I heard it's Chinese New Year

Okay, maybe that is not the best picture to kickstart a Chinese New Year post since I'm not really celebrating Chinese New Year this year and I've not really gotten any angpaus to begin with. Perhaps you can share the picture on the wall to voice your disappointment with your angpaus collection.

Anyways, for my Chinese New Year this year, it is much less exciting than how I used to spend Chinese New Year (CNY) in the past. I went to Johor Bahru, shopped around, ate a bloating meal at Seoul Garden and found out that CNY is not a good time to walk in the mall because every shop is closed. And I also sort of had my "reunion dinner" too at one of my friends house.

Much less exciting than the usual dress in red, drive around hunting angpaus, gambling 20 cents away with my cousins and drinking Shandy like it's water celebration. I guess you have to be far far away to really notice what you're missing and learn to treasure it next time.

And who could forget about the firecrackers? Singapore is really so much quieter as compared to Malaysia. Not even 1 firecracker up in the air

Oh well, no use complaining or lamenting about it though. I much prefer the silence anyway.

For all of you who are spending the tie happily at home right now, appreciate it! And wishing you an roaring Chinese New Year ahead! Fus ro da! (Since it's dragon year)


  1. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to you no matter where you are.


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