The Story of Carly Fleischmann, a really special girl

Since starting this university journey almost a year ago, i have never looked back and wondered how would have life been if i had chosen another path. Being in this course have taught me many valuable lessons in life. It taught me that no matter how much us humans thinks we understand life or in my case, other people, there will be always surprises that will continue to awe us around the corner.

There was this one presentation that my group had to do for Developmental Psychology about autistic children. In the simplest terms, autistic children are those whom we label as "special". As for me, i can never bring myself to like these "special" children, or to view them as an equal human being. I have always wonder why God would have created people like them, where they can sometimes be such a burden to "civilized" people like us. To put in one simple word, i think of them as "dumb".

In the course of preparation, one of my group mates happen to come across this video about this "special" girl called Carly Fleischmann. She's an autistic and since young, she have been unable to speak and branded by doctors as mentally retarded. Nobody had hopes of her becoming anyone with intelligence more than a six year old. That is, until a remarkable event happened. This is her story.

I was speechless when i first saw this video. It's like having a big boulder crashing unto all me self beliefs and shattering it into pieces. So much for my delusion of being superior over these "special" people. Jesus really nailed it when He asked me not to judge others or being risked being judged back myself. I felt so guilty of labeling people like Carly as hopeless while viewing myself in a high position.

Well, i guess this is one of the good things of choosing to study Psychology. Out of so the sea of pessimism in life, miracles can and do happen. It gives me hope that there's more to life which is worth living for.
The case of Carly is one of it.

It's not a miracle that she knows how to communicate, it 's a miracle that underneath the outer appearance of what we think as a mental person, there is an unique individual down there, just like me, just like you. Capable of thoughts and feelings as anyone could.

It can be argued that we humans are not just made up of nothing but circuitry and a bunch of flesh. We do have a soul. Some sort of inner voice, you might say. Just because we cannot prove of its existence we cannot just brush it aside thinking that all our emotions, our feelings and our thoughts rely solely on how our genes program us, how our body shape us and how our brain is wired.

Deep down inside, everyone is the same.
Which is why i would like to believe that something far greater than us is behind the engineering of humans. I used to doubt that because like i said, i could not understand the logic of creating people who cannot function as normal humans in the way they think and operate. But now i know that i'm just the same as them.

The next time i come into contact with people like Carly, i will give them all the respect they deserve as a normal human. No more thinking that me myself is way more superior than anyone else.

Carly Fleischmann, thanks for throwing the boulder unto me and shattering all my irrational beliefs.
You're the reason why life is so much more beautiful than it seems.

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  1. Some of your ideas are interesting, but your writing is simply atrocious. As someone "educated" enough to study psychology and comment on the intellect and abilities of others, I would expect you to demonstrate at least grade school level writing skills. Very disappointing.

  2. @anonymous: perhaps that explains why my school grades are not that good all along :p

    and fyi, i did not say i'm a good writer from the start. i'm still learning along the way and this blog is one of my medium.

    and btw, the next time u wanna post a hate comment, don't just say how bad my writing skills are etc etc. point out the mistakes please and maybe i can start improving from there.


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