I've been killing a lot of people recently. No, not the literal type of killing but rather the ones that you do in your head on victims living a few hundred years ago back during the Renaissance period in Rome. Not that I have any choice though, because it's my line of work and murder is the only closest thing to justice that you can find during those times.

And yes, if you're wondering, I'm actually playing one of the Assassin's Creed game and more specifically the Brotherhood series. I would love to play more recent games to be honest, but the slow internet speed of Malaysia and the lack of installation files have left me with very little options.

Aside from killing people, I've also been spending a lot of time on top of buildings

Aside from the unique gameplay that is not easy to find in other games franchise, I also love the storyline of Assassins Creed (AC) a lot. The eternal feud between two factions that lives in the dark, one bent on world domination while the other on the preservation of freewill is very appealing, if you ask me. After all, we do love conspiracy theories and gossips and AC manages to capitalize on that beautifully.

From the creation of the world to the rise of religion to the advent of capitalism and even to the feud between Tesla and Edison, you gotta admit that the writers have put a lot of thought in the story, although it has some uncanny similarities with Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code here and there about how religion is sometimes is used to mask the truth, which I expect may offend some Christians here and there.

The people behind AC are somehow smarter though, choosing to highlight that it was an evil group that hide behind religion and later capitalism in order to pursue their own evil ambitions instead of the people who are behind the religion themselves. In my opinion, AC has one of the most intricate and best thought of story ever and for someone who has a knack for history like me, it's gamingasm.

The only complaint I have is the super long duration that you need to have in order to thoroughly explore the game. 


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