A Compilation

To be honest, I have no idea why am I doing this. I first heard the news from a friend, saying something about a friend who tweeted about a friend who just recently passed away. Death have always been an intriguing topic for me. Back in my secondary school days, when I was still in Sec 1, I lost a friend to a swimming accident. The experience felt so surreal to me. I remember attending his funeral, thinking that how our class would be less noisy now, how there's one less football player during PE lessons and find myself wondering the question of life and death itself.

Out of curiosity, I decided to do a search of his name in Twitter and in Facebook, to see how he is in real life, to understand how it feels in these type of situations and to see how do people deal with a lost of a friend. Often in movies, we see people grieving, some take hope while others live in denial when it comes to losing a loved one. And there was I, reading tweet after tweet, post after post of him, written by friends of his. Each of it has their own story to tell, their own experience with him and somehow, through those posts, I'm getting to know more about him indirectly too.

Before I knew it, I was hitting the PrtScr button after each page and saving it down. I have no idea why I was doing it but somehow I wanted it to be sort of like a tribute to him. And because each of the post was unique, I don't want it to be lost. It's as if the memory of him lives through each of the posts. And after one hour, these are what I got:

Posts #1

Posts #2

Posts #3

Posts #4

Posts #5

Posts #6

Posts #7

Posts #8

I remember reading somewhere about death and social media before. How although someone is gone, our Facebook profile, our Twitter account and our blog still look the same. The memories, photos and life of the person is immortalized in their profiles, never changing and stays the same way as how it was left.

I don't know you Dom, but reading all the tweets, the wall posts about you, I know you're one awesome friend who will be greatly missed. Rest in peace, Dominique Sarron Lee.


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