What I Found From Cleaning 2 Rooms

What I found from cleaning my Eusoff Hall room today, after 2 weeks of absence:

1. Found lots and lots of dust. And hair. Especially under the bed. Who knew I could shed so much hair and generate so much dust? Okay too much info here.

2. Found out that newspapers does wonders in cleaning. Especially for glass materials like windows. Wipe the dirty object one time with a wet cloth and finish it with a newspaper. Voila, a sparkling shining new window/glass etc etc

3. Found out that my nose is an excellent dust detecting machine. Wherever there is dust, my nose will sneeze like the world's gonna end. Also found out that when cleaning room, it's best to wrap a cloth around your face like a bandit to prevent those dust from getting to your nose and triggering a cataclysmic sneezing pattern

He's not a bandit, he's just preparing to clean his room

What I found from cleaning my old room back in Ipoh, two days ago

1. A whole stack of Shin Chan comics. Once, he used to be my hero and he still is now. Part of my lameness is inspired by the great master Shin Chan. Nude butt dancing not included of course

I used to have a much bigger stack but over the years, thanks to my carelessness, most of them had gone missing or ended up in the recycle bin. Stupid me

2. And in the midst of the Shin Chan books, I also found a love story which is even better than Twilight. Heck, even Yoshito Usui can manage a better love story than Stephenie Meyers. Who said love must be all soapy, serious and sparkly?

There was the misunderstanding

The was the supposedly "Happily ever after" part

Then came the twist in the story

The heart stopping part

The part where I shed a tear

Shin Chan, still a better love story than twilight.

Of course, those panels are only excerpts from the entire story which spanned a few comics and the real story is much more exciting, funny and touching. And if you noticed, I read the Malay version because that's the only translation language I can read in (the alternative being Chinese) and the Americans thought that they were too good for Shin Chan.

To summarize, the story follows the love life of Teacher Matzusaka, the fierce teacher of the Rose class and her boyfriend, the bone doctor Tokuro. After a long period together, they finally decided to get married, only to have Tokuro's career and Matzusaka's parents barging in. One thing led to another and eventually, due to a major misunderstanding, they broke up and Matzusaka decided to marry another guy whom she did not love.

Of course, Shin Chan and his friends couldn't just sit quiet and let that happen. They intervened, using various methods that only Shin Chan can think of and eventually, Tokuro crashed the engagement party, saved the bride and promised to marry Matsuzaka once he came back from his assignment in a fictional country near South Africa.

Sadly, fate decided to intervene. Tokuro was killed in a terrorist attack shortly after he left in the country and devastated, Matsuzaka immersed herself in drinking until one day she was found out by the kindergarten headmaster. Persuaded to take a leave, she ended up promising an old man to be his boxing protege, after engaging in a drunken fight with some rival boxers, hoping that she could use boxing to injure and kill herself so that she could meet Tokuro soon.

Knowing her plans, Shin Chan and friends decided to prevent that from happening. In just the nick of time, Tokuro's letter, one that he wrote before he died, arrived and wanting to see the girls fighting, Shin Chan carried the letter to the fighting venue where Matsuzaka is purposely taunting her rival to kill her in the match while not fighting back.

As the letter was read aloud to her, she realized what a fool she's been in wanting to die and regaining her will to live, she fought and defeated her rival. In the end, she went back to being a teacher, wanting to teach the younger generation to love each another so that the world will no longer know hate.

Of course, there's still a lot of twists and drama here and there but that I'll have to leave it to you to read. The story is found around volume 40+ in the Shin Chan manga. And the story is so good that even I wanted to cry when I read it. No kidding.

And the part where I bawled like a baby

 3. I also found a whole bunch of old letters among the pile of my old stuff too.

Who knew I once had so many letters? Proud

There were photos, old love letters (yes love letters), cards and presents that came from once upon a time in my life ago, back when I was still a much younger kid. Boy did those letters brought back memories. Silly me during that time thought that letters were romantic and was crazy about them. Except that my English then looked something like thiss... hahaa... :)

You get the idea.

More old treasures

Time really flies, doesn't it? And I thought I was the nerd one who rarely had any girl contact. Turns out all these gifts and letters proved me otherwise. And it also turns out that the age old saying that girls are more mature than boys is really true. Because looking at the letters written to me and the letters that I've written, it's like a small boy chatting with a much older sister. Not that I'm much more mature now but at least my English is not as flowery as it is used to and filled with as many dots and smileys.

But the best find of all? A green cloth with gold letters on it. Can you guess what it is? Nah, soure you can't. Even I was stunned. But still it did happened and I have the evidence to prove it.

Prom king, I am, alright.

Who knew cleaning up room could yield so much interesting finds?


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