of that 'calibre' down the rabbit hole? Suckers. And if so, then you deserve to lose your shirt - these types of companies have been preying on such folks since the beginning of their existence. Wake up, peeps.

  72. A lot of hustling is needed for you to succeed in World Ventures period. So basically, you get all your friends and family to hustle for you instead. Ethical?

  73. At least it is a platform for many to earn a decent living. It separates from those who turned into crooks that harm others. Or beggars that ask for money. WV adopts direct selling strategy that omits the middle man and brings about cheaper prices. In this case, its travel accommodations. Like any other clubs, join if you feel comfortable, deny if otherwise. As there is yet a brainwash machine invented, we can use our brains to analyse and make judgements. Any types of jobs will require hardwork and as the WV rep is no exception. However, some are better than others because some are born top salesmen while others just not their cup of tea. WV's product is cheaper accomodations and at times there are really low priced stuffs up for grabs. Aiming at just using 4 friends to defray mthly subscriptions is unethical. Rather genuinely showing the advantages of the product is noble actions. If they decide to join as rep believing in the product, great. All humans can make their own choices. Who can guarantee a complete success or failure? Behind those successes and failures, what were the stories in them? Social media has provided much information. Are they all true? For those whom had pursued their under graduate or MBA study, can you just quote any tom or jerry blog to substantiate your pointers? Do not get me wrong, there are good blogs or websites for reference but in the end one must make the final judgement call. Cheers.

  74. World Ventures = Sunshine Empire reincarnated :)

  75. This is a fascinating blog article, I want to compliment you on a couple things (even though I do believe World Ventures is a totally legit opportunity, their compensation plan actually was voted in the top 8 for mlms out there in a popularity poll recently.)

    First of all, I'm not a WV rep but heavily considering the opportunity as I have several friends in it that do quite well.

    Most of your complaints against WV really come down to the generic anti mlm complaints. There is unfortunately a lot of truth and misunderstanding all at once when it comes to this profession, one in which I highly regard.

    Before I get too deep, let's look at the Google results method you talked about. You mentioned just google "world ventures scam", as an SEO person myself, I'll be the first to tell you Google will show you what you want based on how you type it in haha.

    Sadly, most WV reps who are successful (whether the wild stupid money you can earn in mlm, or the comfortable living that is more common among those who make money) are not SEO people. Even if they were, most mlms are very uncomfortable with their reps using internet marketing.

    The reason ironically being is that these companies don't want their distributors to over hype the company, so successful reps are pretty careful what they post online. But this also puts them at a disadvantage when it does come to defending themselves lol.

    I wholeheartedly believe in MLM being an awesome and worthwhile profession, and I wholeheartedly agree most people will fail, but that is not inherent to MLM it is the same with any risky endeavor when it comes to starting a business.

    Most MLMs are made up by people who started without any business skills - to succeed you'll need to learn some. Some people can build off credibility alone (that celebrity for instance), but that's pretty rare for most of us. Most of us go through the numbers, learn some valuable sales and marketing skills and go from there.

  76. In real estate you have brokers who are constantly recruiting realtors to find the diamond producer, some companies like Keller Williams actually have more or less a MLM structure with brokers above earning on the brokers organizations below them.

    Pretty much every sales organization that is commission based works like this, my manager at lazboy got ovverrides on the sales I produced for example.

    Again the problem isn't the structure, it's that people come into mlm with high enthusiasm, without being grounded into reality (often not all the time) and this often leads into the ugly hyping of friends and family that pretty much is a totally useless strategy that no top earner ever does.

    Speaking of friends and family, I was at a recent realtor training a while back and the first thing they tell their new realtors to do once they pay that $10k fee to be part of their company? Use a memory jogger of EVERYONE they know to call them up to tell them they're selling properties.

    Lol. Honestly, that is another really common thing in sales.

    And why not? If I started as a realtor, a mlmer, or owning a yogurt shop, you're damn right I would tell my friends and family because maybe they can refer business to me. It just makes sense.

    Should you pester friends and family? No. Never seen that in any sales training I've read, mlm or otherwise.

    The best network marketers I know continually grow their warm market list. They're meeting new people all the time. Why drag someone across the finish line when there are tons of people wanting to hear what you have? You drag someone across, you know what they become? Another statistic of someone who makes nothing lol.

