journeying to the new mysterious island, sentosa 4d adventureland

It's always fun to see The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson act in movies. He has this certain aura on him that you cannot seem to ignore whenever he's on screen. To be honest, ever since he made his debut as the Scorpion King in movies, I have always enjoyed seeing him on screen, be it in a tough role such as Luke Hobbs in Fast and Furious 5 or a not so tough role as the tooth fairy, he brings out a unique side to a movie that makes it enjoyable to watch.  

Come 22nd May 2013, not only will you be able to see The Rock in action once again in another Jules Verne inspired voyage, you will also be able to journey with him in the adventure, complete with all the sights, sounds and effects, in the new 4D Magix Movie ride just recently launched in Sentosa. In addition to that, the new movie would also feature an all star Hollywood cast together with Dwayne Johnson. We have Michael Caine (Alfred from Nolan's Batman trilogy), Vanessa Hudgens (from High School Musical) and Josh Hutcherson (from The Hunger Games) all starring together with the Rock. Where else can you find a movie with such a star studded cast?

Of course, with it being a 4D experience, you would also be able to experience the thrills and excitement of the adventure itself, such as the heart pounding moments when they are chased by monsters or when their helicopter are caught in the storm. The ride comes with the full range of experience such as having bubbles floating in the theatre, wind blowing in your face and not to mention a nasty surprise to your back.

I had the privilege of being one of the first few to experience the ride and I must say I pretty enjoyed seeing all the star studded cast trying to survive together on a forgotten island. And the narration by Michael Caine is just heavenly. Not to forget seeing Vanessa Hudgens too :p

before we can see dwayne johnson though, we had to queue up in the jungle of safety briefing 

The effects of the ride itself was an added benefit, depending on your preferences you might or might not like them, but I myself find some of it very funny to experience. I would not spoil it for you guys though, because you have to sit through it yourself but what I can say is that you will definitely be caught off guard by it.

That's not the end to the story though.

The other two rides that are in close proximity to the 4D Magix Movie itself, the Extreme Log Ride and the Desperados, will be marketed together with the Journey 2 ride as one collective attraction called the 4D Adventureland, where visitors can now enjoy the three different attractions all in one pass. So not only you can be part of the Rock's adventure dream team, you can also undergo the experience of being a log (literally) and try out as a deputy sheriff hunting down wanted criminals.

the extreme log ride where you learn to be a log literally. photo courtesy of Sentosa Island, Singapore

shooting the bad guys as part of your duty in the desperados. photo courtesy of Sentosa Island, Singapore

me chilling with my newfound friends from himalazon, i think. and the girl awkwardly trying to avoid the camera behind me

Of course, having fun in those rides was not the only thing we got to do for the night. We also had Private Ismail from Ah Boys to Men, or also known by his real name Ridhwan, gracing the launch event. He even sang Justin Bieber's Baby and had a ping pong ball swinging challenge as part of the night's itinerary to entertain us bloggers. There's even a fan girl group following him *jealous*.

the try to get the ping pong ball out from the box hanging around your waist challenge

All in all, I had fun tonight enjoying all the different rides in the 4D Adventureland. It was a privilege for me to be there and I would like to thank the people at Sentosa Island for inviting me over!

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