They say university life would change you dramatically.
Back in my hometown before uni, my sleeping time is usually 11 pm and 12 am and i can easily wake up at 8 am. A very healthy lifestyle.

Once i come here, my sleeping time ranges from 2 am til 5 am or even 6 am if the assignments are crazy enough. 
Which explains why my waking time now is pushed forward a few hours to the pm.

I finally got a feeling of how bad this habit can be when i tried waking up at 7 am today but was only able to do that after 3 hours of constant alarm ringing. Like they say, the hostels in NUS have a different timezone of their own. A timezone that trains you to be Batman since this guy also don't sleep normally because duh, he's a bat.

Batman having another bout of insomnia again.

Time to get myself a Batman costume i guess.


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