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After a long period of absence (technically it would be 2 to 3 version updates), the name doriyakiz is finally back in the world of Minecraft, the fictional 8 bit pixelated world where monsters spawn at night and everything is comprised of a square block, even yourself. For all the criticisms leveled at Minecraft's not-very-impressive graphics, I for one, along with some of my Eusoff friends (and 4 million+ other people around the world and counting) seem to think that Minecraft is one of the best game ever made. Perhaps even better than Skyrim in some sense.

For starters, the game is infinitely free. Literally. There's no end to the world that you can explore (as long as your computer's processing power allows it) and there's no limit to what you can do in it. You can build almost any kind of structures or you can explore the world as you like. Words would never be able to express the immenseness of Minecraft sufficiently. To put it simply, Minecraft is dope.

Hi my name is Lukey aka doriyakiz, there's a crosshair to my face and there's my half finished house in the background

And yeap, Minecraft was also one of the reasons why I missed my daily blog update again because I was too busy building my house to actually find time to blog. I mean, how can someone blog when you don't even have a roof above your head? Worse still, there are zombies and skeletons during the night and you wouldn't want Lukey to be zombie food right?

Okay, not a very good reason.

Anyways, since there's nothing much to blog about, I shall share with you the process of building my home sweet home in Minecraft. All in HD pictures!

The initial stage: Getting the foundation ready and building the lower floor

Building the second floor

Yes I admit I'm greedy. I can't settle for a single storey house in either Minecraft or real life.

Then comes the hardest part... building the roof!

Who knew roofs looked like this?

And after more than five hours since laying the first building block, literally, le house is finished!

le front view

Side view of the house

And not forgetting the rear view of the house

Of course, it's not only the outside which the effort went into. There's also the inside of the house too! Which was why the entire construction took more than 5 hour plus.

First floor interior

The place where sandwiches are prepared, the kitchen

Second floor layout

And that concludes Lukey's first Minecraft project! Each and every block in the house was legitimately placed by yours truly, using only my two bare hands, with the help of a mouse and keyboard of course, but no machinery was involved.

To be honest, this is a game spoiled brats should play because you'll know how hard it is to be a construction worker building a structure from scratch. In Minecraft, everyone is a bangla. And perhaps one could come to appreciate them more after finding out that construction is no easy work.

With that being said, I guess I should head back to the game now to build something for the community and pay off my crime. Serves me right for stealing those stacks of wood. Ugh. But before that, a final picture of the proud owner! Cheers!


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