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Crap, so full of crap. That's the first reaction when I read the news article "Bumi Benefits for Thais", about our beloved prime minister saying something about recognizing the Thais as being part of the bumiputera community in Malaysia and being entitled to bumiputera benefits too, which is a big thing because in Malaysia, when you're granted a bumiputera status, you are like a citizen with a higher status who gets to enjoy a lot more benefits than the non-bumiputera citizen. It's something like the apartheid system back in South Africa in the older days, where the whites are viewed as superior to the blacks except in this case, it's the Malays who are superior.

Racism: Alive and well in Malaysia

And yes, I'm darn well angry at the piece of news. To quote Najib in the article, he justified the decision by saying that the Thai community "had long been recognised as bumiputra, adding that their loyalty to the country was unquestionable" and adding that "when the political tsunami hit the country and the state in 2008, the community's support for Barisan Nasional remained strong."

 What I read: Because you ungrateful bunch of Chinese and Indians chose to vote for the opposition parties in the last election, as a punishment, I'm giving all the bumiputera rights to the Thais instead. That's what you get for voting for the opposition.

Excuse me Mr Prime Minister, since when did loyalty to the country equate to loyalty to your party instead? If you have forgotten about home democracy works, let me remind you. A government is chosen by the people to lead their country and to bring progress to it. When the government fails, with corruption and all, the people have the rights to change the government as they see fit. Because being loyal citizens to our country, we do not want it to crumble, which is why we wanted a change. BN is not Malaysia and Malaysia is not BN. And whining like a baby and throwing a tantrum when support for your party dropped is such an immature thing to do.
To quote him even further, he also said something like "the setting up of the Thai language school by the community as part of efforts to preserve their culture and tradition as example of localisation efforts." Another prime example of double standards. Because if the Chinese had done that, setting up Chinese language schools to preserve our culture and traditions, we would be called ungrateful by the same bunch of people. They would say that by sticking to the Chinese language, our allegiance lies with China and to show that we are truly loyal, we need to take up the national language, which is the Bahasa instead. I do remember clearly that something like this happened a few years back regarding the issue about Chinese schools.
Why the double standards, Mr Prime Minister, why? Just because we wanted the best for our country? Just because we did not vote for you all in the past election? But why you did not give us the bumiputera rights then, when we overwhelmingly supported your party back in 2004, where BN took more than 90% of the parliamentary seats? Why, Mr Prime Minister, why?

Thai culture: Now officially considered a part of Malaysian heritage

Dear Mr Prime Minister, I don't know how your mind works but to be honest, I am a Malaysian. I view myself as a Malaysian first, Chinese second. I was born in Malaysia and so does my dad and even my grandfather. That's three generations for you. My Malay is more fluent than my Chinese language. Heck, I can't even write or read Chinese. I would feel insulted if one were to mistake me as a Chinese from China instead of Malaysia. And if given the choice, I would want to live and work in Malaysia, to make my country proud.

Malaysia is my home. It's where I grew up in. It made me to become who I am today. And no matter where I go, I would first introduce myself as a Malaysian first, Chinese second. And if you were to throw me back into China, I wouldn't even last one day there because after all, I am from Malaysia, and remember, I can't write or read Chinese. So how am I considered an immigrant Chinese who came from China on a boat? And if you were to compare me with an authentic Chinese from China, I'm sure you would be shocked by the difference between us too. So how are we the same?

To be honest, I don't fee like fighting anymore. As much as I love my country, it is ruled by a bunch of idiots who cannot see beyond the colour of the skin and the language we speak. A bunch of idiots who are more interested in keeping their own pockets filled rather than ensuring that all the rakyat have enough to eat. A bunch of idiots who is more intent of squabbling over petty matters like which race is more superior while the living costs and crime rates are skyrocketing around us. To make matters even worse, for every Malaysian who wants change, there are ten more others who are so blinded by the government propaganda that the Malaysian who wants change will be labeled as a traitor, an immigrant, an ungrateful citizen, an Israeli sympathizer etc etc by the ten.

Perhaps that would explain why Malaysian talent is the single biggest export of our country after all. In my university alone, there's a significant bunch of us who call ourselves as Malaysian but were denied an opportunity in our own country. And these bunch of Malaysians happened to be leaders, geniuses who are good at all sort of stuff (except for me, somehow I'm the anomaly) who would definitely achieve great things when they graduate. And I'm sure that you can find the same phenomenon in universities around the globe

As much as we love our country, as much as we want progress, when a significant portion of the population remains ignorant, sometimes we just don't see the need to fight. It's almost like a losing battle anyway. Not to mention that we need to survive too. And sometimes, to survive, we have no choice but to look for opportunities elsewhere, opportunities that were denied to us based on the colour of our skin.

But that doesn't mean we have completely given up hope though, because I for one, have just registered as a voter and will return to vote during the general election. Because I believe that every vote counts. I just wonder if it'll be enough.

So Mr Prime Minister, I hope that you would not be blinded so much by your desire to remain in power anymore and choose to focus on what's important instead now. Because if you sincerely love the country, you would graciously let change happen and not stubbornly cling to the old ways. And if you would just listen to what us ordinary people have to say, and take our grievances to heart, you don't have to resort to declaring people of other nationalities just to stay in power because we would gladly vote for you.

A part of me wants to believe that you love the country as much as I, a so called immigrant, do. Perhaps even more, because you're considered as a bumiputera. But somehow, another part of me thinks that you're more interested in your own pocket than the welfare of the entire country, and when the coffers of the country have been sucked dry, you would run away to another country and live a happy life there while Malaysia lie in ruins. Please don't let the pessimistic side of me win. Although I would be less affected as compared to those who are still living in Malaysia, I still love my country very much, perhaps even more than some of the people in your party who claims that they fight in the name of Islam and Malay.

Sometimes I would really want to see what would happen to the country should all the Chinese and Indians, the non-bumiputeras, leave and just let your race run the country alone. I'm sure by then you would find another group to blame, perhaps the less bumiputera Malays, for all the problems that would arise then. It's a really a shame to see such a beautiful country get destroyed by such shallow minded people.


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