Dear Mr Hacker,

Dear Mr. Hacker who hacked my Facebook today,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for the amount of effort that you have put in to sabotage my Facebook account. Changing all my pictures, sending offensive messages and comments to my friend and even changing the password of the email I use to access Facebook with, to be honest, that's a lot of work involved. All while I am trying to deactivate and regain control of my account. I guess you must really hate me though, because of all the trouble that you have put in to make my whole day miserable today.

Did I ever took your girlfriend or your crush away from you last time? Because I don't believe I have the ability to do that. Or did I bully you last time when we were in school? Because if I'm not mistaken, I was the one who was always bullied last time.

But anyways, congratulations again for making my life one miserable day today. I bet you must be feeling very good about yourself now, hacking into other people's account, pretending to be them, trying to ruin their lives because other than trying to justify your self worth, I can see no other purpose in you hacking my account.

To be honest, though I admire the effort you put in into hacking my account, I also pity you. Because instead of using that talent of yours into doing something better, you wasted it on hacking other people's Facebook account. Because this is not the first time you're doing it right? Prior to me, you hacked another person's account to post offensive stuff on my Facebook page.

Example 1

Example 2

And when I posted a message on her wall reprimanding you, I think that message must have hurt that big ego of yours. So to make yourself feel better again, to repair that damaged sense of worth you have, you have to hack my Facebook again. To show me who's the boss and to show me that you are not to be trifled with. To prove that you are better than me. How do I know that you're the same person? I just need to visit the page back.

Check the bottom 2 comments

While I admit you have some pretty decent skills there, it does not change my perception of you. To resort to such cowardly and lowly tactics just to bring me down, you are really no different than some Malaysian politicians who go record sex tapes of people just so they can get into power. It's cowardly, childish and downright lame.

But in a way, I must thank you though. If it were not for you, I didn't know how awesome some of my friends are today. Like how some people say, only when you're in great need that you'll know who your true friends are and when I needed help the most today, some of them helped me willingly without complaining a single time to me. And for that, I am grateful. Because I know I still have trusted friends in this world.

And regarding your effort in trying to defame me, I must also thank you for that. Because that in a way also helped me to see who's my true friends and who's not. Because while you're busily scolding some friends of mine, they knew straight away that that isn't me and gave me a call. Which totally surprised me, to be honest, because I never knew they understood me so well. And I appreciate them for that. For those who who believed your lies, well I have nothing to say.

I know that perhaps after this post, you would try to hack my blogger account or Facebook account again to repair that hurt self-esteem of yours that might arise from this blog post. If that is your concern, go ahead. Because it would just only serve to prove my point. 

And if you don't like me, I would appreciate it if you would just speak to me privately. Unless direct confrontation of your problems isn't your cup of tea and that you prefer something lowly, then go ahead. Otherwise, I would be more than happy to solve any grievances that we might have because from what my friends have told me, I'm guessing that I know you and you know me too. I might even go as far to speculate that you once come from SMI, the same school as me. Am I right?

So I guess perhaps last time I have pissed you off and you're now taking it out by engaging in acts such as this. Still, that doesn't make your actions any more right, unless you're looking for a job in politics, of course.

Still, I am amazed at the security measures Facebook have though. And I finally understand the feeling of having your identity and reputation compromised. Which makes me respect some politicians even more. It's not easy having other people misunderstand you. Thanks for teaching me this valuable lesson. And thanks for everything else. You gave me a completely new experience today.

And even if you do try to hack Facebook again, I guess I can live without it. More time for me to study, of course, and I'm sure you'll get bored sooner or later one day. Perhaps then I would create a Facebook account again. 

Before I end this, I would just like to post a few questions for you. Because I just can't seem to understand your motives, and being a Psychology major, naturally I'm curious. What do you hope to achieve through hacking my Facebook anyway? Is it to make me feel bad? Or is it to make you feel good? Or is it to intimidate me so I wouldn't be busybody and mind my own business in the future? Or just because you have too much time and do not know how to spend it? Do enlighten me.

I just got my Facebook account really hacked,


  1. > . < wow I must be aware of this kind of case lol . . . must be some of your *haters* or what

    got your account back?


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