Our World Cup Culture Must Have Seemed Strange To The Aliens

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away.... (copy Star Wars intro :p)

There was this solar system and in this solar system lies one planet, third in distance from the system's star, known as the Sun to the people of this planet. In this planet, in which we shall name Earth, there exist a strange culture. A strange culture that takes place once every four years.

You see, on this planet, every four years husbands will cease to be husbands, alcohol sales will be at all time high and people will sacrifice the precious rest time even though they will be having some big event the next day. Yeap, you guessed it right, it's the Fifa World Cup period!

The World Cup period will be the time where the whole world sits still in front of the TV whenever there's a match going on, the time where football suddenly becomes the most liked sport, the time where marriage counselors make the most money and the time where North Korea is not so much hated all out of a sudden. Yeap, the World Cup is indeed a big event with the capability to change our dear ol' Earth.

And while everyone is glued to the television screen/monitor every time a World Cup match is going on, guess what will the author of this blog will be doing?





Sorry-lah, i guess i happen to be in the minority category who prefers sleep to staying up late at night watching football. Besides, no point getting panda eyes just watching a ball gets chased around the field. Maybe i'm an alien in disguise in Earth, which explains why i have trouble adapting to the Earth culture. Maybe that's why my girlfriend likes me so much :p

Maybe i'll watch the World Cup when something like this happens:-

All the guys players get replaced by sexy girls! Then i'll start watching and be interested in football!
How about that?


  1. haha.. hamsup!
    i got no astro.. so i dont watch the matches =P

  2. wah really hamsap later ur gf dislike u ohhh...
    no astro can't watch sad T_T

  3. Wa, if all sexy girls sure more people watch football ady XD People like *ahem*Dori*ahem* ahh..

  4. wah!!!! for sure everyone will go watch 1
    got astro but didn't subscribe to sports package....

  5. If only football was like that...*sigh*

  6. exactly! my bf slept pretty late las nite after watching football, knowing he had to wake at 6am this morning. I asked him why la just go to bed la what's so excited about it and he told me that he wasn't even betting & watched for fun. And my reaction was: "Then wtf are u still watching when u r not even betting ?!?!?" wtf. lol


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