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Ever since young, I have always enjoyed drinking Milo. Be it at home, at a restaurant, when I'm hungry or when I'm bored, one cup of Milo never fails to cheer me up. I still remember taking out Milo powder from the metal can they once used to store Milo, adding it with condensed milk and hot water to make my very own cup of Milo. It was my comfort drink back then.

As much as I love Milo back then, there was however, one thing about Milo that I totally hated, which is having to pour hot water to make that cup of Milo I wanted. Being a kid back then, it was a tough job. For starters, my parents never let me near the hot water bottle, afraid that some catastrophe would happen should I touch it. And when there's no hot water, I have to ask my parents to boil some and wait a whole load longer before I could get that cup of Milo I want.

Hot water: My number one obstacle when I want to drink Milo

Which is why when omy.sg requested bloggers to test out the new Milo Cool, the new formula of Milo powder where you can just mix with cold water and drink, I immediately jumped at the offer. Because I still love Milo really much but I'm too lazy to mix it with hot water. And best of all, they gave me a shaker bottle too to mix the drink.

Milo Easy Cool and ze Bottle

With those two in hand, making your favorite Milo drink has never been easier. All you have to do is to pour the water and the powder into the bottle, close the lid and shake it. 

And voila, your cool Milo is ready to be served. I even tried it with ice cold water from the water dispenser and it works! 

No more hunting down hot water source to make your favorite Milo drink now. All you need is the cool Milo bottle, one or two sachets of Be Cool Milo powder and a water source to enjoy your Milo, anywhere, anytime. Cool right?

And if you're looking to win some awesome prize from Milo Singapore, do remember to check out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/milosingapore. Milo be cool!


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