Real Champion

Sums up how am i feeling right now with all the assignments abound.
Give me a break please?


I need ideas.
I'm participating in a video competition which needs me to describe who a young champion is.

I've been thinking of going the unconventional way.
Not those normal sports heroes, great singers or student leaders.
Perhaps real champion means not doing something for yourself but for purely for the interests of others?

Because when you're doing for yourself, it's easy to find the motivation once you get the recognition and glory. But if you're doing for others people may not notice your work and therefore the chances of rewards are much lower. When there's no rewards, it's harder to motivate yourself and do the right thing.

What do you think?
What makes a real young champion?

p/s: Maybe i can count myself as a champion too since students need to cope with such huge amount of stress these days. How about that?


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