Is it me or is relationships nowadays seem so freakishly complicated?
Because everywhere i turn, i keep hearing stories about this person breaking up with that person, that person cheated with another person, one person having multiple relationships at a time with multiple persons or in a more happier tone, a person younger than you is getting married because that person is going to be a proud parent of a twins soon.

It seem so much different from what i used to believe when i was young. I have Disney to thank for that. In reality, "happily ever after" is nothing than a way to make you delusional.

I talked to my buddy just now back in my hometown. .

The girl whom he loved for 5 years, whom he was together for five years, cheated on him, again. And you thought that guys were the bad ones. On my opinion, girls can be even scarier. She went off with another guy, whom she presumes to be richer and more well off than my friend. Not to mention that she can show him off because this guy is handsome, rich and popular.

This is not the first time either. Dumping my friend for someone who has more material goods than him. And everytime after the cheating ends, either because she is dumped by the more "suitable" male, she would come crying back to my friend, begging for forgiveness and saying that she she will change. Everytime, the "change" only last until another guy shows up. Then she's off again, making excuses telling my friend that they're not suitable together and making up stories to make her sound good.

My friend, being a guy that believes that everyone should be given a second chance and that everyone has a good personality inside, always fails to stand his ground whenever that b*tch come crying back.

And stories like this is not rare either.

Makes you question your principles sometimes. Why must you be so kind when others act like jerks? Why not just join in, go with the wave rather than telling yourself that all of this is worth it because what you are doing is "right"? If you can't beat them, join them right?

I don't know. This is a screwed up world we're living in.
Sometimes it's just feels like a constant battle.
I sometimes really want to ignore all these god damned principles and just do what all others is doing, one night stands, having multiple partners and cheating on every girlfriend you get because by the end of the day, holding on to your "principles" will get you nowhere. In fact, in this world, is these "principles" that you hold on that makes you an outcast.

It's funny how the very values that you believe will give you a good relationship is the very reason that you have trouble finding someone. Because you're an outcast.

As for my friend, i hope all goes well for him and he can just forget about the girl and focus on what's important now, like his life.


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