Yes to random Sentosa Trip

Jim Carrey in Yes Man taught me to say a Yes to everything. 

Applying this concept, a day which was like any normal day turned out to be a exciting day when my church friends from Malaysia called me and asked me if i would like to join them for a nice little trip to Sentosa Island.

Applying the Theory of Yes, i gave my friends a big YES and i was on my way to meet them up at Sentosa. Never realized that saying Yes to my friends involved saying No to my half finished assignments and the job of saving humanity (computer games, you know). 

Never realized too that going to an island naturally means a trip to the beach. Sad to say, beaches have a particular own dress code. In my haste of changing, rushing out of the room and wanting to be handsome at the same time, i forgot about a beach-y dress code and a fashion disaster followed.

That's me trying to look handsome by the beach.

And if you haven't notice, i happen to be wearing a shoe.

Not to mention that the "short pants" you see on top of the photo happens to be a folded up long pants. Shoes and long pants is a deadly combination under that hot sun and lots of sand under your feet. So i have sands going into my shoes every time i walk on the SANDY beach on one hand, and the sun burning my legs off under the long pants on the other. If i were to nominate the single most blur person i ever knew in my life, i think i can make a very good candidate myself.

Despite my attempts to make my friends turn back and go to a place other than beaches, my requests were mostly ignored because some of them had some desires to fulfill by the beach.

Drawing on the sand, that is. What were you thinking?

She's all happy with her drawing while i was busy getting out sands from my shoes behind the camera. Well, at least someone is happy.

After my threats to jump into the water and commit suicide and coming back to haunt them for the rest of their life, we decided to switch place. To be honest, it wasn't my threats that worked though, in fact all of them asked me to jump. It was Daniel's idea to leave and explore the island that got everyone moving. Sad me.

We happen to bump into some TV program that was part of the Singapore "Kindness" movement.

They have people trying to get you, or tourists, in that matter, to call to someone back in your country and tell them that you love them. Shouldn't this be International Kindness movement then? 

Well, what the heck. For all i know, if i were to call my mum, i can imagine our conversation to be like:
Me: Hi, Mum, just wanted to call to say I Love You
Mum: Why? Because your allowance have run out again and you need me to send money to you again?
Me: No, i'm serious. I just wanted you to know how important you are to me.
Mum: You sure you're not running a fever?

Not a very good thing to show on TV. But it certainly did not stop these people from trying though.

For all i know, if someone is truly important to me, i'll tell them how much i love them everyday when i wake up. Why need to wait til you're about to die or when you have the chance to go on TV only you choose to say? 
Since no one of us wanted to say random "I Love You"s, we wandered off to try something that Peter keeps recommending us to try. The Sky Ride and the Luge Ride! And yeap, it goes in that order.

Basically what you have to do is to take the Sky Ride to the top of the hill first (surprising because Singapore managed to have hills!)

One reminder, if you're wearing slippers, keep it close to your legs. Or you'll risk being like Peter.

We had some trouble explaining to the people how he'd dropped his slippers, but eventually he got it back, which was a good thing or we'll have him lamenting of how good his slippers have been. After we reached uphill, we of course need to go back downhill. This is where the Luge Ride come in.
Since taking photo during the Luge Ride is illegal, i'll let the promo pictures do the talking.

I'm just joking. As Malaysians, we excel at breaking the rules. How would a "no taking picture with your own handphone because we can take for you and that will cost you 20 dollars per photo" rule stop us? When there's money involved, there's always a novel way of breaking it.

Not just 1, but 2 photos! Had to take everyone of course. Too bad Daniel's Luge sped too fast for me to catch a glimpse of his face so just have to settle with his back.

Before we decide to end the day and head home, we certainly did not want to let go of the chance of visiting Malaysia's Genting copycat, ops, i mean the Universal Studios and Casino the Singapore government has been so hyped up about.

Apparently nudity is not a very big issue here. Couldn't blame it because of the all time low fertility rate and the Singapore government is putting every effort to make the people to reproduce. Assuming you'll be aroused after seeing these 2 nude statues.

Couldn't enter the casino because of the age though and due to the fact that the theme park has yet to open. We had to settle with the views around the new area. Must admit that it's quite pretty.


That's a day well spent there. Have to thank Jim Carrey for teaching me how to say Yes most of the time. But he did certainly forgot to mention that saying No to assignments have bad effects too.



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