This is how my brain went today

A peek into the daily inner thoughts of Lukey:

8.40am: Oh gosh, it's morning already?

8.43am: Is there class today? Cause I sure don't feel like going to class. I hope there's no class... I think I'll message my friend to ask, just in case...

8.45am: There is class... and there goes my hopes of sleeping longer. Shucks

8.47am: I wonder if it'll be okay if I scrub my head less today?

9.20am: Oh man, not another assignment...

9.53am: Hey, I saw this post at trending already yesterday!

10.30am: Is this class gonna end soon?

12.01pm: I wished my room had a laser printer. So I don't have to line up like this everyday just to print my notes.

12.35pm: This Hougang mini wok noodle must be the best food in NUS ever.

2.00pm: I'm gonna play just one mission of STO and then nap before going to class. Just one.

2.30pm: This boss raid is like taking forever. Can they just please ban the noobs already? And why is my comp so lag? Ugh look! I died again. Stupid noobs and comp.

3.05pm: It's past 3 already? I think I'll just take a short nap and go class. A short one.

3.55pm: F*** this shit, I'm going back to sleep.

4.05pm: ZzzzzZZzz... yes I am the handsomest blogger ever... ZzzZ

5.30pm: Nope, I am so not eating hall dinner tonight. Nope.

7.00pm: Chuck Norris versus Angry Birds! And also Mario!

8.10pm: Pretending to be someone that I'm not at a meeting. So this is how being a spy feels like. Call me 00Lukey then.

8.55pm: I think I should study...

8.56pm: On second thought, maybe not...

11.20pm: Maybe I should have... That mission was a total waste of time. How could you just end the Undine story arc just like that? You guys suck at telling a good story. And making a good single player mission. The original Star Trek was SO much better.

12.00am: Supper!

1.00am: Singaporeans are sure making a fuss out of the Sun Xu scholar incident. I think I'll blog about it and add in my own views too.

2.05am: Nah, I'll blog about something else instead. I'll leave that til tomorrow

3.10am: F*** I think I have tutorials tomorrow. And where's the readings again?


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