    One of the other big complaints about mlm is you have to recruit to make a lot of money. Now, this is totally true, but I don't see the negatives of it. The concept of mlm is not built off one superstar salesperson who goes and sells $100-$500 million dollars worth of product or services.

    It is based off a large network of people who all get 1-10 customers each, maybe more, then teaching others how to do the same.

    This concept actually is very related to Mcdonalds. For years when they wanted to come out with their Mcchicken, Ray Kroc kept saying no. Same with toys and fish. Instead, he wanted to just keep creating as many outlets as possible that all sold hamburgers, shakes and fries.

    Now after building a crazy ton of outlets, he introduced chicken. Mcdonalds became one of the (if not #1) distributor of chicken products over night. Same with fish. Hell, they're even one of the LARGEST toy distributors in the world lol.

    This same hold trues with mlm, they're not looking for one outlet to produce a shit of product revenue. They're looking for a ton of outlets all producing a little bit of revenue. This method is actually way more stable than merely holding onto one superstar salesperson who could leave and crush the company when he takes all of his clients with him.

    Anyhow, I hope this helped shed some light on some of the misunderstood issues with mlm in a way that didn't come off "recycled hash" or any of that.

  77. Oh and one last thing... yes most people who bought into WV will probably feel upset that someone else is calling it a scam, because it is something that gave them vision and hope typically and that always hurts when someone naysays on something you really believe in.

    Again a lot of it comes from lack of business skills (which mlm is a great learning place for that over time if one rolls up their sleeves to learn). People are addicted to the outcome, when they offer WV and someone says no, even without saying it is a scam, it might hurt their feelings due to being addicted to the outcome of a prospect.

    Something that is a hard hurdle to initially get over.

    Most of my friends who went to college are usually very pissed off at me when I point out what a waste their degree was lol. Which is very normal, I mean they did spend $30-$200k getting that degree so to say they don't have a lot invested is an understatement. Truth is, most of them I know make only $20k-$50k a year with that debt now hanging over them for most of their lives.

    Even so, they still tell me college is a good idea because of the culture they're apart of. College can be a really badass idea if you go after the right degrees (sciences, engineering, sometimes medical and lawyers too but those last two have been hit pretty hard from what I understand).

    For those people, college is a fantastic investment. Just like mlm is a fantastic investment IF you are committed to learning proper business skills and professionalism.

    I have had several friends hit the $100k a month mark, some even more. I also have friends in the SEO industry averaging $80k-100k a month. I've never been a top earner in either, though been full time before with both. I also have 2 friends who are very successful realtors - one who even earned $300k in commissions in a single year.

    From judging the lifestyles of these individuals I know, mlm is always the most attractive and provides the most freedom, though it is also the one that pays the least in the start but the most in the end.

    A friend of mine once told me in mlm you'll get paid hardly anything for doing a lot of work in the start, and later you'll get paid a lot for doing hardly anything. From what I have seen, that statement is very true.

    Wow! This is a REALLY long comment and I totally apologize if you're sick to death of this topic, but your article came off that you seem a really reasonable person so I was inspired to leave a comment haha.

    If I shed light for you or your readers, I'm super glad. I suspect most of the people who are against WV or mlm in general though won't really be dissuaded by any of my arguments though. It is that whole weird religious/political fanaticism that anti-mlmers and pro-mlmers share where passions seem to overrule thought lol.

    (This weird religious adamant beliefs can also be applied outside of business to things like global warming where despite evidence people still refuse to believe lol).

    Okay! Have a wonderful day, keep on blogging and doing awesome stuff in your life :-)

    PS. Sorry for multiple comments, but your deal only allowed 4,000 characters. Haha didn't realize I had wrote such an essay! :-)


  79. What's the point? Pay and Hustle Others? PHO!

  80. Hi guys thanks for the comments and a point of view of ppl that don't like the WV idea.
    It's cool to be skeptical and I respect every point of view . It's also easy to understand that some people while learning this type of business getting overexcited and their enthusiasm may mislead others that this type of venture it's easier than other businesses. I learned myself that it is not easy to succeed in WV like in any other business or Job. I invested my time and money to learn it to create additional source of income with it. There is few people from my downline making good money with it. I drive a nice silver bimmer and go 5 or 6 times a year on 5* holidays that I would never be able to afford otherwise. It's not easy but it works for me and many of my friends. So respect and peace to you guys, hope to meet you all on holidays some day :)
    Konrad P.

