Things I Would Have Changed

It's 2.30am now. As usual, I'm sleeping at an abnormal time again. But then again, everyone else is doing the same (at least in a place called Eusoff Hall) so I guess that makes me normal in some sort of way. I think

I've been talking with one close friend just now, ranting about loads of stuff and bitching about all the hated people, it's amazing how common hatred for someone can pull two person together, and one of the stuff we talked about was the past. How we used to be like, our regrets and stuff like that. All the unresolved what-ifs in life. If given a chance, I would definitely like to change something about my past. Not that I hate what I am now but sometimes I would just like to see how my life would have turned out had I chosen a different path. Perhaps life would have been better in some sort of way.

For starters, if I can change the past, one thing that I would have definitely want to change would concern the area of music. I used to hate music quite a lot. Back when I was young, my sister and brother had to take piano lessons and somehow, I managed to escape. Back then, I thought that I was lucky not to have been forced to undergo all the countless hours of practice, but looking back, I wished I had the chance to go through music lessons.
No matter how hard it could be, knowing music can help you go a long way in life. Not only it would help me get the girls (yes, girls particularly like guys who are musically trained), it could have also helped me in loads of other stuff too, like I'm able to join bands and enter competitions. Perhaps I could have been a musician too. Who knows. There's just so much more stuff that I can do had I taken all the music lessons and practiced.
Maybe even be the next Jay Chou

Also, I would also join a lot more stuff when I'm in secondary school too, like prefects and toastmasters, rather than be the inert guy that I was. There's just so many things that I could have learned if I just had the courage to take up more responsibilities.

And I wouldn't have quit scouts too when I was Form 3. Heck, I would even try to go for the King Scout title. Sure, it may be one of the hardest thing to do but it would sure be an awesome experience and perhaps I would have been a totally different person today.

But I guess that's life for you. What has happened will never change and you can just look back and wonder "What if". Resolution for this year: Create less what-if situation for the the me in the future.


  1. I can related to your blog post about music. I'm not interested in music before but I realize that its a awesome skill if you develop it.


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