Way Too Much Time

I'm spending too much time in Minecraft. WAAAAY too much time.

Not that I'm creating real impressive stuff like designing an awesome circuitry to help you collect food, harvest tree and kill all the hostile mobs all at the same time, nor am I building some of Minecraft greatest wonders either, it's just that well... I wasting a lot of time standing around. And staring emptily in air. Minecraft air.

For example, staring at my mob trap to see whether mobs really spawn there

I guess I have myself partly to blame for all the time wasted standing around, to be honest because had I listened to advice from others to just copy other people's design from Youtube, I wouldn't have spend so much time thinking, building, testing and redesigning everything that I've build in the game.

But that's just me. For one, I hate copying other people's stuff. Not that it's an act of piracy but I just feel more happy when I try to make something from scratch. Call me egoistic but I just love it that way. Life feels so much more fun.

Also, I tend to feel a bit tad more competitive when it comes to stuff like this. Somehow, I don't feel that something belongs to be unless I made everything from scratch itself.

Of course, I did manage to churn out something that I am partly proud of too. Not exactly as good as what others have made but still, for someone like me, it's pretty high standard.

My too much looks cactus farm

I should really stop and focus back on my studies instead.


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