  81. I like to comment of the topic as I found it very misleading of what WV is, but for any company in the industry that you would like to get involved with. Number one, it takes investing to get involve in any business. It takes money, time, and effort to make it in any business. Anyone knows that. That is why too many people are conformed to keep a job. They think that at the end of the week, they had earn a paycheck that will at least pay the bills. They gave their time (including commuting time), effort all day, and expenses in food, transportation, and sometimes babysitter to keep a job. By the way, did you know that there is not such a thing as "job security'? You can lose a job at anytime.

    Anyways, as long as a Global Economist says that direct selling is one of the best concepts, I will listen to him. As long as billionaires and multi-millionaires endorse Network Marketing, I will listen to them. They have experience, credibility, success and know about business.

    In sales, all companies have top sale people and sale people that don't do too well. Same company, same product, same training, but some succeed more that others. Same thing happens in this industry, some are going to be more successful than others, but everyone gets the same shot. Let me end by saying this, unless you have the type of lifestyle that I want to have, and want everyone else to have, or unless you are making top six figures if not seven figures a year, why people should listen? It was a reading, but as long as an article is to misrepresent any company in the industry (regardless if they are good or not) and it implies that it's better keep a job, because at least you get a paycheck to pay bills, in my opinion it's worthless. Make the world a better place. That's why we are here. Be optimistic and positive.

  82. I join, pay, use the product, I recruit, I got paid... if it is a scam, I don't care, I'm still getting paid.

  83. I operate based on facts and truths. This company preys on losers (uneducated) and it's a ponzi scheme, the end. Stay away.

  84. please be careful with this selfish company, they use brainwash methods like they use in cults. My husband has been brainwashed i told him not to waste his time, he said im a dream killer and left me and our 10 month old to "focus on his business" (world ventures business) it so sad they prey on the poor to make money. the only way to make money is by putting people in. and if your not putting people in and ask for there help they will ignore you! yup happened to my husband last year. we are in a very terrible financial situation and they manipulated him to go to a training on april 18 in kansas city he used our tax money thAT couldve been used for priorities. i know they brainwashed him to go because last year his mentor tried to bribe him to go by saying ill pay your expenses if your not satisfied with united. sadly he still falls for the manipulating words. they are so selfish they dont care about family or friends being destroyed they just want there money from people below them. and they make money by training. Dave Ulloa and his dear wife are lies they worship them for making it to the top. yeah right! they had special treatment from the founders of wv and they are share holders of the company. they are nothing but a pure scam. Yeah people make money, but by brainwashing the poor. the company is so unprofessional its disgusting go to a regional training or united training and You will see what im talking about.

  85. Eloquently written. I suspect you are a very intelligent jc student, and former one probably, who was excellent at general paper, like me.

    Okay enough of that, the dimwitted twats who tried selling me this abominable nonsense went as far as saying I couldn't do my research on the subject, because the internet is biased and they would know best. Absolute bunk.

    You have to be a special type of idiot to join WV. Appealing to the masses, to authority, focusing on exceptions, to name a of the many fallacies these people cling on to.

    Brilliant article. I hope it would enlighten some people who are considering WV

  86. I joined WV in July 2014 introduced by a friend.. And has been paying every monthly through Visa deduction.
    My mistake is to let them use my credit card for payment. Upline just want my visa details , joined them and they never ever contact me again. I am very disappointed with this type of sale approach. I will try to use up my points up before I cancel my membership. If not , big loss for me. Thanks for all your sharing.

  87. WV is a the worst kind of MLM that sell fake dream and entice people to think you can just basically while having fun/travel, money will goes into your pocket. Those people that joined are those just looking for easy life and easy earning without going through the experience of hardship in earning money. Wake up WV member and live the normal life.

