Recess week. One of the biggest irony in NUS, if you ask me. While it might be stated officially that the recess week is a time for students to take a break and to catch up with studies, in reality, it is more like a week where your lecturers pile you up with work thinking that is a great time since you have no classes to attend anyway.

Which mostly results in students doing almost everything but rest during the this week. Assignments, project meetings and deadlines are among the colorful events that light up our recess week. Perhaps NUS should consider banning lecturers from setting assignment deadlines in recess week to make life easier for us, because since the start of recess week, I have already completed two assignments, attended project meetings and is currently in the midst of yet another assignment now.

But then again, in a society where productivity is everything, I guess I couldn't complain much. After all, time is a precious commodity and we should make the fullest possible use of the time we have, even though the time may be allocated for rest and relaxation.

Life: Something like this

In other news, I'm still trying to track down who's the person who has hacked my account. Normally I would just let people like him go but this time, I just can't. Because until now, I still have no idea the extent of the damage this guy has done.

I mean, impersonating me and harassing my friends, that's totally unforgivable. It's one thing to punch me in the first, it's totally another thing to use my hand to punch my friends. It's downright low and evil. At least I want to know what prompted him to hate me so much and to engage in something as lowly like this. I mean, even Steven Lim or Xiaxue never got their account hacked before, even though they have so much more haters than me.

But I guess I should stop ranting about him in my blog already though, since I'm now busy trying to find out who he is. No point to just keep ranting anyway. If I do find him, perhaps I would bitch again here. If. After all, I'm just a normal student with 0 hacking skills.

Still, one valuable lesson learned is the importance of security nowadays in the internet. I've learned that a secure password is not everything because people would still be able to get through using some loopholes here and there. Thankfully, as I found out, Facebook and Google offers quite a comprehensive security measure to guard your account. There is even this double layer security thingy that notifies you if your account is accessed from an unknown device. Which means that to hack someone, you must steal their computer too.

Maybe I should have taken computer science last time. Oh well.


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