's Campus Spies Graduation 2012

Every journey in life would unavoidably come to an end, sooner or later. The same can be said too for the 2011 cohort of Campus Spies. After an exciting year of giving us snippets of their school life through their blog, it was finally the time for a few of the campus spies to graduate and pass on their sleuthing responsibilities to the new recruits.

A "graduation" ceremony was held was held on the 18th February at a cozy cafe called Pigeon Hole, for the outgoing campus spies to commemorate the end of their term and to award the best three spies for all their effort in blogging.


Chilling out while waiting for the event to start

 The event was kicked off by one of the blogger mentors, Ding Neng, who is from NTU and blogs at Ding He reviewed all of the campus spies blogs and their style of blogging over the past year and offered comments as well as suggestions to further improve themselves in blogging.

The campus spies had a fun time looking at their old posts and hearing what others thought of them. In essence, it was like receiving a report card at the end of the school term.

The campus spies listening attentively

Ding Neng pointing out what you should and should not do

Darryl (also known as Dee Kay), the next blogger mentor, continued on the talk by introducing the the spies the Top 5 local blogs that he liked and how bloggers should follow their example. He stressed the importance of writing good content to attract readers and the Do's and Do-Not's when it comes to blogging.

Among the examples that Dee Kay gave included Mr Brown's blog, which according to Dee Kay is up to date, funny and boasts of its own style, and also Good Morning Yesterday, a blog which is engaging, well researched and interesting. In short, he urged the spies to follow the good habits portrayed by the five blogs to be a good blogger. And as a special treat to the graduating spies, he included a Who Not To Follow example of blogger, which drew quite a laughter from everyone because he is well known around Singapore for all the wrong reasons.

Dee Kay searching for the blog he just mentioned to show to the campus spies

Everyone's having fun listening to Dee Kay

The one bad local blog example *ahem*

Last but not least, the last blogger mentor, Luke, otherwise known as Lukey, gave the final talk for the day about what the graduating campus spies can do in the future. He gave suggestions of the paths that they can follow, for example being an affiliated blogger, and urged them to not let this experience go to waste and to make the most out of their blogs.

Luke about what happens next

One of the suggestions

After the talks by the three blogger mentors which revolved around the past, present and future, next came the highlight of the day which all of the spies have been waiting for, the awards presentation ceremony. There are in total four categories of awards, which is Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit, to be presented to the most outstanding spies of the year.

The campus spies were judged on the originality of their posts, the frequency of updates and also the relevancy of their posts. After much deliberation by and the blogger mentors, the Top 3 campus spies were Sim Lim, Kok Hui and Darren who won the Gold, Silver and Bronze awards respectively. The rest of the campus spies were not forgotten though and they received merit awards in appreciation for all the hard work that they have done.

Bronze Award: Darren from Republic Polytechnic

Silver Award: Kok Hui from NUS

Gold Award: Sim Lim from Dunman High. Congrats!

 After receiving their awards, all of the spies are treated to the second highlight of the day, food!

Great food for the day

Mingling with each other

And that effectively concludes the Term 2011/12 for our campus spies. It has been a great year for all of the spies, with the meetup sessions, workshops and other fun activities and we hope that it will be equally fun for the new incoming campus spies who will be taking the place of the graduating ones. Until then!

Class of 2011/12

Article written by Luke Phang
Photos taken by Mork


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