  88. Where to Start? After reading most of the comments on this "article" ( I do not begrudge anyone voicing their "opinion"). The fact remains that the writer of this "article" DID NOT do any legitimate research into WorldVentures, he admittedly "blew off a friend" who invited him to a presentation and then got second hand opinions on "what it was about." That kind of information is not only misguided but also irresponsible.
    (1) any business model you look at that has more than 5 employees Looks like a Pyramid!
    (2) the definition of a "Pyramid Scheme" is the transfer of money with no product or service.
    (3) Google is NOT Research (Google is a bathroom wall--No Offense to Google it has its uses) Go to any website type something positive or negative about yourself and Google will show you what you said. (yep did this)
    Tony Robbins, Donald Trump(owns a few MLM companies), Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffet(owns Pampered Chef--(Bet his Legal Team wouldn't let him get involved in a scheme), and many other influential people promote network marketing. Point being they have the highest paid legal teams who aren't going to let them get in trouble so must be something to legitimate MLM be continued

  89. Now I will not dispute the FACT that there are MLM companies that scam people, nor can the FACT be disputed that there are "NORMAL" companies that scam people! It happens in all facets. As in anything do legitimate research, or find someone that has done legitimate research. Also I will not dispute the FACT that even in reputable MLM companies there are reps that aren't so reputable(again as in a facet of business).
    Now with all that off my chest, let's get into WorldVentures (yes I am a you would never have guessed). First let me tell you about me, I started in the automotive industry (as the previous "ANONYMOUS" poster says "going through the experience of hardship in earning money"). I worked my way to an 70K salary a year(and no I wasn't a car salesman again no offense to car salesmen). While involved in this industry I also began a 26 year career in Law Enforcement(which turned me into a raving skeptic.. I am sure you can understand) Well 5 years ago I got invited to look at this "pyramid scheme"(my words at the time) been through all the presentations all the potions, lotions, energy drinks, phone cards etc.. Said NO every time. So a Friend invited me to yet another one it's name yep you guessed it WorldVentures. Take a guess what I said ( nope your wrong I not only said NO i said HELL NO). My Lovely Wife suddenly had the urge to take a Vacation! (imagine), So WorldVentures came to mind. So I did my research(which by the way 26 yrs in Law Enforcement provided me researching abilities that most people cant get..another story) Here's what I found (for the what it's worth department)

  90. The company had been in business 5 years (most start up business MLM or otherwise statistically don't make it 18 months). The had a non-accredited rating with the BBB (non-accredited meaning they do not pay for their rating) of an A+ (impressive, and fluctuates because they are non-accredited so it may be a C+ then bounce back up back get the point). The "WARNING" that the BBB recently started attaching to companies (again non-accredited companies from the limited research I have done on this matter simply because the BBB gives A+ ratings to any company that pays them to do so) in this case the Warning on WorldVentures is the same "WARNING" that is provided on their income discloser statement. This percentage does not differentiate between reps and Travel Club members.
    Ernst & Young (I will let you Google that one to see who they are) did an extensive investigation into WorldVentures in 2010(I'll bet they can do better research than you or me), and after this "research" Nominated the 2 co-founders for their Entrepreneur of the year award (now that's GOOD research).
    Want More GOOD research go to type in ROVIA (WorldVentures booking engine) in the search box. WOW can you believe it for a "scam" they won all kinds of awards(excuse the sarcasm).

  91. Now with all that being said Am I making a "million" off WorldVentures? NOPE I am not. Am I making any money off WorldVentures? Well lets just say I walked away from a 26yr career in Law Enforcement with no retirement benefits or compensation. We will just leave it at that. But here is what I Love about WorldVentures. As I mentioned my wife wanted to take a vacation so of course my response was where? She said Jamaica. Now bear in mind she is unemployed and I am earning a cops salary in Tennessee which we will say is WAY below 70k a year actually $2000 away from poverty to put it in perspective! WorldVentures had a trip to Jamaica (I always wanted to go to Jamaica) it cost us less than $1000 to go for a week and it was at an all inclusive 4 star resort. After doing a little research that same trip on the next cheapest site "Travelosity" would have cost me $7800 for the same exact trip. Next stop Cancun 5 Star all inclusive resort 26 restaurants everything paid for meals drinks alcohol etc. After doing my "research" on that trip cheapest price $10,000. WorldVentures cost us $2200 to go, which included scuba diving, excursions, and my wife's "shopping habit".

