Wanted: Singapore Bloggers!

Yo peeps! I'm back! I know I have not been posting regularly as I should so I would like to apologize first. Sorry. Have been caught up with loads of stuff to do in life and I could hardly find time to even browse the web. Which kinda means I have no life last time because I have been almost posting everyday without fail. Sad.

Anyways, remember the last time when I ranted about wanting to have a bloggers for bloggers group in Singapore? Well, after a long period of silence, there's finally some follow up news!

Inspired by the recent and upcoming collaboration by the Malaysian comic bloggers (you can take a look at Cheechingy's post and Miao&WafuPafu post), it's more like copying but "inspired" sounds less evil, and after a few email blasts with Melvin, there will be finally some action in regards to this Singapore bloggers group and we're looking for interested bloggers!

The poster for the Malaysian comic bloggers collab

To keep a long story short, this bloggers group is sort of like a bloggers for bloggers initiative where the aim is to establish a non-commercial network of bloggers so we could share ideas and do awesome stuff together. Like they said, there's strength in numbers and this group aims to be one of the blogger's voice in Singapore. Besides, it would be quite lonely to be a lone blogger in the scary world of the blogosphere right?

Of course, getting something started is not easy and we are also not sure if this whole idea would work out or not as there are so many bloggers in Singapore and there are also established network of bloggers like the Nuffnang bloggers. the OMY.sg club and also the now not very active Singapore Association of Bloggers.

Which is why we're starting out with a collaboration!

The idea is actually quite simple. We do not care what type of blogger are you, be it food, comic or photography, as long as you have the passion, you can be part of this. The exact nature of the collab has not been finalized yet, as we are still looking for interested bloggers but it would be a series of posts that would be cross posted across participating blogs. As you can guess, the purpose of this collab is to generate publicity for the group and also for participating blogs and also to share our pool of readers.

If you are a blogger and you are interested to be part of this blogger's collab, you can drop me an email at doriyakiz@gmail.com. We are currently in the process of finding interested bloggers and then taking it to the next phase which is the implementation phase. Be quick though, because we will be starting the collab soon in two weeks time, before the 25th of January 2012.

I look forward to seeing your email!

2015 Update: This post is dated, but I have several people contacting me to ask if it's still on. Yes, definitely! Drop me an email. And I have people asking me about tips and tricks to be a blogger too through this post. If you happen to be in the second category and who is somewhat lost in blogging ad don't mind some advice from this old timer, drop me a message as well!


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