Life Manual, Anyone?

I wish that life can come with a manual.

 Apparently there IS a life manual

You know, instructions on how to use a product that you have just purchased. Life would be so much easier then because i don't have to spend so much time scratching my head and debating with myself on the appropriate actions to take when faced with difficult situations. When a difficult situation arises, i could just turn to the manual, follow the instructions in it and be done without any regrets.

I know there are a lot of advices, suggestions and guides to life by countless people who have gone before me. The downside of this, i noticed, is that most of it are contradictory. 

Money Can't Buy Everything VS Without Money You Can't Survive

Be Kind To Everyone VS Being Kind Only Means Getting Exploited

Enjoy Life VS Success Only Comes With Hard Work

These contradictory advices never fails to give me headache every time. I guess this is life. There is no definite answer to how you choose to live it. There is no definite right way to do it. 

If there was a definite way to life, like "Being A Doctor Is The Only Way To Success", life would be pretty mundane then. We would also have problems like toilets clogging up because everyone is a doctor and no one knows how to fix a toilet. Provided if a doctor managed to invent a toilet in the first place.

Which is why i think how you choose to live your life is entirely up to you, no matter in what area.
As long as you get the job done (as in living your life), then i guess that there is no problem.
Which means that the life manual book just now was probably a hoax

Complicated right?
But i guess that's just how life is.


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