If I Was Martin Luther King

I would call myself Luke Luther King

Martin Luther King, I'm sure most of us would know who is he. And even if we don't, we probably have heard of his famous "I have a dream..." speech at least once before. I don't know about you, but I would sometimes wonder what would I say if I was in King's shoes myself. Perhaps my speech would go something like...

"I have a dream, that my Twitter account has more followers than Justin Bieber and my tweets wouldn't always go 'Baby, baby, oh' or 'I'm not gonna say never today! Oops, I just said never once. There! I said it again'."

"I have a dream, that all my 9gag posts would always make it to the hot page."

"I have a dream, that students would be allowed to sleep 8 hours everyday and all our assignments wouldn't be more than a thousand words long."

...that no matter how much I eat, I won't get fat."

...that every time I tell a joke, my crush would laugh at it."

...that when I open my wallet, I have exactly the amount of money I want."

...that whenever I enter a lucky draw, I get the first prize."

...that whenever I read a page in my textbook, it would automatically enter my brain."

and last but not least

"I have a dream, that when I blog, loads of people would come visit my blog and say how good I am, so good that I could win the blog awards with my eyes closed, hands tied and only typing with my feet."

Yeap, I guess I'm pretty much a first world Martin Luther King.

That would explain why I am I still a forever alone blogger who spends more time in his blog rather than in the real world making it a better place to live in. Maybe I should go by the name Lukey Luther Peasant instead. But then again, 90% of the population would end up being the normal people, so I can't be blamed since statistics is not even on my side.


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