What would you do if your country was invaded?

A friend majoring in political science asked me a question today. If given an option, would i stand and fight for my country or would i choose to flee with me family if there was an option to let me flee?

Well, to be honest, i'm not a very patriotic guy. And if i were to choose, i would hold a banner with the sentence "Welcome to Malaysia!" clearly  printed on it welcoming the invaders.
Looks like all those history lessons during secondary school did not work out the way the government had hoped for in instilling patriotism in our young Malaysian minds after all. I'm sorry, i don't mean Malaysian minds, what i mean is Malay, Chinese, Indian and others minds.
The only success history lesson had in me was teaching me the art of sleeping without the teacher noticing.

It's not that i do not want to be patriotic, it's just that the current government does not give me a reason to.

You see, well maybe if you're still in Malaysia you would not see it that clearly, given the amount of censorship in all the various form of traditional media, having people from the government constantly telling you that you are not a citizen of the country, that you are only a pendatang (immigrant would be the closest equivalent English word) is not a good way to instill patriotism.

Besides, if you have your ex prime minister joining a Malay nationalist group that wants to "promote" Malay rights and thinks that all Chinese and Indian is out to get the Malays, it's not a very good message to send out.
It's like making this entire issue an us VS them thing.

I want to be patriotic.
I want to sing my national anthem proudly.
But if my own country sort of chase me out from it by imposing all these race based quotas in education (even if you happen to enter the local university, you have to attend these brainwashing course called BTN to tell you about how Malays reign supreme), how could i be?
And to hear the government complains about the brain drain from our country.
Heck, if given a chance, i would happily stay. But sadly, some quarters are more interested in promoting raced based politics rather than meritocracy based.
And sadly, when our country do not give us the chance and recognize us we have no choice but to find a better future elsewhere.
Not surprisingly, it's very easy to find Malaysians here in a Singapore University.

I want to be patriotic and to be able to fight for my country.
But is it worth dying for something that do not even acknowledges you?


  1. I had similar thoughtss a while back. But in the end I more or less decided otherwise...

  2. hey luke

    this is a very interesting post.
    Although I do share some of your sentiments, I only have one question for you. Does being patriotic means being loyal to the state (i.e the government) or the nation? The trouble with Malaysia is that the government and the nation is often confused to be the same entity.


  3. Korean Soon-to-be NS boyMarch 31, 2010 at 10:06 AM

    Hmm...interesting comment.

    That's a question that I have too sometimes: for someone who's lived outside Korea for the past 14 years, is he obliged to go to the Army just because he has a Korean passport?

    I guess I still have that Korean patriotism + collectivist idea still left in me after all these years... heck, I might be able to march into Pyong Yang with my platoon once Kim Jong Il's no more the premier of NK muahahahaha


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