I Died A Little Inside

I love ang moh (the Singaporean slang for Westerners) lecturers. If you were to let me choose, I would prefer a lecturer who has pale skin, blonde hair and speaks in an European accent rather than one from India, China or even Southeast Asia. Somehow for me, I have a generalized thinking that ang moh lecturers tend to be funnier and have a more unconventional style of teaching, which I seem to enjoy more as compared to the normal style of Asian teaching, which includes mostly only the teacher speaking monotonously in front while staring blankly at the wall.

While the stereotype tends to be correct most of the time, ang moh lecturers do tend to be more different in teaching styles, there's also a downside to that too. Being someone who teaches differently, the assignments usually given by ang moh lecturers are also not the usual take home and do type.

Take my SC308 Religion and Society module that I'm taking this semester for example.

For our first assignment, we are required to go to a completely unfamiliar religious site that is different from our beliefs and take a few photographs from there. After that, we are also required to conduct interviews on site asking people to interpret the meaning of the photographs we've taken, like what did that small triangle on top of the pillar symbolized, for example.

And for someone like me who totally loathes talking to a stranger, what more interview them about their religious beliefs, this is even worse than Mission Impossible for me. To be honest, I would rather be running through burning buildings and scaling mountains rather than do this. I even can't talk properly without pausing every now and then. How am I going to keep the interviewees interested then?

Besides, religion has always been a sensitive topic in Singapore. A snooping student asking random questions at your worship site? I can so see the broom in the ass already.

Sigh. NUS should really let us check what kind of assignments that we must do before bidding for a module next time. I mean, introverts like me will sure lose out to people who are more comfortable with mixing around when it comes to assignments like this. Maybe I should just throw in the towel and focus on other subjects instead.

Or maybe I could use my handsomeness to my advantage by interviewing girls and giving my phone number in exchange.


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