Complaint Lodged

I've not been doing much with my blog lately. No more free prizes, attending awesome events nor getting featured in the television. Just some crazily long posts that only a handful will read and then sink into oblivion. It's sad though, thinking of how two of my recent posts ranting about religion and streaming in schools was praised by some of my friends but still ended up being viewed less than lets say the post about Steven Lim.

But then again, I guess university life and particularly hall life is partly to be blamed. When I suggested using online social media like blogging and Twitter for my hall's dance production publicity campaign, little did I expect that out of 10+ people sitting there in the meeting, only I have a blog and another guy have a Tumblr account.

Oh the horror.

Perhaps this is the reason why no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to get famous at all. Because friends who are around me who have the highest chance to come across my blog also happens to be university students who doesn't really have much time to care much about blogging. Added with the fact that I myself am a university student, it makes clear sense now.

That, or maybe I just suck at blogging. I think I'll stick with the former.

The statistics doesn't help much either. Given that most of the things in life are evenly distributed, there's a high chance that no matter what you do, you'll probably be stuck in the average region and considering the fact that there are so many wannabe famous bloggers in Singapore, the odds that I will reach some sort of fame becomes even smaller.

It's sad though, to see how people like Steven Lim gets more attention than you.

People like him

But I guess that can't be helped. I've already passed out on many opportunities like food tasting, mall openings for bloggers because of other commitments so I guess I can't really complain. Perhaps for now I'll just need to be content with what I have and keep blogging for the few faithful readers I have and as my practice to write essays for my exams.
Yep, that's one of the reasons why my past few posts have been so long until it looks like a journal paper. I figured that blogging can be a good way to train up your writing so why not use it to the fullest. Besides, I'm not gonna be a celebrity blogger anytime soon so I might just as well make the fullest out of my blog.

Unless of course, if I choose to tweet my exam papers / put sushi on my body / criticize Chinese New Year / slap my mother / post an angry video in Facebook scolding my love rival / show my private parts around / pick a fight with a famous blogger / dye my hair pink. Because it's those kind of people that can get famous easily in Singapore. Shucks.


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