Why are Glasses Better than Contacts Lens

 If you're one of the unfortunate people who has eyesight problems and needs corrective lenses like me, you would most probably be aware of perhaps one of the biggest dilemmas facing of us blurry visioned people everyday, the question of whether to wear contact lenses or to stick with the traditional prescription glasses. To quote Shakespeare, "To contact lens, or not to contact lens".

To contact lens or to glass?

And if you realized, most of the arguments that you can find in the media and the internet tend to favor contact lenses over eyeglasses. Reasons such as the ability to engage in vigorous activity, a cheaper cost and a better image are given to justify why you should switch to contact lens. The last reason particularly was the reason why I got myself 6 months supply of contact lenses a few months ago because as you all know, looking handsome is like one of the top priorities for me. Or else my domain host would ask me to switch to a less narcissistic domain name.

Lukey with glasses. Oh so not handsome right?

This is what I call LUKEYisHandsome!

 While I do not deny the fact that contact lens do give you an enormous amount of freedom to do the activities that you love, not forgetting that they make you look so much better at the same time, contact lens aren't prefect. For all the benefits that are hyped up by the media and the contact lens company, there are also tons of things that you need to watch out for. Which is why I tend to prefer the good ol' glasses over contact lens sometimes. Let me explain.

For starters, wearing contact lens is troublesome. Unlike glasses where you can just take out of the case and then wear it, with contacts, there's like a 100 page guidebook that you have to follow to ensure that the whole process goes smoothly. You have to find a mirror, make sure your that nails are short, your fingers are clear, place the lens on the tip of your finger so it would enter your eye correctly, pull your eyelids with your other hand and there's whole loads more list to follow.

When I wear contacts, the typical situation that follows is like this:

 And did I mention that taking off the contact lens is equally troublesome too? Not only you have to risk making your eyes splurt blood all over again, you have to also wash the contact lens with some special water that you can only get from optical shops. And the washing... the washing... it's like doing some kungfu moves for all I know. 90 degrees clockwise for 10 seconds, then 90 degrees anti-clockwise for another 10 seconds... TROUBLESOME.

Secondly, you can't simply just take a nap too whenever you're wearing contact lens because if you sleep with your contact lens on, there's always this risk of it ending somewhere scary like behind your skull. Whereas if you're wearing glasses, you can just take them off and sleep wherever and whenever you want. The glasses would not end up at the back of your head.

All the talk about glasses being more fragile than contact lens and are more easily broken are also lies too. That argument is only true when you're like a very bad sports player who always get hit in the head (which was my case last time). Contact lens, from my experience, tears so much easier as compared to glasses. If you as much as exert a little more extra strength when you're washing it or have nails that are a bit more sharp, you can say goodbye to your contact lens already. And when there's tear in the lens, you can't glue it back together using tape, you have to throw it away and use new ones or risk having your eyes gone.

Not only that, there's also a certain time limit that you can leave the contact lens in your eyes too. If you wear more than 8 hours straight, your eyes will feel dry and if you go to the extreme, you can even go blind. Kinda reminds you of Ultraman where he can only fight for a certain time before having to go back to recharge right?

or you'll end up with one dried up Ultraman

And who says you'll look bad with glasses anyway? Some even look better with glasses. And glasses can be used to make a fashion statement too. Like these people:

She looks cute

He looks cool

She is definitely hot

And this dog just makes you go awww...

So if they can pull it off, why can't you? Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, after all.

So yeah, glasses ain't a bad thing and contacts ain't such a good thing after all. Each have their own pros and cons, depending on how you look at it, but still, I prefer glasses over contacts, rain or shine. Nerd looks ftw win yo!


  1. Haha! One up for Nerdity! Lookin out for more from you, fellow narcissist! And by the way, u look better with the glasses on. Yeap, even though they're from Paint.

  2. Hahaha @ ur Shakespeare's quote. And I totally agree that it's really troublesome when you are already so sleepy but still have to worry about contact lens in the eye. Makes me feel like I am going to be blind the next morning I wake up with those plastic in my eyes. =x

  3. waaaaahhhhh Lukey IS handsome!! never saw your face before~ yeah, I'm guilty for not dropping by for some time dy~ huhu~

    And I tried wearing contacts too... well, let's just say I think I'll stick to glasses for now~ XD

  4. luke i think ur hot!!! and so does my cuzzin <3

  5. I wear contacts and i have to say, it is not that hard to put them in... they don't slip like that and if you get the one a day wear you don't have to worry about washing and tearing them. I have also fallen asleep with my contacts on and let me just tell you, They don't go anywhere!

    1. lol you must be really rich to buy contacts everyday,boy...do i love my glasses


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