  92. So that about sums up the "research" portion of this little rant. Now onto the business end of it. If for 5 seconds( I say 5 because I like to take my time thinking about it) you are working a JOB and you don't think that someone above you is making money off of you? PLEASE go to the nearest Hospital and tell the Doctor that you have gone BatShit crazy and get admitted to the nearest insane asylum (please you would be doing yourself and the world a favor). Since McDonald's was brought up I will use them as a reference they employe 1000's of people around the world, serve substandard food, and sell you on the experience of fast food dining. They pay their employees minimum wage selling them on the "GREAT CAREER/TEAM" thing posted on their walls. What do you think the turn over is at McDonald's is for "MARKETING" their Big Mac? Oh and training being that I started at McDonald's in High School a few years back, there was a training program you have to go through to learn how to make a hamburger, fries etc.. The training courses at WorldVentures are optional. Recommended but optional non the less.

    I would be Happy to discuss not dispute my findings on MLM companies and WorldVentures if anyone cares to do so at

    People do diligent research, find a reputable person to go into business with, find out about the support system. MLM is now being taught in colleges, it's real, it is here to say, and as Robert Kiyosaki calls it the Business of the 21st Century!!

    1. Ooo personal attack. I like. So, putting your email down there so you can recruit a downline eh? How much are you paying now per month and have paid since joining WV? How much are your calculated savings from those trips? Did you pay to attend any seminar, workshops, trainings? How many friends are paying you their hard earned money? And did you even read my article about how Macs is different than WV? What's your reply to that? Btw, Kiyosaki is a well known scam artist:

      So yeah. Am only deciding to dignify your comment with a response since you took so much time to write it. Kthxbai.

  93. Would you know how many required days to cancel an application and membership in world ventures? with full refund? I'm getting different answers and the concrete ones are posted in the US not in Asia so I guess it does not apply. Thanks

  94. Enjoyed the article, even though I am in principle an advocate for MLM.

    I was approached to join WV and declined, not because it was an MLM, but because due diligence suggested very strongly to me that it was not viable.

    These are my reasons:

    1. People can't make money from the beginning. They are out of pocket from day 1, with nothing to show for it.

    2. It relies on delayed gratification - although the monthly fees are "like forced saving" (I was told) it won't be spent for many months, by which time the company may or may not still be in business.

    3. Even though they may be able to get holiday packages more cheaply, there is no guarantee these will be the holidays I want to take, and no guarantee that any savings will be worth the bother. I manage my own research and booking to places that are actually of interest to me (not just a list that someone else has) and I'm already very happy with the prices I can get, especially since I always have substantial Frequent Flyers and other deals. People who know about travel don't need a travel agency or a travel MLM.

    3. It is a very young company (only about 10 years old) run by 2 very young guys, who have yet to manage a company through adversity and come out thriving. If you were also very young and had your whole life ahead to learn from your mistakes, you could maybe take on a company without longevity. An older person can't take that risk.

    4. The company is growing very rapidly and I always get very concerned when I see inexperienced managers in charge of uncontrolled growth. I'd want to see a very transparent record of the financial management. (They claim 93% retention rate, which is just ridiculous. Lots of claims put forward as facts, but no external audit, not one that's made public anyway).

    5. When I look at the compensation plan (which I do understand - I'm very familiar with these) the alarm bells really ring. The only actual unencumbered funds the company is receiving is the upfront fee (not the monthly fees, which are claimed to be dollar-for-dollar future holiday spending) and money from training. This is the only money from which commissions can be paid, since the monthly fees are already spoken for. It doesn't take a mathematical genius to see how quickly this can become unstuck.

    6. The travel sector, including travel MLMs, is completely oversaturated, and it seems that more and more players are coming in every day, and companies falling over every day. It doesn't make sense to play in an over-competitive, volatile market - that's just not very astute.

    So I don't care about it being an MLM - I care about viability and whether or not it presents a good proposition to people interested in travel, who also have a business development mindset. Quite simply WV isn't a valid business proposition, and is too risky from a consumer point of view as well, since there is no guarantee that when one wishes to "cash in" one's points to purchase a holiday, that will actually happen. "Forced savings" would be better off in a bank account.


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