I Need to Pick a Fight

"Rule 1 of Blogging: Never post too much of your personal emotions, thoughts and feelings online
 Rule 2: If Rule 1 fails, buy a diary"

I've been reading with interest the entire Silver Ang versus the world saga lately. After all, it's pretty hard to resist the temptation when the blog posts keep appearing in my news feed and a lot of people on my Twitter timeline is talking about it. Besides, even a local newspaper picked up the news and when a newspaper decides to write about online feuds, it must be a pretty big story so I decided to follow this entire drama to see how everything would turned out in the end. The blogger side of me demands it.

And before I start, let me introduce you to the pretty ladies involved in the whole drama:
Silver Ang, the initial damsel in distress and the main character of this drama. Blogs at http://thatsilvergirl.blogspot.com/
Qiuqiu oralso known as Qiuting. Portrayed initially as the antagonist. Blogs at http://bongqiuqiu.blogspot.com
 And not forgetting the Queen of bloggers, Xiaxue.

 After all, what's a blogger feud without Xiaxue right?

Anyways, to give you a rough back story, the entire drama started when Silver wrote a post that potrayed Xiaxue in a negative light, saying how arrogant Xiaxue was when they met and stuff (Xiaxue did wrote a reply to this post to Alvin which was featured here). You know, the typical "she's so famous that she's arrogant" kind of talk. Next she went on to draft a letter addressed to another blogger, Qiuting or better known as QiuQiu, complaining about how their friendship has drifted off and how that now QiuQiu is famous, she doesn't care for her old friend Silver anymore.

And then there was silence, which I presume to be Xiaxue and QiuQiu trying not to say anything to generate even more drama. I guess everything would have died down eventually if it is not for another blog post by Yutakis trying to put his side to the picture. And then the blogosphere version of hell broke loose when QiuQiu finally came up with an incredibly super long post, which covers 7 years worth of events in total on her side of the story. Even my longest post was a tiny dwarf as compared to her. I wanted to say TLDR but somehow, I managed to read through most of the post and got the gist out of it.

You know, I have always wanted to be one of the famous bloggers in Singapore, to be one of the top echelons in the blogopshere like the said people mentioned above. Perhaps get into a mini fight of my own too every now and then for fun and for the sake of the drama. However, looking at how it's a blogger eat blogger world up there, sometimes I wonder if it would be a good thing to be famous after all.

I mean sure, often bloggers would blog pleasantly about each other, saying how much they enjoy going to events with each other with all smiles in the pictures and stuff like, but reading the whole saga makes me wonder how true are the bloggers out there. I've attended a few events on my own, with other bloggers as well, and looking at how some bloggers interact, I can't help but wonder if someone is being nice to me out of sincere purpose or is it because for some other purpose like hoping I could somehow boost their readership too.
Yeah, I know I am paranoid. I can't help it. But when you know that everyone there at the event is going after the same thing as you, which is blog traffic, you tend to have that kind of feeling.

Besides, with a personality like mine, I'm pretty sure I couldn't survive even one day in the hostile wilderness of the blogosphere. I would probably be mauled by some more established blogger and left to die in a corner. Perhaps that is why you'll never see famous bloggers who happen to be timid as well. Because all of them would have be thrown off the food chain.

Still, I find it interesting of how relationships work out when you're a famous blogger. You have to be constantly mindful about what people is gonna say about you and you have to be friendly all the time too or else people would accuse you of being arrogant. And if shit does happen, you have to be ready to stand your ground and defend it at all cost.

Which kinda explains why someone like me would never make it to the ranks of Singapore's famous bloggers. Firstly, I'm too afraid to speak to strangers and secondly, even if I do, I would be too afraid to make enemies. I guess you can view me as the forever alone kid who silently blogs in one corner without trying to attract too much attention.

Back to the issue, I'm afraid I'm more in support of QiuQiu. There's a rule in online ethics that go no matter how much you feel like it, personal stuff that would offend people or make them feel bad should never be shared online without millions of other people. If you really want to mend a problem, you should do it directly rather than use the internet as sort of an indirect method. When you choose to apologize in a blog post rather than telling the person directly, it makes me doubt your motive.

For all I know, you could be sincerely sorry or you might just want the to portray to the world that you are a victim. Either way, when you choose to do it online through an indirect method, the doubt is there.

Still, I would love to see how everything would turn out in the end. Would the friends be back together or would the drama die down after a few weeks and people would eventually forget about it (and then another drama pops up like a vicious cycle), like all the other dramas that happened before? Or would they fight it til the very bitter end and end up destroying each other? (Which is a good thing because I can make use of the gap to climb up the ranks of the blogosphere and make myself famous muahaha)

Only time will tell. In the mean time, perhaps I could go pick a fight with other famous male bloggers too, just to increase the traffic to my blog, since no one reads my blog anyway. Who do you think would make a good choice? Perhaps Kenny Sia or Kenwooi (Hey, you're not funny enough! Even my pet rooster can talk better cock than you)? Or perhaps fashion male bloggers like Yutakis (Hey, how come you can be so famous when I'm so much more handsome than you? Even my blog name got lukeyishandsome.com. You got anot?) or food bloggers like Brad Lau (eat so much everyday, eat die you ah!)?

Speaking of which, perhaps I could dedicate an entire post to pick a fight with famous male bloggers around the region. Idea. Should I do it? Do you have any other famous male bloggers in mind that I can pick a fight with?

Update: It seems that both Silver and QiuQiu pulled down their blog posts in the end. Seems that they reached an agreement offline to not fight anymore


  1. The blog posts by the warring bloggettes read like the stuff straight out of "Beverly Hills 90210".


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