Barbie Clothes

It's almost 4am and I'm awake again, despite feeling very tired and wanting to crash in early. No thanks to the stupid troll who decided to hit pause button on the washing machine in which all my clothes were being washed halfway in there. And screw up my timing in the process. Ugh. Major angst. I hope all your clothes shrink to the size of a teddy bear the next time you wash them. $#$@#!

So in the meantime while waiting for my clothes to dry, I browsed through Facebook and noticed that two random people have unliked my Facebook page. Which is quite sad, to be honest, because every time someone unlikes my page, my brain would go on to a full panic mode to try to figure out what could have possibly gone wrong.

Was it because I wrote something wrong in my latest blog post? Or is it because my blog has become so boring that it's now so annoying to see my posts? Or is it because I'm too handsome already and they can't stand looking at my face?

Every single time. Sort of like a mini mental torture without doubt. Sometimes I hope that people would just tell me what's wrong with my blog without choosing to give up on it so fast. At least I would have a chance to change. But then again, why bother. This is the net after all.

Anyways, out of boredom of waiting for my laundry, I decided to compare the Facebook page likes of the famous bloggers and a few that bloggers I know in Singapore to see where I stand. Here's what I found:

Ask you can see, Xiaxue obviously steals the limelight. But what is interesting is who is coming in second and third place. Dee Kosh and Steven Lim (Something happened to Steven Lim's Facebook page so I took the number of subscribers he have). And these two people are the controversial ones some more.

Of course, these figures cannot be taken objectively but it does offers you a certain degree of measurement the relative fame between famous figures in Singapore and sadly, Lukeyishandsome is one of the bottom few. Perhaps I could do another graph of the amount of followers in Twitters and see where that goes to.

I just foresee an immense amount of heartbreak for me. Shucks.


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